Vecchio Sogno

Vecchio Sogno

The food lovers have a good reason to enjoy his oldest dreams.

Vecchio Sogno, an innovative menu, one of the top chefs, a sophisticated setting and the perfect drink to accompany unforgettable moments .

The menu offers a wide variety of ingredients, mixing flavors and unforgettable aromas. The award-winning wine list, with more than 400 labels, compliments the tasting, offering the final match for an unique experience.

Live the dream of experiencing one of the main restaurants in the world. In Belo Horizonte, the Vecchio Sogno.

Our kitchen is headed by Ivo Faria, the most awarded chef of Belo Horizonte.

The experience acquired through trips around the world, through the regional cuisine and the 19 years of the Vecchio Sogno, made Chef Ivo Faria be chosen twelve times as the best Chef of cuisine, by important media of the gastronomic area.


Giovane salad
Goat cheese, melon confit, pear in wine sauce, mix of young leaves and wild arugula
Cream of mountain flavor
Funghi truffle cream with potato, formaggio cappelletti and funghi powder
Stylized beef carpaccio
Beef carpaccio, herb sauce with ginger and lemon, shimeji, padano cheese tile, sprouts and basil
Laminated salmon with caviar sauce, asparagus and baby lettuce
Laminated semi-smoked salmon, caviar sauce and baby lettuce

Risottos and Pasta

Lamb risotto with boscaiola
Risotto of arboreal rice and whole wheat with ragu of lamb and three types of champignon, bacon and apple with spices
Buffalo mozzarella ravioli with tomato and basil sauce
Bufalo mozzarella ravioli with pomodoro and basil, carrot and asparagus, gorgonzola cream and ciboullette
Brie tortelli with artichoke in wine sauce and three mushrooms
Brie tortelli with artichoke, port wine sauce, three funghis and crunchy ginger
Linguini al mare monte
Linguine with fresh tomatoes sautéed, shrimp, squid, mussels, crayfish, octopus, arugula and pesto
Shrimp and crawfish risotto with saffron and green sauce
Shrimp and crawfish risotto with saffron and green sauce
Homemade tagliatelle with prawns and zucchini cream
Homemade noodles with shrimp, zucchini velouté and crunchy crumbs

Fish and Meat

Salmon in crust of bread with tarragon sauce
Bread crumbed salmon, tarragon sauce, red carrot stuffed with baroa potatoes, grilled leek gnocchi
Involtino di sogliola e gamberi alla salsa di finocchio e capperi
Medallion of sole with shrimp in fennel root sauce with herbs and artichokes, stewed with leaves of the day and mashed potatoes
Grilled lamb mix with broccoli mousseline and potato confit
Loin and rack of lamb, broccoli mousseline, toasted carrots in olive oil and herbs and lamb sauce
Medaglione di manzo alla salsa di tre funghi e mezza luna fiorentina
Medallion of filet, sauce of three funghis tartufado and raviolis of spinach with cheese and pupunha
Black Angus ancho steak with green pepper sauce and herbs, with funghi risotto
Black Angus ancho steak, green pepper sauce and funghi risotto
Cod fillet with tomato sauce, black olives, olive oil and rosti with zucchini
Fillet of cod with tomato sauce, black olives olive oil with rosti with zucchini, onion and broccoli

House Specialties

Piedmontese polenta
Polenta truffled to the oven with egg and three funghis sauce
Gnocchi with prawns and crunchy Parma
Homemade gnocchi with sauce of shrimp , asparagus and Parma ham
Shrimp with grappa
Shrimp flamed with grappa, served with squid ink ravióli
Fillet with gorgonzola, almond and apricot
Fillet with gorgonzola sauce with almonds, penne with triple butter, cherry tomatoes and peas
Ossobuco alla milanese
Braised veal served with saffron risotto
Duo of duck with truffle risotto and wild rice
Stuffed duck and magret with arbutus risotto and wild rice with truffled funghi

'Boa Lembrança' Dish

We are part of the Association of Restaurants of Boa Lembrança. On tasting this our suggestion, you get a ceramic plate for your collection.

Agnolotti al plin del Pastore
Stuffed pasta with lamb ragu


Basket of breads, grissinis, assorted dips and olive oil


Rua Martim de Carvalho, 75 

Santo Agostinho

Belo Horizonte - MG

Mon-Thu: 12: 00 → 00: 00

Friday: 12: 00 → 01: 00

Saturday: 18: 00 → 01: 00

Sunday: 12: 00 → 18: 00

We accept: Cash and cards VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX AND DINNERS.

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