Oficina do Sabor

Oficina do Sabor

Opened in 1992 by chef César Santos, the restaurant Oficina do Sabor is considered one of the bests in Brazil. Throughout these years, the house has been established as the ideal place for those who want to enjoy Pernambuco's cuisine, prepared with a lot of creativity and sophistication.

The menu also gives space to the most traditional palate in recipes like the gratin of cassav with "charque" (special brazillian dried meat), the octopus with the hot sauce, the shrimp with northeastern herbs and the fish with the passion fruit sauce. Entrepreneurs, journalists, advertisers, artists and tourists make the profile of the clients. The popular art of Pernambuco, in turn, sets the tone for the decoration of the house, valuing local paintings, pieces and handicrafts. Even the tablecloths are made and hand painted by local artists. The tradition of Pernambuco permeates the entire project of the restaurant, which has the capacity to receive from 90 to 130 people. The terraces are an attraction apart, since from there can be seen all the beauty of Recife and Olinda.

The open kitchen is on display, allows customers to follow the preparation of the dishes, made by César Santos and his team. Oficina do Sabor is located in the upper city of Olinda, at Rua do Amparo, 335.


César Santos occupies today a prominent place in the scenario of national and international gastronomy. César began his career at the age of 23, as a student of the hotel business. Simultaneously, he began working in bars and restaurants as a second chef, but soon began to work with his own buffet service, offering dinners at home.

The Oficina do Sabor restaurant came up small in 1992, but it surprised all the palates with its exotic recipes that brought new flavors to the Pernambuco's cuisine. The secret was at least innovative: the mixture of seafood with fruits and herbs. Due to the creativity of his kitchen, the house is now part of the Good Restaurants Remembrance Restaurant, being an obligatory stop for visitors arriving in the city.

Because of his talent, César has already won several prizes, such as Recife Sabor, sponsored by ABRASEL - PE for three consecutive years. In 98 and 99 he qualified among the 12 finalists of Nestle Toque D'or. Still in 99, it gained prominence among the main competitors of Chef Talento Sadia, national edition, obtaining the first place.

César also participated in several gastronomic festivals in various parts of the world. It is not by chance that Veja magazine elected Oficina do Sabor as the second best restaurant in Pernambuco and the best regional house in the state.



Rua do Amparo, nº 335



Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday: From 11:30 am to 22:00 pm

Friday and Saturday: From 11:30 am to 23:00 pm

Sunday: 11:30 am to 17:00 pm

Payment methods:

Cash and credit card

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