Toruk Sushi

Toruk Sushi

In Pandora, Toruk is the highest flying bird, the supreme predator and considered unreachable. In search of challenges and something else in a restaurant, the successful collectors, Anderson, Guilherme and Marcelo, in partnership with the consultant Sol Aprile, make their debut in the field of flavors. Promising unique and differentiated experiences to its customers. Welcome everyone, friends!

Our space

With the proposal of offering a unique experience to its customers, Toruk opted for a rustic and sophisticated and cozy space, using Portinári ceramics, signed crockery, by Alexandra Camillo, Ceramist. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Four ingredients that in a unique alchemy transform the malleable and fragile clay into resistant ceramic objects like Toruk. With exuberant colors and textures, the atmosphere has high ceilings and warm lighting that promises to make you feel at home. It is possible to sit in the sushibar and ask the Chef directly or choose a place on the comfortable sofa that extends for more than half of the lounge, a generous bar with an excellent drinks list, selected wines and a modern kitchen.

All thought out with great care, making the space original and definitely unforgettable!


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Tataki Toruk     34,90

Cubes of avocado, tuna, shrimp, salmon and black conger with sesame and chives.

Shrimp Croquette on Thai Moqueca     38,90

Shrimp with coconut milk, peppers, coriander, finger pepper, breaded in panko flour. Served with a natural yogurt, cherry sauce and lightly spicy pepper - (6 Units).

Creamy Chicken Croquette     28,90

Creamy chicken dumpling breaded in panko flour, seasoned with togarashi, chives and cream cheese. Served with a natural yogurt, cherry sauce and lightly spicy pepper - (6 Units).

Toruk Sea Mix     49,90

Mushroom mix with shrimp, squid and octopus, sautéed with dashi broth, fresh chives and sesame oil.

Acarajé Japanese     21,90

Fish Mix, Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly - 2 units

Lula's rings to Dorê     32,90

10 Units.

Shrimp with Doré     29,90

Shrimp stuffed with cream cheese. 6 drives

Salmon Carpaccio     54,90


Octopus Carpaccio     54,90


Ceviche     40,90

Tuna cubes, white fish and salmon marinated in special citrus juice.

Seafood Croquettes     24,90

Fish dumpling breaded in panko flour, served with tonkatsu sauce - 6 units

Edamame     24,90


Guioza Chicken     29,90

6 units

Miso Soup     21,90

Soy soup, seasoned with delicious pieces of tofu and chives.

Nirá     29,90


Shrimp salad     29,90

Sautéed shrimp, American lettuce salad, cherry tomatoes, avocado, grated pupunha and olive oil seven herbs with lemon.

Simple Sunomono     19,90

Cucumber strips, preserved in a special vinaigrette sauce, accompanied by servings of Kani.

Special Sunomomo     24,90

Strips of cucumber, tuna, whitefish and salmon.

SUN MAKI     40,90

Salmon, cream cheese, breaded shrimp and spicy jelly - 6 Units

Shimeji and Shitake     39,90

Harumaki 4 units

Harumaki Shrimp     19,90


Harumaki Chicken     15,90


Harumaki Seafood     17,90

Harumaki Vegetables     13,90

Harumaki Cheese     13,90

Dyo Double


Special Pineapple     11,90

Rice, salmon, pineapple syrup with orange, sesame crisp and cream cheese.

Almonds     11,90

Salmon, cream cheese and toasted almonds

Ovas of Massago     14,90

Rice, salmon, cream cheese and massago roe.

Crisp Cabbage     11,90

Rice, salmon, cream cheese and kale.

Crisp Poró     13,90

Rice, salmon, cream cheese and garlic.

Ebi Green     13,90

Rice, shrimp, cream cheese and salmon.

Philadelphia     11,90

Rice, salmon, pepper jelly and cream cheese

Fire     14,90

Flambé salmon, shimeji, cream cheese and teriyaki

Pepper jelly     14,90

Salmon, cream cheese and spicy jelly.

toruk     11,90

Breaded shrimp, crisp cabbage, cream cheese and salmon.

Double of delicacies

Sushi massago     17,90

Scallop     21,90

Double Sushi

Kani / Skin     8,90

Tuna     9,90

Brûlée tuna / brûlée salmon     10,90

Roasted Tuna / Salmon     10,90

Whitefish / salmon     9,90

Shrimp / haddock / octopus     11,90

Ovas of Massago     15,90

Sashimi 5 units


Tuna / Whitefish / salmon     18,90

Haddock / octopus / salmon black     21,90

Roasted tuna and salmon     19,90


10 units

Shrimp - Ebi Hot     23,90

Shrimp, cream cheese and teriyaki

Special Tartar     26,90

Hot Philadelphia with salmon tartar

Hot Philadelphia     23,90

Salmon, cream cheese, crusty panko flour dough and teriyaki sauce.

Haru Roll     24,90

Salmon, cream cheese, shitake, nirá in the harumaki pasta

Crunchy mix     22,90

Mix of breaded fish in rice flakes

Hot Tuna     21,90

Rice, cream cheese, selected pieces of tuna, wrapped in crunchy panko flour.


10 Units


Philadelphia Roll     22,90

Rice, seaweed, salmon and sesame.

California     17,90

Rice, nori seaweed, kani and mango.

Black maki     22,90

Black rice, black salmon and cream cheese.

Massago roll     24,90

Rice, seaweed, cream cheese and massago eggs.

Romeo and Juliet     17,90

Rice, cream cheese, strawberry, guava and sesame.

Skin     18,90

Rice, sesame, nori seaweed and grilled salmon skin.

Spyce tuna     21,90

Rice, nori seaweed, tuna and togarashi pepper

Special ebitem     29,90

Rice, nori seaweed, breaded shrimp, cream cheese and salmon.

Ebi Roll     20,90

Rice, seaweed, breaded shrimp, sesame.


10 units


Tekamaki     19,90

Nori seaweed, rice, tuna.

Salmon Light - 4 units     19,90

Salmon, tuna, kani, cream cheese and cucumber

Bravo Toruk     29,90

Lobster tempura, cream cheese, special sauces and salmon.

Grill salmon     19,90

Grilled salmon, cream cheese

Maki Salmon     21,90

Nori seaweed, rice, salmon.

Ebi Maki     19,90

Rice, Nori seaweed, cooked shrimp and chives.


Other exchanges generate 1,90 value per unit.


20 parts     51,90

4 Sashimi (2 Tuna, 2 Salmon)
4 Sushi (2 Salmon, 2 Skin)
2 Dyo Shake
10 Hossomaki (5 Philadelphia, 5 Tuna)

Jumbo Toruk - 30 Parts     103,90

10 Salmon Sashimi
10 Uramaki Philadelphia Special
10 Hot Philadelphia Without Rice with Chives and Teriyaki


Kentaru Toruk - 40 Parts     136,90

10 Sashimi (5 Tuna with togarashi pepper, 5 Salmon)
5 Hossomaki Philadelphia
8 Uramaki Philadelphia
6 Sushi (3 Salmon, 3 Squid)
4 Kentaru (Salmon mashed with cream cheese)
5 Hot Philadelphia
2 Dyo Rice Flakes

Special Toruk - 45 parts     146,90

5 Salmon sashimi with jaboticaba sauce
5 White fish sashimi with lemon slices and togarashi pepper
5 Octopus Sashimi in Vinaigrette Sauce
5 tuna sashimi with parmesan crust
5 Shrimp sushi with pineapple jam
5 Vietnamese Rolls (Rice leaves)
5 Dyo of grilled white fish with mango cream;
10 Temp roll.

50 parts     134,90

15 Sashimi (5 Tuna, 5 Salmon, 5 White Fish)
20 Rolls (10 Uramaki Philadelphia, 10 Hot Mix)
10 Sushi (2 Skin, 5 Salmon, 3 Tuna)
5 Dyo Shake

52 parts     146,90

22 Sashimi (10 Salmon, 7 Tuna, 5 Hadock)
20 Rolls (10 Special Ebitem, 10 Hot Philadelphia)
10 Dyo (5 Kale, 5 Shrimp)

70 parts     196,90

20 Sashimi (10 salmon, 5 tuna, 5 white fish)
30 Rolls (10 Hots, 10 Salmon Grill, 10 Special Skin)
10 Sushi (5 Salmon, 2 Tuna, 3 Skin)
10 Dyo Kale

My combo     3,90 per part

Create your combo with at least 15 parts
Only salmon

Only salmon - 20 parts     54,90

4 Salmon Sashimi
4 Sushi
2 Dyo Shake
10 Salmon Hossomaki

Only salmon - 30 parts     83,90

8 Salmon Sashimi
10 Salmon Sushi
10 Hossomaki Philadelphia
2 Dyo Kale

Only salmon - 40 parts     124,90

10 Salmon Sashimi
20 Rolls Rosted Philadelphia Salmon
6 Salmon Sushi
4 Dyo Almonds

Only salmon - 45 parts     139,90

15 Sashimi (10 Salmon, 5 Roast Salmon)
10 Uramaki Philadelphia
10 Dyo (5 Kale, 5 Pepper Jelly)
10 Hot Tartar

Only salmon - 50 parts     156,90

15 Salmon Sashimi
20 Rolls (10 Uramaki Philadelphia, 10 Hot Mix)
10 Salmon Sushi
5 Dyo Shake

Only salmon - 52 parts     159,90

20 Salmon Sashimi
20 Hot Rolls Philadelphia
10 Dyo (5 Kale, 5 Shrimp)

Only salmon - 70 parts     219,90

20 Salmon Sashimi
30 Rolls (10 Hot Philadelphia, 10 Salmon Grill, 10 Salmon Skin)
10 Salmon Sushi
10 Dyo Kale


Option of dish without rice with extra.


Tuna     21,90

Rice, tuna, chives and sesame

Salmon     28,90

Rice, salmon, chives and sesame.

California     18,90

Rice, kanni, cucumber and mango

Breaded shrimp     27,90

Rice, seaweed, breaded shrimp, cream cheese and teriyaki

Special Doritos     24,90

Rice, seaweed, grilled salmon, shrimp, cream cheese, doritos

Philadelphia Hot     28,90

Rice, seaweed, salmon, chives, cream cheese, sesame and panko flour.

Philadelphia     26,90

Rice, salmon, chives, cream cheese and sesame

Haddock     26,90

Rice, seaweed, haddock, chives, cream cheese, sesame.

Crispy Poached Salmon     24,90

Rice, salmon, cream cheese, garlic crisp

Skin     18,90

Rice, seaweed, grilled salmon skin, chives, teriyaki sauce.

Supreme Shrimp     25,90

Rice, shrimp in butter with broccoli and cream cheese.

toruk     22,90

Rice, salmon, shrimp, tuna, kani, cream cheese, chives, in harumaki pasta

Warrior     24,90

Rice, salmon, sesame, nirá and shimeji.

Temaki Gourmet

Option of dish without rice with extra.


Ebi Crock     62,90

Rice, shrimp breaded, cream cheese, chives, salmon, pepper jelly and teriyaki sauce.

Philadelphia     69,90

Rice, cream cheese, chives, salmon, pepper jelly and teriyaki sauce.

Fit Succulent     62,90

Rice, vegetables sauteed in butter, shrimp, cream cheese, pepper and salmon jelly.

Shake Grill     69,90

Rice, cream cheese, chives, pepper jelly and grilled salmon.



Meat or chicken     29,90 (300g) - 38,90 (500g)


Shrimp     32,90 (300g) - 42,90 (500g)

Mix     31,90 (300g) - 41,90 (500g)

Seafood - Shrimp, squid and octopus, salmon     32,90 (300g) - 42,90 (500g)


Vegetables     24,90 (300g) - 32,90 (500g)

Salmon     34,90 (300g) - 44,90 (500g)

Hot dishes


Crisp Beef     66,90

Fillet mignon, rice with mushrooms and nira, strips of carrot in sweet and sour sauce.

Thai Seafood Moqueca     71,90

Seafood (shrimp, octopus, white fish) with curry sauce, ground banana roasted banana, rice with pupunha to coconut milk and mango cubes.

Grilled Shiromi     56,90

Shiromi grilled to the vegetable bed with wasabi cream, lemon zest and garlic clove.

Tuna with Pupunha     56,90

Tuna in coconut and parmesan crust, pupunha spaghetti, tomato chutney and baroa straw.

Filé Sumizô     58,90

Mignon to the point, shimeji and panko farofa, edamame puree, togarashi, drizzled with miso sauce.

Maguro Crunch     45,90

Tuna in teriyaki sauce and herb oil, broccoli, carrot strips.

Tuna Medallion     49,90

Semi-grilled tuna, yam puree, passion fruit Thai sauce with shitake and cabbage crisp.

Mignon White     58,90

Mignon with tofu sauce with grana padano and wild mushroom ragu.

Salmon with mango     52,90

Semi grilled salmon, vegetable sauté, mango cream and garlic crisp poró spicy.

Black Salmon Toruk     67,90

Semi grilled salmon with ponzo sauce, black rice and wild mushrooms.

Shiromi with Ragu     55,90

Grilled day white fish, ground banana, gratin asparagus, crawfish ragu, herbal oil and balsamic reduction.



Harumaki Gourmet Mace     18,90

Gourmet caramel-green apple Harumaki, with pecan nuts and cinnamon cream - (2 Units).

Banana Flambée     22,90

Banana flambé, half bitter chocolate, para cashew crumble, cream ice cream with ganache.

Browníe with Ice cream     17,90


Caramel Toruk     16,70

Caramelized banana with sesame, mint and ice cream.
Harumaki Sweet - 4 units

Banana with cinnamon     11,90


Chocolate | Milk sweet     13,90

Romeo and Juliet     12,90



Budweiser     9,90

Heineken, Stella Artois and Corona     11,90


Praya     14,90

Witbier Style

Water / gas / tonic     6,90

Natural coconut water     13,90

Express check-in / check-out     5,50

H2O     7,90

Mate     6,90

Soft Drinks     6,90

Coca-Cola | Coca-cola zero | Guaraná | Guaraná zero | Sprite

Schwepps Citrus     6,90


Swiss Lemonade     12,90

400 ml

Pineapple juice     12,90

400 ml

Passion fruit juice     12,90

400 ml

Doses and Cups





ABSOLUT DOSE     20,90

DOSE CIROC     24,90



DOSE HAVANA CLUB 3     18,90












RED WINE TACTO     24,90


Bowl Abrigitte Rosé Wine     28,90



Jack cream     28,90

Jack Daniel's whiskey, strawberry, lemon, mint and cocoa cream.

Cucumber Sour Mix     20,90

Sake, Japanese cucumber, orange and lemon.

Abrolhos Vodka     22,90

Vodka, cashew, lychee and lemon juice.

Basil Frozen     21,90

Sake, basil and lemon juice.

Toruk Special Tonic Gin     29,90

Gin, ginger, cashew, handmade rosemary syrup, lemon juice and tonic water.
Drinks Toruk

Hibiscus     28,90

Gin, lemongrass, cashew, hibiscus tea, ginger and lemon.

Infusion     21,90

Vodka, passion fruit, lemon, tabasco and vanilla syrup.

Ginger fresh     29,90

Gin, aperol, cashew, lemongrass, citrus foam, ginger, lemon, passion fruit and tangerine.

Hulk Toruk     28,90

Vodka, coconut water, cardamom, lemon, kiwi, grape, orange and coconut foam.

Meiji     20,90

Sake, roasted sesame crust, sesame oil, basil, strawberry and balsamic vinegar.

Iwasaki     22,90

Sake, smoked cinnamon, hibiscus tea, lychee and lemon syrup.

Spritz Watermelon     32,90

Sparkling wine, carbonated water, watermelon and watermelon syrup.

Lampião     21,90

Vodka, cashew, lemon and northeastern pepper syrup.

Flourishing     25,90

Sake, mandarin with lemongrass and passion fruit.

Love night     26,90

Sake, berries and sugar.

Lichia Romana     20,90

Vodka, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, rosemary syrup and lychee syrup.

Citrus grove     20,90

Sake, pineapple, green apple syrup and lemon juice.

Expresso Martine     23,90

Vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur.

One More     20,90

Vodka, strawberry, passion fruit, lemon juice and basil.

Bali     23,90

Sake, watermelon, pineapple, watermelon syrup, lemon juice and ginger.

Michelada     22,90

Beer, lemon juice, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Negroni     31,90

Gin, Campari, Vermouth and orange.

Aperol Spritz     32,90

Sparkling wine, Aperol, carbonated water and orange.

Manhattan     31,90

Jack Daniel's whiskey, Vermouth and cherry.

Dry Martini     31,90

Gin, Vermouth Dry and olive.

Mojito     25,90

Rum, mint, lemon juice and carbonated water.

Gin Tonic     28,90

Gin, cashew, ginger, lemon juice, tonic water and mint.

Moscow Mule     28,90

Vodka, lemon juice, ginger and ginger foam.

Margarita     27,90

Tequila, lemon juice, orange liqueur and salt.

Cosmopolitan     27,90

Vodka, cranberry juice, lemon juice and orange liqueur.

Apple Martini     29,90

Vodka, apple syrup, lemon juice and orange liqueur.

Pina Colada     25,90

Rum, pineapple and coconut milk.

Caipirinha     24,90

Options: Lemon, passion fruit, strawberry and cashew.

National Caipivodka     21,90

Options: Lemon, lychee and red fruits.

CAIP Absolut     28,90

Absolut Vodka.
Options: Lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, lychee, red fruits and mandarin.

Caip Ciroc     32,90

Ciroc Vodka.
Options: Lemon, strawberry, passion fruit, lychee, red fruits and mandarin.

Caip Sake     27,90

Options: Lemon, passion fruit, strawberry and cashew.

Caip Daniel's     29,90

Jack Daniel's Whiskey
Options: Passion Fruit and Lemon.

Cuba Libre     20,90

Bacardi Rum Carta Gold, Coca-Cola and lemon.

Raspberry Gin     26,90

Gin, blackberry, lemon and tonic water.

Wild Africa Cream - Cup     20,00

South Africa

Carta de Sakê

Yasmin Yonashiro - Consultora e sommeliere de sake com diploma do SSI do Japão (KIKISAKE-SHI)

Dourado Azuma Kirin     89,90

Garrafa 740ml.
Daiginjo - Super Premium

Yauemon Junmai Daiginjo "SHU - AWA"     210,00

Adocicado, refrescante, frutado, levemente turvo com gaseificação natural. Garrafa 500ml
Ginjo Premium

Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo     110,00

Sake da maior produtora de sake do Japão, produzido com miyamizu (água dos deuses) premium, levemente seco, aroma frutado. Garrafa 300ml
Junmai Premium

Hakutsuru Junmai Draft     98,00

Junmai pasteurizado somente uma vez. Leve, refrescante e equilibrado. Garrafa 300ml

Hakutsuru Junmai Nigori "Sayuri"     118,00

Sake refrescante, cremoso, saboroso, e adocicado, harmoniza muito bem com pratos com teriyaki. Garrafa 300ml.

Hakutsuru Junmai Tenga Gold     298,00

Sake super especial com flocos de ouro. Saboroso, persistente e equilibrado. Garrafa 720ml.

Hakutsuru Awayuki Sparkling     98,00

Sake refrescante, adocicado com acréscimo de gás. Lembra um leve espumante doce. Garrafa 300ml.

Carta de Vinhos


BOSSA BRUT N/S     90,00

100% Chardonnay - Brasil (12,5% Vol).

BOSSA ROSE N/S     90,00

Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon e Merlot - Brasil (12% Vol).


Glera, Trebbiano e Verduzzo - Itália (11% Vol).


75% Chardonnay e 25% Pinot Noir - Brasil
Vinhos Rosé

Vinho Abrigitte Rosé     109,90

75% Grenache , 25% Lichia e Grapefruit - França (8,5% Vol).

SANTA ALEGRA ROSE 2017     80,00

100% Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile (12,5% Vol).

CLAUDE VAL ROSE 2017     98,00

50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault e 20% Syrah - França (12% Vol).
Vinhos Brancos

BARONE MONTALTO 2017     95,00

100% Pinot Grigio - Itália (12% Vol).

VISTAMAR BRISA 2018     98,00

Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - Chile (13% Vol).

ALGAIREN MACABEO 2017     95,00

Espanha (13,5 Vol).

VINA VASTA BRANCO 2016     80,00

Verdejo e Viura - Espanha (11,5% Vol).

LAS MORAS 2017     80,00

100% Chardonnay - Argentina (12,5% Vol).


100% Sauvignon Blanc - Argentina

CLAUDE DU VAL BLANC 2016     98,00

35% Grenache Blanc, 25% Vermentino, 15% Chasan, 10% Mauzac, 10% Sauvignon Blanc e 5% Chenin Blanc - França (13% Vol)


45% Malvasia fina, 30% Cercial, 15% Bical, 10% Encruzado - Portugal (13% Vol).
Vinhos Tintos


100% Montepulciano - Itália.

VINA VASTA TINTO 2015     80,00

Tempranillo, Merlot e Syrah - Espanha (12,5% Vol).

MANCURA ETNIA 2017     75,00

100% Merlot - Chile.


100% Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile (13% Vol).

VENTOUX DELAS 2017     140,00

80% Garnache, 20% Syrah - França (14,5% Vol).

CIRCUS MALBEC 2017     85,00

100% Malbec - Argentina

MUCHO MÁS CARMENERE 2017     75,00

100% Carménère - Chile (13% Vol).

LEYDA PINOT NOIR 2017     125,00

100% Pinot Noir - Chile.

PAUL MAS SYRAH 2016     135,00

100% Syrah - França (13% Vol).

MILUNA ROSSO 2017     80,00

45% Malvasia Nero, 45% Negroamaro e 10% Sangiovese - Itália.


60% Jean, 20% Touriga Nacional, 15% Alfrocheiro e 5% Tinta Roriz - Portugal (13% Vol).

Happy Hour

Tuesday to Sunday - 18pm to 20pm

Drinks (50% discount)

BALI     11,95

Sake, watermelon, pineapple, watermelon syrup, lemon juice and ginger.

Ginger     13,95

Gin, ginger syrup, lemon juice, tonic water and hibiscus tea.

Mojito     12,95

Rum, mint, lemon juice and carbonated water.

MOSCOW MULE     14,45

Vodka, lemon juice, ginger and ginger foam.


Tequila, hibiscus tea, lemon, pineapple and citrus foam.
Exclusive Happy Hour promotions

SASHIMI SALMON (5 Un)     9,90

From 18,90 to 9,90.

Hot Philadelphia (10 Un)     16,90

From 23,90 to 16,90.


Rua Inhangá, 7, Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 18:00 to 00:00.
Saturday to Sunday: 12:00 to 16:00 | 18:00 to 00:00.



Payment methods:

Master (Credit and Debit)
Visa (Credit and Debit)
American Express
Elo (Credit and Debit)

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