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Wine Menu

30 was born in one of the most beautiful spots of Pajuçara Beach, the Emperor of Cameroon, a family tradition since 1989. The restaurant, a benchmark in Alagoas gastronomy, has become a stronghold of maceioenses and tourists who enjoy excellent regional dishes.

Today the restaurant has Chef Maikel Brumatti, son of the Brumatti couple, who after a season in Spain brought new techniques that further refined our menu.

On the seafront, in a cozy setting, the Emperor of Cameroon welcomes tourists from all corners of Brazil and the world.

The Emperor's suggestion is the famous Shrimp Gum, dish recorded by the house that has become known throughout the country. This is the true yes, the others are mere imitations.

Welcome to Maceió, where the Emperor of Cameroon is with open arms to assist you.

Supervisors of Attendance:






Fish Broth 10,90

Shrimp broth 10,90

Octopus Broth R $ 7,90

Sururu Broth 8,90



Couvert 16,90

Basket of homemade mini-french breads with various pate.

Siri Cake 15,50

Fried ball of cod 15,50

Cheesecake Pastel Cheesecake 15,50

Powder Stew 7,90

Accompanies Toast.

Caldinho de camarão 13,90

Accompanying toast.

Fish Broth 10,90

Accompanying toast.

Sururu Broth 8,90

Accompanying toast.

Fish bait 24,90

I accompany special sauce

Acorn Shrimp 42,50

Accompanying toast.

Breaded Shrimp 42,50

Salsa sauce accompanies.

Garlic and oil shrimp 43,50

Accompanying toast.

Shrimp Bruschetta 37,50

Grilled shrimp with garlic, gorgonzola gratin cheese, washed with olive oil and basil leaves, grapes and leaves mix

Shrimp ceviche 39,50

Seasoned shrimp with lemon juice, coriander and marinated purple onion, accompanies cooked sweet potatoes, green corn and lettuce leaf.

Shrimp Mix 49,90

Prawns breaded in the tapioca flour, coconut, sesame and stuffed with catupiry, accompanied by parsley and lemon sauce.

Garlic powder and oil 42,90

Accompanying toast.

Octopus with spicy acerola sauce 42,90

Accompanying toast.

Octopus in butter 42,90

Accompanying toast.

Vinaigrette powder 44,90

Accompanying toast.

Octopus del Rey 54,90

Delicious octopus sauteed with rustic potatoes, smoked onion petals, tomatoes confined to the herb scent of our garden.

Steak and fries 28,90


Steak and fries 28,90

Wood Sauce

White Pizza 15,90

Basket of sliced ​​white pizza with sicilian aubergine and various pate.

Beef carpaccio 39,90

Thin slices of meat, seasoned in olive oil, basil leaves, parmesan cheese chips and capers. It comes with DIJON mustard sauce and slices of white pizza.

Crab shell 18,90

Fillet of crab gratin with catupiry (p / 1 person)

Shrimp Crispbread 19,90

Accompany toast. (for 1 person)

Panel of cod with cream 19,90

Accompany toast. (for 1 person)


Emperor Salad Shrimp 46,90

Lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, chestnut mix, shrimp and balsamic reduction.

Filet salad 39,50

Lettuce, chopped toast, dried tomatoes, fillet strips, parmesan cheese slice and parmesan sauce.

Chicken salad 38,50

Lettuce, arugula, tomato confit, sesame, grilled chicken and teriyaki sauce.

Carpaccio salad 39,50

Carpaccio stuffed with lettuce leaves, arugula, capers, chestnuts, parmesan cheese chips and mustard sauce.

Eggplant salad 36,90

Lettuce, arugula, chestnut, eggplant and pesto sauce.

Salad with Balsamic reduction 34,90

Arugula, lettuce, figs, nuts, cheese chips, dried tomatoes, watered with the reduction

Vegetarian dishes

Spaguetti tomato concassé

31,90 (01 Person) - 57,90 (02 People) - 109,90 (04 People)

Vegan Moqueca (Banana)

Banana, potato, carrot, pumpkin, tomato, fried in dede oil and cooked in coconut sauce. Coriander and chives to finish.

32,90 (01 Person) - 60,90 (02 People)


Gum Shrimp

The authentic, recipe created by the emperor since 2000. Note: Registered Plate.

72,90 (1 Person) - 132,90 (2 People) - 269,90 (4 People)

Shrimp in the pumpkin

Pulled in butter, with cream of jerimum and catupiry, accompanies white rice and farofa

x, xx (1 Person) - 142,90 (2 People)

Shrimp Skewer Free Village (12und)

Grilled in backwoods butter, served whole on skewers, accompanied by broccoli rice and au gratin potatoes

x, xx (1 Person) - 165,90 (2 People)

Garlic and oil shrimp

Shrimp sautéed in garlic and oil, served with mashed potatoes and garlic rice

x, xx (1 Person) - 122,90 (2 People) - 244,90 (4 People)

Shrimp Pajuçara

Medium shrimp stuffed with catupiry cheese, breaded, served with parsley and tartar sauce, colorful rice and potato gratin with catupiry cheese.

69,90 (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Grilled shrimp with jerimum purée

with spicy acerola syrup, coconut, cashew nuts with broccoli rice

x, xx (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Grilled shrimp with raspberry sauce

Serve with creamy parmesan risotto and basil leaves

69,90 (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Shrimp in catupiry sauce

Gratinado in the oven, white rice and straw potato.

x, xx (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Shrimp in the herb butter of our vegetable garden

Sauteed with herbs and served with broccoli rice and potato gratin with catupiry.

69,90 (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Oven and stove shrimp

Sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, gratinado al horno, accompanies fried potatoes and colorful rice.

x, xx (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Grilled shrimp

with Spanish rice and potatoes to the punch

69,90 (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 259,90 (4 People)

Flambé shrimp in cointreau

Mashed mashed potatoes, seared curd cheese and caramelized banana

x, xx (1 Person) - 129,90 (2 People) - 255,90 (4 People)

Grilled octopus

with Spanish rice and potatoes to the punch

72,90 (1 Person) - 139,90 (2 People) - 269,90 (4 People)

Sea Grill Grill (Serves from 2 to 3 People)

Shrimp, fish, squid, octopus, mussel and shrimp Vila Franca "GG", grilled with olive oil and garlic, served on soapstone. Accompanies broccoli rice, gratin potatoes with catupiry and sautéed vegetables in butter.

x, xx (1 Person) - 262,90 (2 People)


Cod with mashed parsley

Shredded cod with tomatoes, onions, sautéed peppers in olive oil, black olive cream and quail egg.

x, xx (01 Person) - 117,90 (02 People) - 221,90 (04 People)

Yellow hake with catupiry sauce

(Choose two trimmings).

58,90 (01 Person) - 106,90 (02 People)

Shimeji Salmon 59,90

Grilled salmon topped with sauteed shimeji mushrooms in herb butter. Accompanied by a delicious leek risotto.

Grilled yellow hake (choose your sauce)

without sauce, cashew sauce, shitake sauce, á belle meunière, passion fruit sauce.
(Choose two trimmings).

58,90 (01 Person) - 106,90 (02 People)

Grilled Salmon (choose your sauce)

without sauce, cashew sauce, shiitake sauce, á belle meunière, passion fruit sauce.
(Choose two trimmings).

59,90 (01 Person) - 103,90 (02 People)

Risotos and pastas

Filet mignon risotto with shiitake

54,90 (1 Person) - 103,90 (2 People) - 197,90 (4 People)

Shrimp risotto

pulled in sauce sugo and watered with olive oil

59,90 (1 Person) - 109,90 (2 People) - 209,90 (4 People)

Octopus Risotto with Shrimp Cream

64,90 (1 Person) - 116,90 (2 People) - 219,90 (4 People)

Seafood risotto

Shrimp, squid, octopus and mussels, with seafood sauce.

x, xx (1 Person) - 114,90 (2 People)

Fettuccine with shrimp flambéed in whiskey

Served in its own cream

59,90 (1 Person) - 109,90 (2 People) - 209,90 (4 People)

Fettuccine Fillet Medallion

with demi-glace of red wine and green pepper, accompanied with fettuccine in parmesan sauce

58,90 (1 Person) - 103,90 (2 People) - 197,90 (4 People)

Shrimp Spaghetti

With tomato concassé, black olives and basil leaves

59,90 (1 Person) - 109,90 (2 People) - 199,90 (4 People)

Fettuccine with seafood

Shrimp, squid, octopus and mussels, with seafood sauce.

x, xx (1 Person) - 114,90 (2 People)

Cod with spaghetti

Shredded cod with tomatoes, onions, sautéed peppers in olive oil, black olive cream and quail egg.

x, xx (1 Person) - 117,90 (2 People) - 221,90 (4 People)

Meat and poultry

Determine the point of his flesh:
* Bad Past - Very red meat and cold center.
* To the Point - Center pink with a touch of red, gland.
* Well Past - Center warm and brown.

Fillet high dry tomato crust

(Accompanies mashed parsley and Greek rice)

58,90 (01 Person) - 103,90 (02 People) - 197,90 (04 People)

Fillet with gorgonzola sauce

Accompany potatoes au gratin with catupiry cheese and Greek rice

58,90 (01 Person) - 103,90 (02 People) - 197,90 (04 People)

Fillet cut into slices with cashew sauce

Serve with creamy parmesan risotto

58,90 (01 Person) - 103,90 (02 People) - 197,90 (04 People)

Chef's Beef Stew

Fillet chopped at the tip of the knife, rice with seasoning paellero, sauce of the meat itself with reduction of red wine and roasted quail egg. It accompanies special farofa.

58,90 (01 Person) - 103,90 (02 People) - 197,90 (04 People)

Grilled chicken breast 39,90

No sauce or passion fruit sauce.
(Accompanies vegetables and broccoli rice).


* Milanese, with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, oven au gratin, white rice and mashed potatoes.

Filet parmigiana

x, xx (01 Person) - 81,90 (02 people) - 151,90 (04 People)

Parmesan shrimp

x, xx (01 Person) - 109,90 (02 people) - 209,90 (04 People)

Chicken parmigiana

x, xx (01 Person) - 63,90 (02 people) - 117,90 (04 People)


* Served with white rice, pirão and farofa palm oil in the iron pot.

Shrimp and fish moqueca

x, xx (01 Person) - 118,90 (02 People)

Fish Moqueca

56,90 (01 Person) - 99,90 (02 People)

Moqueca de camarão

65,90 (01 Person) - 125,90 (02 People)

Kids Meal

(Suitable for children up to 10)

Filé Mignon 21,90

(Fillets of fillet served with rice, fries or puree)

Fillet of Chicken 19,90

(Chicken strips served with rice, fries or puree)

Side Dishes

Garlic Rice 7,50

Colored Rice 7,50

White Rice 5,50

Broccoli rice 7,50

Garlic puree 7,90

Mashed Potato 7,90

Rustic potatoes 7,90

French fries 7,90

Potato gratin 7,90

Potato sticks 7,90

Potato gratin 7,90

Coconut Pyramid 7,90

Cooked vegetables 7,90

Simple salad 10,90

Salad with balsamic reduction 15,90

Toast basket 6,90

Various beverages

Carbonated mineral water) 5,20

Mineral water without gas) 4,90

Coconut Water 5,50

(From the fruit)

Tonic Water 5,50


Alcohol Beer (Long Neck) 6,90

Stella Artois (Long Neck) 8,50

Heineken (Long Neck) 8,50

Budweiser (Long Neck) 8,50

Eisenbahn Pilsen 8,90

Chopp Devassa Puro Malte 7,90


Chopp Handmade Hop Bross Pilsen 7,90


Schwepps Citrus 5,90

Red Bull 13,50

Guaraná 5,50


Guaraná Diet 5,50


Coca Cola 5,50


Coca Cola Zero 5,90


Sprite 5,50


Fanta 5,50



Porto Dom José 9,50

Amarula 10,50

Cointreau 9,50

Forty-three 43 12,50

Peachtree 13,50


Johnnie Walker 16,50

(12 years)

Johnnie Walker 11,50

(8 years)

Old Parr 15,50

Teacher's 7,50


Campari 6,50

Martine 7,50

Smirnoff 9,90

Tequila 11,50

Vodka Absolut 14,50

Gin 15,50


Fruit Beat 13,50

with Smirnoff (Nevada) (Pulp)

Caipirinha 12,50

With cachaça Escorrega and Lemon

Caipirosca Smirnoff 13,50


Caipirosca de Frutas (National Vodka) 15,50

(Grape, strawberry, kiwi, persian lime, tangerine with passion fruit, pineapple with mint, mango with passion fruit, siriguela (season)

Fruit Caipirosca with Absolut 17,50

Sakeiroska of fruits 14,90

(Sake with fruit)

Cachaça Caracuipe Ouro 9,90

Cachaça with Honey 8,50

Cachaça Caracuipe Silver 7,50

Itynerantys Drinks


(Aperol, sparkling, sparkling water, slices of orange and ice)

GIN MK 18,90

(Imported gin, citrus, tonic, lemon peel, persian lime, rosemary, spearmint and ice)


Grape, pineapple and natural sugar.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)

EMP GIN 21,90

Sicilian lemon, ginger sugar and citrus schweppes.


Wild berry tea, handcrafted red berry jam and tonic.


Lemongrass lemon tea, sicilian lemon, tangerine, ginger sugar and tonic.


Sicilian lemon and tonic


Vodka, lemon, ginger ale and ginger foam.

22,90 (ABSOLUT) - 17,90 (NATIONAL)


Sparkling wine, fruit mix, limoncello liqueur and spices.


Pineapple, mint and ginger sugar.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


Cashew, Sicilian lemon and pepper sugar.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


Sparkling wine, fruit mix, limoncello liqueur and spices.


Strawberry, grape and pepper sugar

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


Sicilian Lemon, Tahitian Lemon, Tangerine and Peppercorn.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


Strawberry, Sicilian lemon and pepper sugar.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


Grape, tahiti lemon and pepper sugar.

19,90 (ABSOLUT) - 14,90 (NATIONAL) - 12,90 (S / ALCOHOL)


(Pulp and fruit)

Pineapple 4,90

Acerola 4,90

Cajá 4,90

Cashew 4,90

Graviola 4,90

Strawberry 4,90

Passion fruit 4,90

Grapes 4,90

Tangerine 4,90

Pineapple with mint 5,90

Jug of Juice (Pulp) 11,90

Orange fruit) 6,50

Orange juice jug (fruit) 13,50

Orange Juice with Strawberry 8,50


Nespresso coffee 5,50

Coffee milk 6,50


Strawberry meringue 13,50

Delicious creamy condensed milk cream with strawberries, whipped cream and meringue sighs !!

Milk jam pancake 15,90

Sweetmeat pancake 1 / 2 portion 9,90

Petit gateau of chocolate with cream ice cream and chocolate syrup. 16,90

Petit Gateau dulce de leche with cream ice cream and fried banana. 17,90

Petit gateau northeastern with tapioca ice cream and chocolate syrup. 15,50

Verrine of red fruit cheese cake. 17,50

Cream of papaya with cassis liqueur. 12,50

Orange Pudding. 8,90

Passion fruit mousse with pink mango jam and tapioca ice cream. 13,50

Tapioca ice cream with burnt coconut syrup and malibu marinated pineapple. 12,50

Red wines 750ML

Alleu- Real Village Lands 79,90

Ruby red, varietal notes of the red grape varieties typical of the Durian plateaus, young, light and relaxed wine.

Aspias- Alentejo 89,90

Wild fruits with good balance.
Soft, good structure and long finish.

High Mount Merlot Soft ?? Don Guerino ?? High Happy-RS 69,90

Young, limpid with violet tones. The main aromas are fresh fruits typical of the Merlot variety. The palate is light, pleasant and with a sweet finish.

Don Guerino Reseva Cabernet Sauvignon ?? High Happy-RS 72,90

Ruby red color of high intensity. It has aromas of cherry, plum, vanilla, black olives and coffee. Palate soft and intense, unctuous and with nice aftertaste.

Don Guerino Reserve Merlot ?? High Happy-RS 72,90

Elegant wine with a remarkable personality, which conquers the most demanding palates for its harmonious complexity.

Don Guerino Reserve Tannat ?? High Happy-RS 72,90

Large, full-bodied and elegant wine of intense color and aromas characteristic of the varietal. Accompany stronger dishes such as red meats and game, pasta and risotto with more spicy sauces.

Don Guerino Book now Teroldego ?? High Happy-RS 81,90

Suggestion of the sommelier -Teroldego of great personality, fruity and of long potential of guard. Elected the best Brazilian Teroldego in the Year of 2012 and 2013 in the National Assessment. Awarded in the international competition of wines of Brazil in 1014 with medal of another. Intense red coloration. Aromas of eucalyptus, blackberry, fruity and spices. In the mouth it shows good tannic intensity, good persistence, full bodied, pleasant aftertaste.

Don Guerino Reserve Pinot Noir ?? High Happy-RS 89,90

Originating from the Pinot Noir grape variety, this red wine has a ruby ​​red color, aromas of vanilla, tobacco, red fruits and coffee, and a palate with soft tannins and a medium body.

Santa Carolina Reserved Cabernet Sauvignon ?? Central Valley 69,90

Its color is burgundy red, has ripe red fruit aroma and light flavor, fruity, fresh and soft tannin.

Santa Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon ?? Colchagua Valley 98,90

Ruby red wine with aromas of red fruits, spices, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla. In the mouth is dry, has medium body, good acidity, dense tannins and balanced end.

Santa Carolina Reserve Carmenére ?? Maipo Valley 98,90

Ruby red wine with violet reflections with dark fruit aromas ?? Cherry, coffee and chocolate notes. In the mouth it is dry, full bodied, good acidity in harmony with its round tannins, long and very intense finish.

Céfiro Reserva Carmenére ?? Rappelling Valley 110,00

Cefiro Carmenère comes from Rapel Valley, which is characterized by the production of excellent wines of this strain thanks to its climatic conditions. Specifically this line seeks the best expression of terroir for each of its wines with a seal of elegance and quality. Round and concentrated wine with lots of red fruit and hints of spices.

Céfiro Reserve Pinot Noir ?? Casablanca Valley 119,90

Low intensity ruby ​​wine. Fruit aromas in evolution, cassis, plum, slightly spicy. In the mouth it has light and docile body with long and fruity finish.

Ciconia red Alentejo 750 ml 82.90

Ciconia Alentejano wine is a dry red wine made with Aragonez, Syrah and Touriga Nacional grape varieties grown in the Alentejo region of Portugal. With light passing through French oak barrels, Ciconia Alentejo wine has an intense ruby ​​red color, complex aromas of red fruits and spices. On the palate, Ciconia Alentejo wine has good tannin structure and balanced body. Alcohol Degree: 14,5% vol. Pairing Suggestion: Red meat, pasta and cheese

Benjamin Malbec ?? Nieto Senetiner ?? Mendoza 79.90

Intense red color. Fresh red fruit aromas, plums and flowers. In the mouth it is dry, has medium body, elegant, attractive and with a subtle touch of vanilla.

Alfredo Roca Farms Merlot ?? San Rafael ?? Mendoza 78,90

Bright ruby ​​visual. Red fruit aromas and touches of oak. Dry, with good acidity, ripe tannins and lots of fruit.

Naturelle Red Wine 750ml, (casa valduga) 69.90

Clear and bright wine with violet tones. Presents aromas of fresh fruits, primary of the varieties. In the mouth it is light, with pleasant freshness and sweet taste.
Brazil - Bento Gonçalves
Winery Producer Valduga 11.5%

Catena Malbec ?? Catena Zapata ?? Altamira-Mendoza 186,90

Awarded with 91 points by the Wine Spectator in the 2011 crop and successively scored with 91 points by Parker in the 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and XNUMX crops, it lacks presentations. This great Argentine Malbec, Catena Malbec has already become a true classic, it is a charming red, with concentration and intensity, but also charm and a lot of character.

Jacob's Creek Shiraz ?? South Australia 109,90

Visual crimson intense red. Ripe black fruits with notes of chocolate and cedar. Dry, medium body, good acidity, well structured tannins, soft and silky with long and very pleasant finish.

Nederburg Foundation Pinotage ?? Western cape 69,90

With ruby ​​color and violet reflexes. Aroma of ripe plums with a hint of licorice and light oak spices in the background. Dry, fruity with soft tannins and a persistent aftertaste.
South Africa

Delle Rocche- Abruzzo DOC. 79,90

Intense ruby ​​red color with violet highlights.
intense and fruity aroma with hints of red fruit and licorice.
medium structure flavor, soft and well balanced.

Nederburg Foundation Shiraz ?? Paarl 72,90

Dark red. Plum and cherry aroma with a touch of spice. Dry, with flavors of ripe plums, cherries and chocolate, with a good tannic structure.
South Africa

Les Combelles Bordeaux ?? Univinits ?? Bordeaux 96,50

Intense ruby ​​coloration, aromas of red fruits and spices, in the mouth is harmonious with fine and balanced tannins.

Cotes du Rhone ?? Abel Pinchard ?? Côtes Du Rhône 96,50

Intense ruby ​​red wine with fruity, fresh and floral aroma. On the palate it is dry, light, with very soft tannins.

Beujolais Villages Rouge ?? Abel Pinchard ?? Beaujolais 121,90

Purple ruby ​​red. Fruity aroma accompanied by floral notes. Dry, light, fruity and easy to drink.

Châteauneuf du Pape Abel Pinchard 320,00

Intense ruby ​​red wine, intense aroma of evolved red fruit and spices, with empireumáticas notes and discreet floral touch. In the mouth it is dry, full bodied, it has acidity balanced with round tannins.

Black Paw Oro Tempranillo ?? Valdepeñas 78,90

Ruby coloring with violet reflections, Aroma of ripe red fruits. It has a good integration between fruit and wood. In the mouth it is dry with elegant tannins, light body with nice finish.

Don Román Tempranillo ?? Marques de Tomares ?? Rioja 94,60

Intense ruby ​​red color with violet aromas with red fruit aromas with notes of vanilla, A dry wine, good acidity, medium body, pleasant middle of mouth with fine tannins and long finish.

Riscal Tempranillo ?? Marques de Riscal ?? Castile and Leon 98,90

Intense ruby ​​coloration, fresh fruit nose with touches of oak. In the mouth it is soft with notes of caramel. A medium / full bodied wine. Aging 6 months in French and American oak barrels.

Good Wind Farm ?? Santos Santos House ?? Extremadura 72,90

It has a set garnet color. Complex aromas of ripe wild berries and distinct notes of cinnamon and chocolate. In the mouth, it is a medium-bodied wine with ripe red fruit, well-integrated and elegant wood notes, balanced acidity and minerality, persistent taste that evolves into jams, provided by the uniqueness and maturation of the grape varieties that compose it.

Les Fleurines Syrah 132,90

Syrah, present in the most typical cut of southern France, is undoubtedly one of the varieties that best represents the region. And is this cost-effective varietal label the most classic expression of the grape ?? Fresh plum and blackberry aromas gain notes of violet and black pepper, which are even more present in the palate. Its medium body and juicy tannins make the wine an excellent match for a typical French dish, steak au poivre.

Circus Malbec 99,90

This Malbec delivers all the variety of the grape variety: in the nose are evident the woody nuances, the red fruits and the caramel, all surrounded by a note of violet that gives delicacy to the concentrated aromas. In the mouth, delicacy gives way to strength and elegance, with well-built tannins and much presence of black pepper and even a certain sweetness of fruits with caramel.

Zuccardi Fuzion Malbec 112,90


White wines 750ml

Vinho Avvio branco (Don guerino) 750ml 69.90

Avvio has the meaning ?? beginning ?? in Italian. These wines are characterized by being young and smooth. Ideal to be enjoyed with relaxation or as drinks. Produced with grapes from the Alto Feliz region of Serra Gaucha, they are made by cutting two varietals, which complement each other in aroma and flavor.
Brazil - Serra Gaucha
Muscat and Riesling Winery Producer Don guerino 2018 12%

Sinais Riesling (Don guerino ) 750ml 72.90

Don Guerino Signs Riesling Italico has a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, aromas of citrus fruits, white peach, melon and white flowers and fine and persistent taste with notes of citrus. Harmonizes with salads, fish and seafood in general.

Brazil - Serra Gaucha
Riesling Winery Producer Don guerino 2019 13%

Naturelle – Casa Valduga – Vale dos Vinhedos-RS 69.90

Lightly sweet wine elaborated with moscato and malvasia grapes, bright yellow color with greenish reflections, floral notes, light palate and pleasant freshness and discreet softness.
Brazil - Bento Gonçalves
Winery Producer Valduga 11.5%

Sinais Moscato Giallo – Don Guerino – Alto Feliz-RS 65,90

yellow straw coloration with greenish reflections, high aromatic intensity with notes of white flowers, papaya and tropical fruits.

Sinais Sauvignon blanc – Don Guerino – Alto Feliz-RS 65,90

light yellow coloration, wine with citrus and floral aromas. In the mouth it is elegant, refreshing and with long persistence.

Don Guerino Reserva Chardonnay – Don Guerino – Alto Feliz-RS 72,90

Clear wine, light yellow color with greenish reflections. Aroma of citrus fruits, white flowers, pear and pineapple. Fine palate, legante, notes of white fruits and citrus, with long persistence.

Santa Carolina Reservado Chardonnay – Vale central 68,90

golden yellow straw. Aroma of tropical fruits and citrus fruits. In the mouth is dry, medium body, good acidity, well structured and balanced end.

Ventisqueiro Clásico Chardonnay – Vale Central 72,90

With white and tropical fruit aromas, it has a fresh, balanced palate with a good body.

Emilia Chardonnay / Viogner - Nieto Senetiner - Lujan de Cuyo - Mendoza 79,90

Straw yellow coloration, bright, clear and transparent. Aromas of apple, ripe banana, pineapples and tropical fruits. In the mouth it is dry, fresh, unctuous with balanced acidity, pleasant and long finish.

Nederburg Foundation Sauvignon Blanc – Paarl 79,90

Bright color with golden and green hues, with soft aromas of citrus and apricot Bright color with golden and green hues, with soft aromas of citrus and apricot with vanilla in the background. It is a full-bodied and creamy wine.
South Africa

Marques de Borba – J. Portugal Ramos – Alentejo 121,00

Wine of color greenish straw with aromas of citrus fruits with mineral notes. The palate has good structure, excellent acidity and long finish.

Chablis – Abel Pinchard – Chablis 229,00

Wine of yellow color bright green straw. It has an intensely fruity and mineral aroma. On the palate it is dry of medium body, has a lot of acidity and is soft at the end of mouth.

Estreia vinho verde 750 ml 65.90

It is very aromatic, soft and harmonious, made to be consumed young. Easy to drink, it is a wine that can be called "cosmopolitan" because it adjusts to various moments and events.
2017 11.5%

Nieto Senetiner Reserva Chardonnay – Luján de cuyo 96,90

It presents yellow straw color with greenish reflections, aromas of fresh fruits - apple and pineapple, notes of butter and toasted, dry, medium body, good acidity, final harmonic.

Alamos Torrontés – Catena Zapata – Mendoza 98,90

This Alamos combines a seductive and complex bouquet with excellent acidity, in a fairly balanced set, without the alcoholic elevation of other specimens produced with this variety.

Catena Chardonnay – Catena Zapata – Mendoza 189,90

Showing a lot of concentration and finesse. Always receives great notes of the specialized press, having been called "delicious" by the magazine Wine Spectator. An excellent white with a captivating white fruit bouquet and mineral note. In the mouth it is soft and full, with ripe fruit, honey, vanilla and a nice and subtle toasted touch.

Vinho Terras de Alleu Branco 750ml 79.90

Terras De Alleu White Wine is young, light and relaxed. It presents straw yellow color with greenish touches, on the palate shows freshness.
Winery Producer Real Village 2018 13%

Sparkling Wines

Don Guerino Muscat 69,90

Citrus color with greenish reflections, intense floral and fruity aroma.

Don guerino muscat rosé 69,90

Color salmon clear, intense floral and fruity aroma. Balanced freshness and sweetness, fine and persistent perlage.

Don gueri demi-sec 69,90

Refreshing, balanced, creamy and with a sweet finish.

Don Guerino Brut 69,90

yellow color with greenish reflection, it has floral and fruity aroma. refreshing, balanced and creamy.

Don Guerino Malbec Rosé 76,90

It has cherry color, with the aroma of red fruits, roses and guava. Refreshing, with fine and intense pearl, with creamy and persistent foam.

Sparkling don guerec prosecco 750ml 69.90

Persistent perlage, floral aroma, refreshing. Low intensity yellow coloration, persistent perlage with good foam crown formation. Its aroma is floral, with notes of almond and fresh fruits. Refreshing, creamy and persistent.
Brazil - Serra Gaucha
Winery Producer Don guerino


Moët & chandon brut impérial 399,00

Tasty and fruity, done in a relaxed but very elegant style. The style that made the region famous. This champagne is well structured, delicate and refreshing. Ideal for special moments

Veuve Clicquot Brut - Reims 389,90

Straw-colored, with fine and intense burgundy and fine aroma of apple, ripe pear, white flowers, brioche and roasted. In the mouth it presents a lot of elegance, with long finish and mineral.

Rosé Wines 750ml

Berne Esprit Méditerranée 174,90

The spirit of the Mediterranean is not difficult to decipher, two words are enough: carpe diem. And that is exactly the feeling that this freshness-filled rosé can provide. The fruity aromas are very generous and seductive, with raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. In the mouth, the fruits meet their balanced acidity and a long finish, perfect to accompany the long sunsets of the Mediterranean coast, or a good seafood dish.

Vinho Quereu Rosé 750ml 82.90

Red wine is a medium-bodied wine that makes you travel in the striking flavors of red fruits.
Chile - Central valley
Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah 2018 13%

Santa Carolina Reservado Cabernet Rosé – Vale Central 62,90

Very pinkish coloration, intense aromas dominated by fresh notes very well integrated in the palate. Notes of dark fruits such as blackberry and gooseberry. Cool, silky palate with nice finish.

Sinais Malbec Rose – Don Guerino – Alto feliz 62,90

Coloring salmon, typical notes of cherry and strawberry. Balanced, pleasant and with intense end of mouth.

Nederburg Foudation Rosé – Pearl 76,90

A fruity rosé with hints of red fruits. In the mouth it is slightly soft and has a pleasant finish.
South Africa

Alamos Mabec Rosé – Catena – Mendoza 98,90

Great rose wine from Catena Zapata, full bodied and striking, with a lively bouquet of ripe fruit. Very fresh and tasty on the palate.

375ML White Wines

Chardonnay Stars ?? Santa Carolina ?? Rappelling Valley | Chile 48,90

Red Wines 375ML

Tannat Family Reserve ?? Canelones | Uruguay 48,90

48,90 Duorum tones ?? Alentejo | Portugal

Don Román ?? Marques de Tomares ?? Rioja | Spain 64,90

Wines in cup 180ML

Red Wine (See) 21,00

White Wine (See) 21,00

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