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Casalingue Pasta

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Casalingue Pasta 42

Penne, tagliatele, spaghetti and gnocchi with sauces, Bolognesa, Alfredo, Sugo, Pesto, Blumenau, Garlic and oil, Mantega and Fungui

Boa Lembrança

The Plate of Good Memento is the trophy of every collector. It is made of crockery, produced especially to be hung and displayed as a piece of art. Each dish has an original and exclusive design, always very cheerful, with vibrant colors and a humorous tone.

Pasta Sfoglia con Filetto 98

Delicious Gnocchi surprise with Mignon, broccoli and cherry tomatoes with alfredo sauce and panna hidden in crunchy puff pastry.

Coperto and Antipasti

Cestino di Pane

Artisan Breads served with Butter, Smoked Eggplant, Black Olives and Alichella

Arancini di Riso e Linguiça

Traditional Sicilian dumpling, prepared with Arboreal Rice, Saffron, Blumenau sausage and Parmesan

Due di Bruschetta

Mushroom Ragout Bruschettas, and Fresh Tomato with Buffalo Mozzarella

Polenta fritta e Gorgonzola

fried polenta served with gorgonzola sauce


Carpaccio to Cipriani

Beef Carpaccio, served in Mustard and Caper emulsion, with Mushroom slices, Parmesan flakes and light touch of Balsamic cream

Burrata Caprese

Fresh and very creamy mozzarella cheese, served on Bed of Arugula and Fresh Tomatoes

Insane Caesar con Pollo

Crispy lettuce with grilled chicken, served with caesar sauce and toast

Insalata di Noci e Gorgonzola

Mix of leaves with cherry tomatoes, nuts and gorgonzola

Paste Speciali

Casalingue Pasta

Penne, tagliatele, spaghetti and gnocchi with sauces, Bolognesa, Alfredo, Sugo, Pesto, Blumenau, Garlic and oil, Mantega and Fungui

Spaghetti with polpettone

Spaghetti grano duro accompanied by meat dumplings and a delicious sugo sauce with basil.

Tagliatelle alla Salmone

Delicious home-made homemade tagliatelle, accompanied by Salmon Cubes, Oyster Sauce, Cream of Milk, Tomato and Basil

Spaghetto Carbonara

Typical Umbrian, Spaguette Grano Duro, Panchetta, Eggs, Parmesan Cheese and Black Pepper. Specialty of the house.

Spaguetti Mare and Monti

Spaghetti with sugo sauce, mushroom, shrimp, seafood, squid and octopus

Penne alla Putanesca

Pasta grano duro with sugo sauce, olives, aliche capers and parmesan

Penne alla Matriciana

Pasta grano duro with sugo sauce, pancetta, olive oil and parmesan

Paste Ripiene

Filet mignon with Ravioli and Funghi

Grilled filet mignon, served with cheese Ravioli in mushroom Sauce

Conchiglioni with Gorgonzola and Filet Mignon

Pasta filled with gorgonzola served with white sauce, gratin with parmesan. Served with filet mignon cubes

Gnocchi filled with Gorgonzola

Handmade pasta with Gorgonzola, served with Funghi sauce

Lasagna and Polenta

Lasagna di Formaggio

Delicious Lasagna with Alfredo sauce with cheese, white sauce, butter and gratin with Parmesan

Lasagne alla Bolognesa

Delicious lasagna in tomato sauce served with cheese, bolognese ground beef sauce and Parmesan au gratin

Polenta with Ossobuco or Chicken

Amazing Creamy Polenta with Ossobuco Ragú or Chicken Nonna


Risotto alla Zucchini in due Testure

Traditional Risotto with Zucchini, Fresh Mushrooms, Herbs and Tomatoes. Serves Zucchini Crunch

Risotto alla Pescatore

Arboreal rice with prawns, octopus, mussels, fresh tomatoes and white wine

Risotto di Zaferano com Filetto

Delicious arboreal rice risotto with saffron cheese and cubes of mignon

Risoto di Barbabietola com Pollo

Delicious arboreal rice risotto with beetroot and grilled chicken breast

Carni and Pesce Speciali

Steak di Maiale

Pork cut with roasted vegetables and Rotti sauce

Filetto alla PARMEGGIANA by due persone

The dish is a traditional Parmegiana filet mignon served with homemade tagliatelle in butter. FOR TWO PEOPLE

Pesce with Ciambotta and Patate

Grilled fish, vegetables with Mediterranean flair and mashed potatoes

Mignon alla griglia al Vino with Brie or Gorgonzola

Mignon with dark meat and red wine sauce. Served with Tagliatelle and Brie or Gorgonzola

Salmone alla Griglia with Broccoli

Grilled Salmon served with roasted vegetables Broccoli and potatoes

Spalota di Agnello Per tre persone

Lamb Palette served in its own sauce, accompanies artisanal Tagliatelle, potatoes and sautéed vegetables. Serves three people.
Serves up to three people.

Bisteca alla Fiorentina per due Persone

Angus steak served with Rustic Potatoes or Tagliatelle in butter, accompanying mix of leaves and Pesto sauce. Serves two people

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