Vinheria Percussi

Vinheria Percussi

Founded in 1985, Vinheria Percussi was one of the first restaurants to offer the enogastronomy in São Paulo. The house is lead by the Percussi brothers, Silvia is the responsible for the Italian and contemporary food, while Lamberto takes care of the wines.


Silvia Percussi commands the kitchen 30 years ago. Passionate about food since childhood - when preparing food with her mother and proved the most different tastes in family lunches - Silvia feels great in pleasing people by the experience of tasting different flavors.

To maintain its proposal for contemporary Italian cuisine, she often attends recycling courses, meet colleagues and travels the world in search of new flavors and experiences.

Since the mid-80 - when he took command of Vinheria Percussi,Lamberto Percussi cultivated with care a passion that was running in his veins: the wine. Thanks to his dedication - numerous tastings and international travel - the Vinheria Percussi became a pioneer and reference in enogastronomy in São Paulo and Brazil.

To complement the work of the chef Silvia, he provided a wine cellar with the best market labels: of Supertoscanos, Borgonhas and Cult Wines, the new highlights from the New World.


Tortellini in Brodo | R $ 44
fresh stuffed pasta (40 g) in a restorative broth
L'Uovo Perfetto di Nunzio & Pinuccia | R $ 33
Whole egg breaded and served with parmesan cream
Carpaccio Classico | R $ 33,60
Slices of raw beef seasoned with olive oil, capers and Parmesan.
Polenta al Gorgonzola | R $ 21
fresh polenta served with gorgonzola cheese.
Polenta Pasticciata ai Funghi | R $ 24
fresh polenta served with mushroom sauce and 'Porcini'.

From Tuesday to Friday we have the "Menu del Giorno" at the fixed price of R $ 66 per person. There are always 1 input option and 2 main dish and dessert options. If you can not decide, you can ask for a little bit of everything. If you want to repeat, we will be flattered! * The price does not include drinks or service. The Menu Del Giorno is not served on holidays. Consult the brigade for the day's options.

Arancini di Riso | R $ 15,60
Delicious stuffed rice balls. This is a good choice for those who want to help children in need! The "dish Satisfied" has full use of its ingredients and Vinheria Percussi passes a value to each dish sold for the Content Design and organizations that fight child hunger.
Bruschetta ai Pomodori Freschi e Basilico | R $ 14,10
Toast served with fresh tomatoes and basil.
Burrata, Pomodori & Basilico | R $ 43,50
The most tender buffalo mozzarella served with stewed tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, olive oil and black pepper (optional).
Coperto # Pane, Focaccia, Burro e Olio D'oliva | R $ 13,80
Couvert # bread, focaccia, butter and extra virgin olive oil. Couvert optional and will be served only on request.
Crostini All'Aglio | R $ 17,70
Our unique garlic bread.
Crostone Alla Napoletana | R $ 16,50
Italian bread toast with tomato, mozzarella and anchovies.
Grana Padano | R $ 25,20
Juicy chunks of this unique cheese.
Prosciutto di Parma | R $ 34,50
Thin slices of this delicacy.

Some preparations (*) may be requested in a half portion of the cost of 70% of its full value. We request your attention to the fact not replace or personalizarmos garrisons, thank you.

Tagliolini di Zucchine | R $ 25,80
'Tagliatelle' of zucchini with Mediterranean style (vegan)
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Insalata Verde ai Carciofini, Pomodori & Parmigiano | R $ 36
Vegetables, artichokes funds and parmesan shavings *.
Insalatina di Funghi Alla Provenzale | R $ 39,60
Vegetables and mushrooms grilled to provenzal style.

Join the Collectors Club of Good Souvenir Plates! When ordering this dough you take home an exclusive ceramic dish for your collection.

Bauletti di Baccalà & Patate Dolce alle Erbe | R $ 84
Artisanal fresh pasta, stuffed with ?? brandade ?? of cod and sweet potatoes, served in herbal butter.

Some preparations (*) may be requested in half portion with a cost of 70% of its full value.

Bauletti di Baccalà & Patate Dolce alle Erbe | R $ 84
Artisanal fresh pasta, stuffed with ?? brandade ?? of cod and sweet potatoes, served in herbal butter. Be a collector of Plates of Good Remembrance! Taste the Bauletti and take home an artisan and exclusive dish.
Tortellini in Brodo | R $ 62
fresh stuffed pasta (70 g) in a restorative broth
Corzetti Liguri & Gamberi al Curry | R $ 93
Fresh fresh pasta with shrimp and creamy curry
Raviolini di Burrata al Pomodoro | R $ 87
Exclusive fresh pasta with creamy 'burrata' filling served with fresh tomato sauce and black olives
Ravioli Doppi in Salsa di Manzo | R $ 78,60
Artisanal fresh pasta with double filling of ossobuco and burrata, served on reduced beef sauce
Rigatoni alla Siciliana | R $ 69,30
"Rigatoni" served with creamy sauce of aubergines, tomatoes, anchovies, sweet peppers and black olives *
Spaghetti al Cartoccio | R $ 63
"Spaghetti" with fresh tomato sauce, dried tomatoes, olives and champignons, served in aluminum foil envelope
VegetarianGluten free
Spaghetti alle Vongole | R $ 72,90
"Spaghetti" with the sauce of fresh vngoles, olives and pinoli
Tortelli di Parma al Triplo Burro | R $ 81
Fresh handmade pasta stuffed with Parma ham and ricotta served with cream, butter and parmesan sauce
Casoncelli alla Bergamasca | R $ 69,30
Craft fresh pasta with amaretti filling, beef, sausage, parmesan and pears, served in butter, pancetta and sage. *
Fettuccine al Mascarpone e Zucchine | R $ 60
Fresh whole grain pasta with mascarpone sauce and zucchini. *
Gnocchi di Patate al Pesto | R $ 56,10
Fresh potato and flour pasta with basil sauce. *
Pappardelle all'Anatra | R $ 54
Fresh pasta (60 g), duck sauce, port wine and spring onions.
Penne ai Carciofini, Pomodori Secchi e Rucola | R $ 66
Italian dry pasta without gluten and lactose-free sauce, prepared with alcachofrinhas, dried tomatoes, fresh arugula and *
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Pici all'aglione e Salsiccia | R $ 60
Fresh, craft pasta with fresh tomatoes sauce , garlic and artisanal sausage. *

Some preparations (*) may be requested in half portion with a cost of 70% of its full value.

Risotto ai Tre Funghi e Radice di Lotus | R $ 72
"Risotto" with mushroom Paris, eringhi, shimeji or shitake & lotus root
Risotto di Calamari al Nero di Seppia | R $ 78
A "Risotto" of small squid in its ink
Risotto di Pomodori & Gamberi all'Amatriciana | R $ 99
"Risotto" with tomatoes, prawns, "pancetta" and pepper *
Risotto di Pomodori all'Amatriciana | R $ 60
Risotto ?? ?? with tomatoes, crispy onions, pancetta ?? ?? and pepper. *

We request your attention to the fact of not replacing or personalize side dishes, thank you.

Brasato di Lombatello al Pepe Nero e Ravioli | R $ 81,90
Skirt steak, to the red wine sauce, with white carrot ravioli.
Costolette d'Agnello con Tagliolini al Rosmarino | R $ 110,40
Grilled lamb chops and pasta to cream sauce with rosemary.
Cotoletta di Filetto alla Milanese con Insalatina | R $ 69
Breaded fillet Mignon served with green leaves
Filetto di Manzo al Gorgonzola | R $ 75,60
Filet mignon, gorgonzola sauce and potato dumplings.
Ossobuco di Manzo in Umido con Risotto alla Milanese | R $ 93
Bovine ossobuco with saffron "Risotto"
Piccata di Manzo alla Rucola e Parmigiano | R $ 60
Escalopes of beef tenderloin with arugula, parmesan and olive oil.

We request your attention to the fact of not replacing or personalize side dishes, thank you.

Baccalà in 'Sous Vide', Pomodori, Olive & Purea | R $ 97,20
Cod prepared at low temperatures, served with roasted canned tomatoes, black olives and mashed potatoes. This is a good choice for those who want to help children in need! The "dish Satisfied" has full use of its ingredients and Vinheria Percussi donates a value from each dish sold to "projeto satisfeito" and ngo's that fight child hunger.
Pesce al Sale Rosa Dell'Himalaya e Vaniglia | R $ 92,70
Codfish fillet with pink salt of the Himalayas with vanilla aroma and röschti potatoes and vegetables.

We request your attention to the fact of not replacing or personalize side dishes, thank you.

Petto di Pollo ai Ferri Con Risotto al Basilico | R $ 52,80
Tender grilled chicken breast with basil risotto.
Scaloppine di Pollo Alla Rucola | R $ 63
chicken breast scallops with ricotta gnocchi and arugula.

Special dish for children, consisting of chicken or mignon fillet and pasta (potato gnocchi, tagliolini or fresh fettuccine) with butter or butter. Fixed price.

Filé Mignon e Tagliolini ao Sugo | R $ 48
One of the dish's compositions to choose from for children. Consult the waiter for more information.
Gorgonzola Dolce, Pecorino Toscano & Taleggio | R $ 50,40
Italian DOP cheeses, served with toast and slices of fresh pear.

Some preparations (*) may be requested in half portion for the 70% of its full value.

Zabaione | R $ 19,80
Levissima dessert based on egg yolks, sugar and wine
Cheesecake Destrooper all'Arancio | R $ 24
A creamy cheesecake over layer of Belgian Jules Destrooper biscuits topped with our orange jelly
La Nostra Spuma di Cioccolato | R $ 21,60
Our chocolate mousse
Affogati, Gelati & Marzapane | R $ 19,80 24,60 &
Your choice of ice cream 'drowned' in coffee or chocolate syrup.
Contrasto Tra il Rosso e il Bianco | R $ 25,20
frozen red fruits & hot white chocolate syrup.
Frutta di Stagione | R $ 15,90
Fruit plate with passion fruit 'coulis'.
Latte & Caffè | R $ 24,60
Extra-creamy milk Pudding & an unusual 'crème brûlée' to coffee.
Paciugo di Amarena e Panna | R $ 27
Italian ice cream with black cherries - amarene - meringue, red fruit in syrup and whipped cream *
Profitteroli | R $ 24
Carolinas stuffed with ice cream and chocolate syrup *.
Tiramisù Classico | R $ 25,40
Prepared with English biscuit, mascarpone and chocolate.
Tortino Caldo del Giorno | R $ 27
A "petit gâteau" surprise with new flavor every week!
Acqua Minerale & Italiana | R $ 6,90 / 15,00
National Mineral Water & Panna and San Pellegrino 500 ml
Caffè Espresso (o) Tè & Pasticcini | R $ 7,80
Coffee "espresso" (or) tea & 'petit fours'
Cappuccino (o) TalChá | R $ 9,90
Espresso and Italian milk foam (or) Exclusive Blends Talcha
Gazzose | R $ 7,50
H2OH & Tonica Schweppes | R $ 8,10
Flavored Water & Schweppes Tonic
Le Nostre Birre | R $ 11,40
National beers
Spremuta Naturale & Frutti di Bosco | R $ 9 12,90 &
natural fruit juice & Berries


Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite, 523

Jardim América

São Paulo - SP


Monday: from 12h30 to 15h

Tuesday: Thursday: 12h30 at 15h - 19h30 at 23h

Friday: 12h30 at 15h - 19h30 at 0h

Saturday: 12h30 to 16h30 - 19h30 to 0h

Sunday: 12h30 to 16h30

Payment: Visa, American Express and Mastercard. no compulsory service.

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