Trattoria da Rosario

Trattoria da Rosario

Less sophisticated than a restaurant and more elaborate than a canteen is the cuisine of an Italian Trattoria. Usually a space neither large nor small with tables covered with a checkered tablecloth with a candle in the center. This is how the Trattoria da Rosario was born, in April 2003, in a small store in Fashion Park, on IQ 17 on the south lake. On the stove, recipes that combine flavor and simplicity have become the hallmark of the house. The success came immediately and in a short time, the environment doubled and gained refined air until the neighboring store wandered and there, yes, a deep renovation allowed the expansion of Trattoria with the look of a restaurant.

In 2013 when it turned 10, Trattoria Da Rosario, often awarded 10 years at Veja, 3 years at Gula, 3 years Guia Quatro Rodas, launched a special menu made up of the most requested dishes throughout its history.




All entries serve two people

Antipasto Italy
Parma ham, Italian mortadella, cheese Bel Paese, Grana Padano cheese and black olives
Antipasto Italy
Parma ham, Italian mortadella, cheese Bel Paese, Grana Padano cheese and black olives
Bruschette al Pomodoro
Toast with Italian San Marzano tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella and Grana Padano.
Carpaccio di Carne
Beef carpaccio with mustard sauce, Grana Padano shavings and arugula. Toast up with olive oil and herbs
Carpaccio di Carne con Carciofini Carpaccio of beef with mustard sauce, artichoke blades and Grana Padano
Toast up with olive oil and herbs.
Insalata del Golfo mixed green leaves salad with shrimp to herb sauce, squid and octopus
Insalata dello Chef
Salad mixed green leaves, tomato persimmon, slivers of Grana Padano, mozzarella and mustard and herb sauce.
Caprese Salad
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato persimmon, basil and arugula, with sauce pesto.
Melanzana Napoletana
Eggplant gratin in the oven with mozzarella with Italian tomato sauce ?? San Marzano ?? and grana padano.
Prosciutto di San Daniele Riserva
Bread basket


Capellini Riviera
With Italian San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms paris and Cameroon chopped
Fettuccine dello Chef
With porcini mushroom sauce and fresh paris and Three shrimp to sauce Fine herbs.
Fettuccine del Pescatore
With garlic, olive oil, capers, olives, octopus and squid
Fettuccine con Salsiccia di Cinghiale
With sauce of porcini mushrooms, fresh paris and wild boar sausage
Fettuccine Cinque Terre
With gorgonzola cream, chopped shrimp and asparagus stir-fry
Fettuccine al Pesto Genovese
With basil, pine nuts, olive oil and Italian cheese.
Fettuccine con Gamberi and Salvia
With butter, sage and Four prawns
Linguine Golfo di Napoli
With Italian San Marzano tomato sauce, octopus, squid and two shrimp
Linguine con Baccalà
Shredded cod with garlic and olive oil, capers and basil.
Linguine alla Puttanesca
With Italian San Marzano tomato sauce, olives, anchovies and capers.
Pennette Vesuvio
with Italian San Marzano tomato sauce, sauteed eggplant, mozzarella
Pomodoro e Basilico
With Italian San Marzano tomato sauce and basil
Spaghetti Carbonara to
Bacon, egg yolk and Grana Padano
Spaghetti alla Bolognese
Pasta bolognese

PASTE Fresche

Gnocchi con Spinaci and Gorgonzola
Gnocchi of potatoes creamed spinach and gorgonzola
Gnocchi Mediterranean
Gnocchi of potatoes with cod, Cherry Tomato, basil, olives, capers and olive oil
Gnocchi Alla Mantovana
Gnocchi of potatoes pumpkin and gorgonzola cream with crispy Parma ham
Ravioli di Bel Paese in Salsa di Funghi e Piselli
Ravioli stuffed with cheese bel paese with mushroom sauce, ham, peas and arugula
Ravioli Capri
Ravioli stuffed with cheese bel paese white sauce, arugula and shrimp


Risotto Golfo di Napoli
Risotto with squid, octopus, shrimp and fresh tomato
Risotto di Zucca, Gamberi and Pesto
Risotto with pumpkin, parma ham, Grana Padano cheese, pesto and shrimp
Risotto al funghi
Risotto with porcini mushroom sauce, fresh Grana Padano and paris


Filetto Palio di Siena
Filet Mignon to Madeira sauce and red wine with cheese risotto Grana Padano and dried tomatoes
Saltimboca alla Romana
Escalope de Filet Mignon with Parma ham and sage, the Marsala wine sauce with fettuccine Alfredo
Scaloppe alla Pizzaiola
Escalope de Filet Mignon with fresh tomato and Italian San Marzano tomato sauce. Spaghetti joined on own Italian tomato sauce
Bismarck con Gnocchi di Bel Paese
Filet Mignon crust onion, peas and prosciutto on Marsala wine sauce. Gnocchi accompanied the alfredo sauce
Polpetone al Forno
Polpetone Roast the oven With Tomato Sauce Italian spaghetti Accompanied at the very Italian tomato sauce
Petto d ?? Anatra in salsa di Rosmarino
Grilled duck breast with rosemary sauce, accompanied by cheese risotto Grana Padano


The point of the meat is pink bloodless

Agnello Controfiletto d ??
Boneless loin of lamb in crust, the Marsala wine sauce and reduced balsamic vinegar, with black risotto, porcini mushrooms and Grana Padano
Piccata al Limone
Filet Mignon escalopes with lemon sauce, risotto with fresh asparagus
Vitello Bianco in Crust
Escalope of calf crust to the sauce of mustard fruits, risotto with porcini mushrooms Black and Grana Padano


Pesce Amalfi Coast
Fillet of grilled fish to herbal sauce, extra virgin olive oil and capers with lemon risotto
Pesce con Asparagi
Fillet of grilled fish to herbal sauce with fresh asparagus and cheese Grana Padano blades gratin
Pesce in crust
Grilled fish fillet crust of cheese and herbs drizzled in lemon molo, accompanied by spinach risotto
Baccalà Pompei
Cod Gadus morhua the oven with extra virgin olive oil, onion, tomato, accompanied by saffron risotto
Gamberi Costa Smeralda
Grilled prawns to fine herb sauce with lemon risotto
Gamberi Imperiali con Risotto di Zafferano
Grilled prawns to green pepper sauce and herbs, with saffron risotto


Creme Brulee
Cream with eggs with caramel crust
Crema di Papaya con Cassis
Papaya smoothie with vanilla ice cream
Frutta di Stagione
Papaya or pineapple
Gelato Italiano
Ice cream. Flavors: panna cotta with chocolate flakes, lemon, vanilla and yogurt
Panna cotta con Crema di Frutti di Bosco
Flan cooked fresh cream and red fruit coulis
Mousse al Cioccolato con Amaretto
Semisweet chocolate mousse to share with amaretto syrup and amarena
Petit Gateau
Small chocolate cake accompanied by vanilla ice cream
Pave with champagne biscuit, coffee, mascarpone cream and chocolate


SHIS QI17 Bl.H Lj.215, South Lake

Fashion Park - Brasilia - DF

CEP 71.645-000


Lunch: 12h → 15h

Dinner: 19h → 0h



Lunch: 12h → 16h

Dinner: 19h → 0h



Lunch: 12h → 17h 

Dinner: Closed




Payment methods: Cash and cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)

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