Villa Tevere

Villa Tevere

Villa Tevere was opened in September 1999 and is one of the finest restaurants of the capital. In this period they were carried out countless corporate and social events, including several visits to heads of state on official visits to Brazil.

Suzana works in the dining area since his arrival in Brasilia in 1978. She taught cooking courses, profession already exercised by his mother in Belo Horizonte for decades, and was the head of one of the best and most prestigious Brasilia Catering services 20 years along with the son Flavio, who runs the house.


Mini rissolis spinach and gorgonzola 30,50

(12 units)

Mini-rissolis napolitano 30,50

(12 units)

Mini rissolis of beef jerky and dried tomato flesh 30,50

(12 units)

Arancini 30,50

Arborio rice balls with touch of saffron, lemon and parmesan - 6 units

Antepasto Speciale 71,90

Parmesan cheeses like Grana, Gorgonzola and Brie, Chilean type Azapa olives, confit cherry tomatoes and bread basket


Couvert 35,00

basket of assorted breads, butter, olives, eggplant and zucchini with olive oil and Brazil nuts (a couvert serves two people)

Bread basket 12,50

basket of bread and butter

per cominciare

Burrata al Funghi & Pane 62,00

Delicate handcrafted burrata served with sauteed mushrooms in extra virgin olive oil and bread basket

Bruschetta 4 drives 53,00 / 2 drives 35,00

tomato and eggplant bruschette with shitake

Carpaccio di carne 53,00

beef carpaccio with mustard sauce, capers and parmesan; topped with fresh arugula

Insalata Rustica 41,30

fresh vegetables of the day, carrot threads, raw ham strips like Parma, Portuguese olives and toast with Brie cheese in the oven

Insalatina 26,00

small salad of fresh vegetables of the day, cherry tomatoes sweet-grape and parmesan shavings

Insalata Caprese 49,40 - ½ serving: 33,20

tomato and fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and buffalo mozzarella
VegetarianGluten free


Dishes for two people

Villa mincemeat 116,00

our special recipe for mincemeat prepared with filet mignon in the reduced sauce of the meat itself with wine and mustard; accompanied by rice with broccoli, egg farofinha, bacon, raisins and olives and grilled plantain. It serves two people well. (Only at lunch).

Bacallà Al Forno 143,00

flaked codfish gratin with Swiss cream cheese, potatoes, sweet grape tomatoes and Portuguese black olives; served with rice with broccoli. Serves two people. (Only at lunch).

Gamberini & Riso Gratinati 107,00

Piamontesa rice (creamy with Paris mushrooms) topped with prawn cream gratin with mozzarella, Parmesan and Swiss. Serves two people. (Lunches and dinners).

Filetto Tritato & Laughter Gratinati 88,00

Piamontesa rice (creamy with mushrooms Paris) topped with mincemeat filet mignon, wine and touch of Gorgonzola, gratin with mozzarela and Parmesan. Serves two people. (Lunches and dinners).


Carbonara di gamberini 80,00

Re-reading of the classic Carbonara - long paste in creamy egg yolk and parmesan emulsion with bacon and black pepper ?? with fresh cream and flamboyant prawns

Cannelloni Bolognese 65,60

cannelloni stuffed with meat and herbs in the sauce of Italian tomatoes, white wine, herbs and mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Rigatoni con ragu di manzo al vino 53,00

short pasta with filet mignon ragu, red wine and fresh herbs from Provence

Ravioli al Gorgonzola & gamberini 71,00

artisan paste stuffed with Gorgonzola, ricotta and walnuts in a three-cheese sauce with accented Gorgonzola and Amareto flambé prawns

Gnocchi quattro formaggi 62,00

potato gnocchi au gratin with traditional four cheese sauce

Ravioli Rosso & Bianco 71,00 / ½ 53,00 portion

ravioli with Brie and Swiss cheese, almonds and light white sauce with fresh scented blackberries with Frangelico

Gnocchi al burro & salvia 69,20 / ½ 53,00 portion

Wahoo gnocchi with butter and fresh sage and fillet knife-tipped red wine sauce and reduction of meat itself

Ravioli di anatra all'arancia 71,00 / ½ portion: 53,00

handmade duck ravioli in duck and orange sauce

Fettuccine cremolato al salmone 71,00 / ½ portion: 53,00

long paste with creamy salmon sauce and extra virgin olive oil emulsion, sicilian lemon and capers

Spaghetti ai frutti di mare 88,10 / ½ 65,60 portion

long pasta in tomato sauce with diced salmon and sea bass, squid and flambéed shrimp

Linguine Alla Putanesca 67,40 / ½ portion: 48,50

long pasta in the sauce of Italian tomatoes, Italian aliche, capers, black olives, extra virgin olive oil, hints of garlic and pepperoni

Spaghetti Campestre 67,40 / ½ 48,50 portion

long folder to extra virgin olive oil, diced tomatoes, arugula to crispy garlic, pancetta and Italian buffalo mozzarella

Linguine Jericoacoara 97,10 / ½ portion: 71,00

long pasta with handmade butter of herbs and lemon Sicilian with lobster fillet and shrimp flambados in cachaça of Ceará

Prato da Boa Lembrança 2020 - Gnocchi do Villa 92,60

Potato gnocchi with Angus ragout served with Camembert gratin with caramelized onion and pancetta

Paglia & Fieno Dello Chef 78,20

long pasta - white and black - with fresh burrata and filet mignon in strips with meat-reducing sauce, wine and basil pesto

Gnocchi della Floresta 71,00 / ½ portion: 53,00

beetroot gnocchi with Roquefort fonduta and finished with award-winning artisan cheese from Serra da Canastra (Blue Wood)


Risotto Tropical 95,30

Sicilian lemon risotto with breaded shrimp in panko flour, sesame and handmade lemon, mango, passion fruit and ginger touch

Risotto Alpino 78,20

risotto of red wine served with minced filet mignon with the own meat sauce, Bel Paese and Gorgonzola

Risotto Sofia Loren 92,60

mascarpone risotto with champagne prawns, fig chutney
and Grana Padano

Risotto Profondo Mare 95,30

black rice with sautéed octopus, squid, prawns, tomatoes and
fresh herbs flaked in vodka

Risotto Caprese 71,00

risotto with candied tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil and cream of burrata with basil pesto

Pesci & Frutti di Mare

Gamberi Carmem Miranda 128,60

prawns flanked in whiskey in Thermidor sauce and Swiss cheese and Parmesan; au gratin (in pineapple) and served with pineapple risotto

Pesce Da Vinci 104,30

fillet of white fish (the freshest on the market, preferably Robalo or Hake Yellow) with shrimp and champagne sauce; served with green apple risotto with hints of walnut and cheesy cheese

Bacallà Confit 128,60

Bacallà Confit
Cod loin confit in olive oil and fresh herbs served over mashed
potato and ementhal with warm sweet grape, tapenade and black garlic tomatoes
in the confit oil

Salmone Arlechino 97,10

fresh salmon fillet in orange and white wine reduction sauce; served with artichoke risotto

Gamberi Monte Carlo 134,00

shrimp (230 grams of the protein in natura) flambéed to the brandy in orange sauce reduction, Dijon mustard and honey; served with green asparagus risotto and creamy Swiss cheese


Beef Ancho & Riso al salto 107,00

Premium Ancho Beef (250 grs) with Chimichurri Butter Served on ?? Laughter al Heel stuffed with potato chips and mozzarella

Filetto del Capo 92,60

Gorgonzola crusted filet mignon and mashed olive oil served with gnocchi with wild mushroom cappuccino and blown swiss

Filetto Don Corleone 92,60

Breaded Filet Mignon Topped with Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce and Coke Reducing Touch; served with peperoni risotto and pepperoni pepper flakes in parme basket

Pollo CT 75,50

Panko Crusted Chicken Breast Served Over Shitake Cream Accompanied by Rice with Lemon Zest and Pistachios

Filetto Della Mafia 92,60 / ½ 76,00 portion

filet mignon portafoglio stuffed with Bel-Paese cheese and Parma ham; served with fettuccine in creamy spinach sauce and bacon farofinha

Filetto Jazz Itália 92,60 / ½ 76,00 portion

medallions of filet mignon in their own reduced sauce, Madeira wine, port and green pepper; served with Swiss cheese risotto, lightly caramelized onions and bacon and crispy leeks

Filetto Parmigiano 92,60

breaded filet mignon au gratin with Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese; accompanied by a plate of risotto with basil pesto

Filetto Campagna 92,60

filet mignon au gratin with fresh mushroom sauce flanked in whiskey, gorgonzola and honey; served with pan of rice with almonds, pistachios and lemon zest

Polpettone 80,00

our special polpetone recipe, prepared with processed filet mignon stuffed with mozzarella and basil and served with tomato sauce. It may be accompanied by spaghetti with butter and sage or four cheese gnocchi; your choice.

Sweets and Pastry

Torta Villa Tevere 32,00

delicious pie prepared with Belgian chocolate, Mascarpone and secret ingredients, inspired by our classic and renowned Tiramisù (prepared with very fresh mascaporne and therefore subject to eventual lack)

Pistacchio Cup 30,00

handmade pistachio ice cream with caramel sauce and coffee

Brownie con gelatto di latte dolce 30,00

homemade chocolate and walnut brownie served with handmade dulce de leche ice cream

Banana Flambata 30,00

bananas flaked in brandy with caramel sauce and hints of cloves, star anise, cinnamon and cardamom; served with ice cream

Crepe di noce all`arancia 30,00

hot crepes nuts in orange sauce and cream ice cream

Cioccolato Trastevere 30,00

frozen chocolate marquise with cream ice cream

Torta di formaggio & Limoncello 34,00

cheese-cake-made dessert made with Limoncello Villa Tevere® cheese

Dolce Cappuccino 31,00

chocolate and almond genoise with delicate chocolate and coffee mousse

Profiterole 31,00

firecrackers stuffed with cream ice cream in chocolate sauce

Entremet Coliseum 31,00

milk chocolate tart and passion fruit mousse stuffed with fruit confection and drenched in shiny chocolate sauce

Tropical Cream 30,00

mango processed with cream ice cream and port wine

Papaya Cream 29,00

papaya processed with cream ice cream and cassis

Tiramisú 35,00

classic Italian dessert of Mascarpone, Marsala, cookies and cocoa (prepared with very fresh mascaporne and therefore subject to eventual lack - consult attendant)

Ice cream with chocolate syrup 26,00

cream ice cream with chocolate sauce

Petit-Gateau 32,00

delicious hot handmade muffin stuffed with mashed chocolate; served with cream ice cream and red berry sauce

Fruit of the season 22,00

papaya, pineapple or mango

Petit-gateau di Latte Dolce 32,00

Hot homemade cookie stuffed with dulce de leche; Served with homemade ice cream from Tiramisù

Water, soft drinks and juices

Soda Italiana 16,00

green apple, sicilian lemon, tangerine, etc. (see flavors)

mineral water Silver 6,50

Mineral water brand Perrier 18,00

Coconut water 11,00

Soft Drink 8,00

Natural Juice 12,00

orange, lemon and pineapple

Natural grape juice 17,00

preservative-free and sugar-free organic juice Bento Gonçalves - 300ml


Cerveja long neck 14,00

Heineken and Stella Artois

Cerveja long neck Cerpa 16,00

Colombina Weiss 600 ml 28,00

Light, unfiltered wheat beer. Depending on the type of fermentation has a fruity and spicy aroma, subtly reminding clove and banana. The sparking aspect generates good refreshing, and lightweight body facilitates drinkability.

Colombina IPA 600 ml 28,00

Citrus fruity citrus of American hops strongly marks this beer, in addition to the characteristic bitterness and the beautiful amber coloration. A dense, velvety and persistent foam crowns this beer that impresses by appearance. In its composition we used a rapadura typical of the cerrado, the White Girl.

Drinks and Spirits

Limoncello Verano 20,00

(Limoncello, soda, ice and basil)

Limoncello Tropical 20,00

(Limocello, berries, ice and mint)

Tomato juice 20,00

Aperol Spritz 28,00

Mimosa 25,00

(Orange juice and prosecco)

Kyr 25,00

Kyr Royal 25,00

Cachaça Especial 10,00

(Selecta and Nega Fulô)

Caipirosca lemon or red fruit 22,00


Caipirosca lemon or red fruit 28,00

(Imported vodka)

Vodka importada 22,00

(stolishnaya - wiborowa - absolut)

Campari 17,00

V.S.0.P Remy Martin 38,00

Grappa Bianca Carpene Malvolti 22,00


8 years

Johnnie Walker red label - Gran Macnish
20,00 (Shot) - 280,00 (Bottle)

12 years

Johnnie Walker black label - Chivas
28,00 (Shot) - 392,00 (Bottle)

18 years

Johnnie Walker gold label 40,00

Had (Jack Daniel's) 24,00

Coffee & Tea

Espresso Três 8,00

Available: intense (alert), smooth (vibrant) and decaf

Tea 5,00

Assorted sachets

Liqueurs 22,40

Imported (check)

Limoncello Villa Tevere® 80,00 bottle

Sicilian lemon liqueur - Our handmade production. Tasting: courtesy. Bottle: 80,00 (wrapped for gift).

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