Cantina do Délio

Cantina do Délio






Cestino di pane di Giorno

Homemade bread, served with Butter and delicious Pates

Trio di Bruschetta

Bruschettas of Caponata, Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella of Buffalo, and Ragú of Mushrooms


Traditional Sicilian cookie, prepared with Arboreal Rice and Mozzarella stuffing



Burrata Caprese

Fresh and very creamy mozzarella, served in bed of fresh tomatoes and rocket

Carpaccio to Cipriani

Beef Carpaccio, served in Mustard and Caper emulsion, with Mushroom slices and Parmesan flakes, and light touch of Balsamic cream

Homemade Pasta


Gnocchi, Spaghettini, Tagliatelle or Penne

Handmade pasta sauteed in one of these Sauces to choose from: 4 Formaggio, Pomodoro, Aurore, Bolognese, Pesto or Funghi

Tagliatelle homemade with Salmone

Delicious stylish home tagliatelle, accompanied by Salmon cubes, milk cream, tomato and basil

Buffalo ravioli

Tasty Ravioli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and dried tomato served in rustic sauce of fresh tomatoes and rocket

Gnocchi Gamberi with Zafferano and Lagostin

Handmade Gnochi served with prawns, fresh tomatoes and touch of saffron and basil .

Conchiglioni with Gorgonzola and Filet Mignon

Pasta filled with gorgonzola served with white sauce, gratin with parmesan. Served with filet mignon cubes

Spagheo Carbonara al Tartufo

Typical of Umbria, Spaguette in Panchetta Sauce, Eggs, Cheese, Black Pepper and Truffle Olive Oil

Gnocchi filled with Gorgonzola

Handmade pasta with Gorgonzola, served with Funghi sauce

Steak Fiorentina

Angus steak served with Rustic Potatoes or Tagliatelle in butter, accompanied by a mix of leaves and pesto sauce

Boa Lembrança


Involtini di Pollo alla Napoletana

Chicken Involtini with Bacon and Broccoli, served with Fried Gnocchi in alla Napolitana sauce with Nuts .



Lasagna alla Romana

With tomato sauce served with cheese, hand, white sauce, gratin with Parmesan .

Lasagne alla Bolognese

Served with classic bolognese sauce with mixed meat .



Risotto alla Zucchini at due Texture

Traditional Risotto with Zucchini, Fresh Mushrooms, Herbs and Tomatoes. Serves Zucchini Crunch

Risotto alla Zucca i Gamberi

Delicious Risotto of arborio rice with pumpkin, shrimp, fresh tomatoes and basil


Polenta with Braised Veal

Creamy polenta served with parmesan cheese and braised veal .

Polenta with Funghi

Creamy polenta served with parmesan cheese, funghi and gorgonzola .



Grilled Salmon with Broccoli or Paglia and Hay

Grilled salmon served with Potatoes and broccoli or handmade pasta, vegetables and gremolata .

Griled Filet Mignon with green Tagliatelle

Filet Mignon with dark sauce of meat and red wine, with green Tagliatelle on butter. Served with brie or gorgonzola cheese .

Filet Mignon alla Parmigiana

Mignon breaded and gratin with mozzarella and parmesan, served with Tagliolini in Butter and Sage

Tilapia with Tagliatelle on butter

Grilled tilapia served with Tagliatelle on butter flavored with sicilian lemon

Filetto with Ravioli Formaggio

Grilled filet mignon, served with cheese Ravioli in mushroom Sauce

Galetto Arrostito

Roasted Galeto with Tagliatelle with Aurora Sauce

Lamb palette

Served in it's own sauce, accompanied with handmade fettuccine with broccoli, fresh tomatoes and potatoes, sautéed on butter


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