Peppo Cucina

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Peppo Cucina

Inaugurated in September of 2004, Peppo Cucina mixes sophistication and informality. Created and commanded by the couple Andréa Martins and Pedro Hoffmann, the restaurant became a meeting point for lovers of good gastronomy in Porto Alegre, bringing together modern and traditional diners with its varied menu.


A place - In the heart of the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood, in a house built in the 50 decade the climate is bare and cozy. The restoration and preservation of the interior, the exposed brickwork, the furniture and the natural fabrics blend the old and the contemporary, creating an inviting atmosphere.


One dish - With Italian inspiration the restaurant promises to please from traditional to the most daring of palates with unusual combinations. Bittersweet sauces, pasta stuffed with spices and risottos with game meat are some daring of Peppo's menu.


A spice - Dinners, lunches, cocktails and business meetings have different treatment and special menus in the restaurant environment or at the Scantinato di Peppo event space in the basement of the restaurant.


A wine - The wine list has the best of nationals and imported wines, preserved in wine cellar. Adapted in an old closet with a capacity of 900 bottles, the charming Peppo Cucina's cellar guarantees the perfect combination of wine and meal.


A pleasure - ideal setting for happy hour, lunch or an informal dinner, integrates the garden environment with the warmth of the interior of the house. The deck allows you to enjoy the outdoor climate with great comfort.


A souvenir - A way to remember the pleasant moments and unforgettable flavors of the restaurant, taking home more than a simple souvenir, a piece of art worthy of being collected: the Plate of Good Remembrance.


Monday to Friday, from 11h30 to 14h30

Lunches 38,90

Couvert + entrée + main course
+ Wine glass (100ml) 48,90

Executive Lunch with Fillet 54,00

Couvert + entree + main course (fillet medallion 120g)
+ Wine glass (100ml) R $ 63,00
Saturdays and Holidays, from 12h to 16h

Special Suggestions 49,90

Lunch + Dessert
+ Wine glass (100ml) R $ 58,90

Covered -

Homemade bread and butter

Antipasto -

Special of the Day
Piatto Principale

Linguine with Salmone

Salmon in chips and dried tomatoes, lemon sauce, Dijon mustard and cream

Penne Al Profumo Di Finocchio

Penne with fillet baits, sour cream, parmesan cheese and fennel

Penne Alla Italiana

Penne with fillet baits, tomato sauce and basil

Risotto Allo Zafferano Della Terra

Italian rice, fillet baits, earth turmeric, touch of brandy and rosemary

Risotto Di Carne Secca With Zucca -

Italian rice, sliced ​​beef, cabbage pumpkin and cabbage butter

Chicken with Polenta Al Pomodori -

Grilled chicken breast, accompanied by soft polenta with mascarpone and tomato sauce. * Option with fillet

Entrecote With Asparagi Risotto

Grilled entrecote, accompanied by asparagus risotto. * Option with fillet

Entrecote With Risotto Di Pomodori Secchi -

Grilled entrecote, accompanied by risotto of dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and arugula. * Option with steak

Filetto Di Pesce Alla Toscana -

Fillet of Saint Peter grilled, accompanied by lightly toasted vegetables, onion in the olive oil to the oven, garlic and sicilian lemon confit. * Option with steak

Filetto Di Pesce Al Cartoccio -

Fillet of Saint Peter grilled, accompanied by fresh peas, asparagus and mushrooms to the wine, enveloped in foil

Filetto Di Pesce With Sicilian Risotto -

Fillet of Saint Peter grilled, accompanied by Sicilian lemon risotto. * Option with steak

Filetto De Pesce Summer -

Fillet of Saint Peter grilled with herbs sauce, accompanied by a mix of leaves with cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes. * Choice of steak, chicken and steak

Peppo Bar

Bruschettas ?? 6 drives 29,00

Raw ham and brie cheese; Fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan; Gorgonzola cheese paste and buffalo mozzarella

Steak Tartare 47,00

Minced raw filet mignon, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cucumber, capers and purple onion, served with mix of leaves

Tartare di Salmone 56,00

Minced raw salmon, lemon juice, mustard, mayonnaise, capers, purple onion and extra-virgin olive oil, served with a mix of leaves

Carpaccio 35,00

Sliced ​​raw meat, parmesan, lemon, capers and olive oil

Carpaccio di Salmone 39,60

Sliced ​​raw salmon, lemon, pepper, olive oil and capers

Camembert al Forno * served with toasts 47,00

With honey and crushed almonds / with blackberry and pepper jelly


Fresh * zero option 35,00

* Gin Tanqueray
* Tea of ​​Hortela twings, Sicilian lemon juice, fresh mint, tonic

Gin Rosmarino * option zero 35,00

* Gin Tanqueray
Tonic, Rosemary and Sicilian Lemon

Aperol Spritz 26,00

Aperol, sparkling wine and sparkling water

Havana 26,00

Vodka, sparkling, strawberry and mint

Margherita 24,00

Tequila, lemon juice and triple cure

Dry Martini 24,00

Gin and dry vermouth

Gin Tonic 27,00

* Seagers, tonic

Negroni 24,00

Campari, vermouth rosso and gin

Negroni Sbagliato 26,00

Campari, vermouth rosso and sparkling wine

Unusual Negroni 28,00

Campari, vermouth rosso, gin and aperol

Campari Citrus / Tonic 22,50

Campari Spritz 26,00

Campari, sparkling wine and sparkling water

Hacienda Patrón 32,60

Patrón Silver, bitter, Sicilian lemon juice and plain syrup

Special Martini Pattern 32,60

Silver pattern, dry vermouth, red vermouth and cherry liqueur

Mojito 24,00

Rum, lemon juice, mint and sugar

Boulevardier 32,50

Campari, vermouth red, bourbon whiskey and lemon Sicilian

Cosmopolitan 24,00

Vodka, cranberry, cointreau and lemon

Alice's Tea 35,00

* Gin Tanqueray
* Cha twings wild fruits, fresh strawberries, cinnamon sticks, tonic

London Dry * option zero 35,00

* Gin Tanqueray
* earl gray twings, sicilian lemon juice, rosemary, tonic


12,50 per person

Homemade breads, butter, mushrooms with wine and liver pate 12,50


Carpaccio Di Salmone 39,60

Sliced ​​raw salmon, lemon, pepper, olive oil and capers

Carpaccio Coperto Di Foglie Verdi 39,00

Carpaccio covered with green leaves

Carpaccio 35,00

Traditional entry of sliced ​​raw meat, parmesan, lemon, capers and olive oil


Insalata T 25 45,00

Garganelli salad with shrimp, arugula, buffalo mozzarella, apricot, walnuts and ground nuts, with arugula pesto sauce

Insalata With Fettine Di Filetto 35,00

Leaves, fillet baits, parmesan chips and fresh mushroom sauce

Insalata Di Pollo 35,00

Leaves, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Insalata Alla Salsa Di Senape 29,00

Leaves, parmesan flakes and special mustard, honey and natural yogurt sauce

Caprese Salad 27,00

Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, oregano, arugula and olive oil


Tagliatelle Ai Gamberi 69,30

Shrimp, dried funghi, raisins, sour cream and a touch of brandy

Garganelli colorati Al Sugo Di Agnello 69,30

Lamb chopped with vodka in wine sauce and sour cream

Garganelli Con Pollo and Funghi Secchi 59,00

Chicken baits, dried funghi, curd, brandy and sour cream

Fettuccine Ai Formaggi 59,00

Cheeses with sour cream

Fettuccine Ai Funghi 59,00

Funghi dry, fresh mushrooms, sour cream and a touch of cognac. * Light option without cream

Tortiglioni Allo Zaferano Della Terra 59,00

Fillet baits, provence herbs, earth saffron, curd cheese and sour cream

Tagliatelle Alla Bufala 56,00

Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, basil and tomato sauce

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara 56,00

Bacon, black pepper, heavy cream and egg

Fettuccine All ?? amatriciana 56,00

Bacon, Calabrian, Onion and Tomato Sauce
Paste Ripiene (Average preparation time: 30 min)

Tortelloni Al Sugo D ?? agnello 69,00

Stuffed ricotta, parsnips and apricot, to lamb chopped with creamed vodka and cream

Ravioli Di Rucola and Uvetta 69,00

Stuffing of arugula, ricotta, raisins and walnuts, to the dried funghi sauce, Turkish apricot and cognac

Tortelloni Alla Crema 56,00

Stuffing of spinach, ricotta and almonds, creamed parmesan sauce


stockfish 75,00

Italian rice, cod, almonds, garlic, Portuguese olives and dried tomatoes

Shrimp 75,00

Italian rice, prawns and tomato concassé

Lamb 72,00

Italian rice, lamb, ground nut, mint and rosemary

Mushrooms 63,00

Italian rice and dry fughi


Gamberoni Al Vino Del Porto 144,00

Shrimp in port wine sauce, accompanied by polenta with arugula and parmesan flakes

Gamberoni Creamy 144,00

Shrimp in the brandy and curd sauce, accompanied by rice with pink pepper

Baccalà Gratinato 117,00

Cod placed with a touch of ham of Parma, with cream sauce, accompanied by potatoes, onions, broccoli and Portuguese olives. (On request)

Salmone Alle Fragole 79,00

Fillet of salmon covered with strawberries in balsamic sauce, accompanied by garganelli with gorgonzola sauce

Salmone Alla Belle Meunière 79,00

Salmon fillet with traditional butter sauce, capers, fresh mushrooms and shrimps, accompanied by mashed potatoes

Salmone Al Vino & Gorgonzola 78,00

Fillet of salmon flavored with white wine, with creamy gorgonzola sauce, accompanied by sautéed potatoes

Filetto Di Pesce Agli Spinaci 78,00

Fillet of fish topped with creamy spinach, accompanied by potato, carrot and pea pie

Filetto Di Pesce Al Sugo D'arancia 78,00

Fillet of fish in orange sauce with ginger, cinnamon and pink pepper, accompanied by mashed potatoes


Carré D'agnello With Risotto Ai Funghi Freschi E Secchi 92,00

Carré of grilled lamb, accompanied by risotto of fresh and dried mushrooms. (On request)

Medaglioni With Involtini Al Peppo 92,00

Filet medallions accompanied by pasta dumplings stuffed with ricotta, amendôas and raisins, to the funghi porcini sauce flambéed to the rum

Tagliata di Manzo 92,00

Sliced ​​filet mignon topped with mushrooms on bed of mini arugula, accompanied with mashed mandioquinha with almonds

Medaglioni Allegro 89,00

Fillet medallions to the funghi creamy porcini sauce with whiskey, accompanied by tortelloni stuffed with Camembert cheese, crystallized fig and ham in the butter and walnut sauce

Medaglioni Al Peppo 89,00

Filet medallions to the Uruguayan truffle sauce, accompanied by walnut risotto. (On request)

Medaglioni Profumato 83,00

Filet medallions to red wine sauce on mattress of fresh rolled mushrooms, accompanied by linguini in olive oil, mushrooms, almonds and a hint of truffled olive oil.

Medaglioni Alle Fragole 83,00

Fillet medallions covered by strawberries with balsamic sauce, accompanied by garganelli colored gorgonzola sauce

Medaglioni Alla Salsa Di Lampone 83,00

Filet medallions with raspberry sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes

Medaglioni Ai Funghi 79,00

Fillet medallions accompanied by fettuccine in the fresh mushroom sauce and dry funghi, sour cream and a touch of brandy * light option without cream of milk

Filetto Alla Parmigiana 72,00

Grilled fillet stuffed with cheese and ham, tomato sauce, gratin with mozzarella, accompanied by mashed potatoes

Medaglioni Ai Formaggi 72,00

Fillet medallions accompanied with fettuccine in cheese sauce

Filetto All ?? ancienne 72,00

Fillet flambéed with vodka, accompanied by spaghetti with mustard sauce l ?? Ancienne in grains

Spezzatino Ai Funghi Secchi e Freschi 72,00

Pork to dried funghi and fresh mushrooms, accompanied with soft polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts


Average preparation time: 30 min

Boar 99,00

Carré de boar with red wine sauce, accompanied by caramel onions and risotto of almonds. (Upon request)

Rabbit 69,00

Rabbit in white wine sauce with cream, accompanied by risotto of fresh mushrooms and Brazil nuts. (On request)


Chicken Al Miele Di Dijon 59,00

Grilled chicken breast with honey and Dijon mustard sauce, accompanied by spinach risotto

Boa Lembrança's Dish

We are part of the Association of Restaurants of Boa Lembrança. On tasting this our suggestion, you get a ceramic plate for your collection.


Filé stuffed with camembert cheese, with the Uruguayan truffle sauce, accompanied by fettuccine in the spinach sauce


Peppo Gelato 24,00

Walnut ice cream with almonds and red fruit syrup

Tiramisu 26,00

Traditional italian dessert with mascarpone, champagne biscuit, coffee, cognac and chocolate powder

Fragole Flambate With Gelato Di Vaniglia 26,00

Flambé strawberries with cream ice cream

Petit Gâteau With Gelato Di Vaniglia 26,00

Petit Gâteau with cream ice cream * options: chocolate / dulce de leche / dulce de leche with chocolate filling

Charlotte Di Cioccolato e Noci 26,00

Chocolate pie with walnuts

Banana Flambata With Gelato Di Vaniglia 26,00

Flambé banana with cream ice cream

Gelato Di Vaniglia 26,00

Cream ice cream with chocolate syrup or red fruits

Gelato Di Formaggi 24,00

Cheese ice cream with hot guava syrup

Crema Di Papaya 21,50

Papaya cream with cassis liqueur


San Pellegrino - Itália     21,50

Panna - Itália     21,50

Versant com gás - Brasil     6,50

Versant sem gás - Brasil     6,50


Fruit Caipira 24,00

Seagers - Azuma Kirin - Bacardi - Ypioca

Kyr Royal 26,00

Sparkling wine and cream of cassis

Bellini 26,00

Peach juice and sparkling wine

Tequila Sunrise 24,00

Tequila, orange juice and Grenadine

Summer sun 24,00

Sparkling wine, vodka, pineapple juice and Mandarineto

Fri On The Beach 24,00

St. Remy, vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice and currant syrup

Gin Fizz 24,00

Gin, lemon, sugar and club soda

Blue Lagoon 21,50

Blue curacao, gin and lemonade soda

Piña Colada 24,00

Rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream

Fruit Cocktail 24,00

Pineapple, orange, grape, mango and passion fruit juice

Margherita 26,00

Tequila, lemon juice and triple centuries cure

Negroni 24,00

Campari, vermouth rosso and gin

Bloody Mary 26,00

Tomato juice, vodka, salt, pepper and English sauce

Alexander 26,00

Cream of milk, cream of cocoa and cognac

Dry Martini 26,00

Gin and dry vermouth

Mojito 26,00

Rum, lemon juice, mint and sugar

Gin Tonic 27,00

Gin and tonic

Soft Drinks

Sodas 7,00

Natural juices 9,00

Grape Juice of the Place 16,00


Espresso 6,00

Tea 7,00

Vino Del Porto - Cálice

Graham’s 10 Years Old Tawny - W. & J. Graham’s     54,00


Graham’s Six Grapes - W. & J. Graham’s     41,00


Graham’s Fine Ruby - W. & J. Graham’s     26,00


Graham’s Fine Tawny - W. & J. Graham’s     26,00


Statement Tawny     18,00

Statement Ruby     18,00

Statement White     18,00

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Rua Dona Laura, 161

Moinhos de Vento

Porto Alegre/RS

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12h to 16h

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