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The ingredients of the Navigator's dishes have soul, history.

Our recipes, identity and flavor. We have chosen small producers of family agriculture from many states in Brazil, not only because these products are handcrafted, with special care, but also because we support the economy of our country, help preserve the environment and reduce rural exodus.

From the organic vegetables of Brejal and Itaipava, in the Serra Fluminense, to the special cassava flour of Pará and Santa Catarina, traditional cheeses from Minas Gerais, the Serra do Salitre and the Canastra, our food is chosen with the utmost attention. We know who produces them and visits their lands. This is our way of bringing health, pleasure and a moment of happiness to you.

Have a great lunch!

Teresa Corção

A youngest sister of a family of six children by writer Gustavo Corção, Teresa Corção was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at 1955. A graduate of Visual Programming at the renowned St Martin School of Arts in London, she changed her career at 1981 by joining Margarida Corção to coordinate the cuisine of the restaurant "O Navegador", where Teresa is the owner and executive chef.

From there he took courses at international culinary schools such as The Culinary Institute of America, The French Culinary Institute. At 2001 she joined the international Slow Food movement, which led her to start a change in the scope of her work, focusing on the socio-environmental influence of the world of food. At 2007, he founded the Maniva Institute, an NGO that pioneered gastronomy as an instrument of social transformation.

Our Producers


House's Couvert 15

Cheese Bread The Navigator with organic sprinkles, half-salted cheese from Serra do Salitre, assorted grissinis of manioc, butter, toasted bread with zaatar, organic whole ciabatta made in the house, foie pâté with homemade jelly, extra virgin olive oil from Brazilian producers and sustainable caldinho of the day
Producers: 2 - 9 - 10 - 16 - 22

Our Daily Dishes

Monday 72

Fish skewer of the day sauteed and roasted in extra virgin olive oil, Amazonian couscous of flour water, moqueca sauce and spaghetti of roasted vegetables.
Producers: 215 - 28

Tuesday 72

Pork rib of Ecochef Ana Ribeiro marinated in white wine with ginger, cooked and roasted in molasses and mustard. Served on tropeiro of bean of the time, bacon, sausage, banana silver, hickory eggs, flour of water and organic cabbage.
Producers: 2 - 7 - 15

Wednesday 72

Cooked organic vegetables from the season, egg hickory, produced by the farmers of the State of Rio de Janeiro, with meats, sausages and pirão of cassava flour sprinkled from Santa Catarina.
Producers: 2 - 7 - 14

Thursday 72

Torta Capixaba from Regina Barbosa, traditional recipe of cod stew, prawns, palmito, onion, garlic, green odor, coriander, artisanal colorau, extra virgin olive oil, topped with egg shells, served in the Goiabeiras pan, Espírito Santo, patrimony immaterial Brazilian. It accompanies white rice and flour of copioba toast.
Producers: 3 - 7 - 17 - 25 - 28

Friday 72

Feijoada traditional bean of the time, meats, assorted sausages assorted from eve, served with farofa onion, crackers, orange slices and organic cabbage in extra virgin olive oil. It accompanies white rice and organic pepper sauce from the house.
Producers: 2 - 17 - 28

Main Dishes

SOS - Organic & Sustainable Salad of the Week 37

Made with fresh vegetables, roasted organic vegetables from the producers of the Carioca Circuit of Organic Fairs (CCFO) and seasonal fruits, cheese from local small producers, organic honey vinaigrette.
Producers: 1 - 2 - 5 - 10

SOS - Organic & Sustainable Salad of the Week 62

With organic chicken fillet, marinated in the saffron of the earth and sauteed in the gravy or gravlax of cured salmon in the house
Producers: 9 - 23

Handmade Cheese Omelet and Organic Mushrooms 37

Organic egg omelet, handmade half-curd cheese mix, organic mushrooms, confit tomatoes, pepper finger touch of girl and green smell. Accompanies herbs and organic leaves.
Producers: 2 - 7 - 10

Flor de Nhoque de Ricota and Brazilian Cheeses. 52

Light gnocchi made with ricotta and handmade half-curd cheese and herbs from the season, to the baked tomato sauce with the touch of pesto.
Producers: 2 - 10 - 28

Carbonara OLVG 62

Pupunha spaghetti with creamy egg yolk , white sauce, cream, cured cheese, dehydrated black olives and fresh Paris mushrooms.
Producers: 3 - 5 - 7 - 10

Tutu from Farm 62

Bean tutu made with artisanal flour sprinkled from Santa Catarina, topped with tomatoes, onion, leek and celery sauce, with egg roasted in the butter and crisp of organic cabbage from Minas Gerais.
Producers: 2 - 7 - 17

Tuna, Sesame & Organic Salad 73

Fillet of fresh tuna, lightly grilled, with sesame crust of two colors, teriyaki sauce, green salad with wassabi peas, hijiki algae caramelated in macrobiotic shoyo and orange, carrot and ginger vinaigrette.
Producers: 2 - 30

Fish Of Bragança 78

Fish of the day sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, Amazonian couscous of flour water, moqueca sauce and spaghetti of roasted vegetables.
Producers: 12 - 15 - 28

Chestnut Fish with Brazilian Chestnut 73

Fish fillet of the day with crunchy mix of Brazil nuts, cashew nut and barú. It comes with roasted organic vegetables, white carrot mashed and garlic.
Producers: 19 - 24 - 31

Spatzle of potatoes, herbs and vegetables 62

German homemade mini gnocchi. Accompanies vegetables and vegetables of the day baked
Producers: 2 - 3

Terra Brasilis 73

Fish of the day grilled in the extra virgin olive oil, served on banana puree with cassava, pupunha palm hearts, sautéed in olive oil and tomato cubes confit.
Producers: 3 - 21 - 28

Fish to the Crisp of Poró 73

Fish of the day sautéed in olive oil, reduction of sparkling wine, leek sauce, sour cream, shrimp butter and cherry tomato confit. Serves with turmeric rice.
Producers: 2 - 23 - 27 - 28

"Moqueca Paraense" in a little pan 73

Fish of the day, shrimp (big sized), onion, garlic, tomato, coriander, extra virgin olive oil, organic egg, artisanal "tucupi", chestnut milk . It accompanies white rice and pyramid of flour sprinkled from "Palhoça, Santa Catarina".
Producers: 2 - 7 - 15 - 28

Black Octopus Rice and Broccoli 75

Octopus, tomato, touch of cheese half curd, black rice, served on broccoli cream.
Producers: 2 - 10

Cod in the Manioc Cloud 84

Cod confit in the extra virgin olive oil in bed of garlic, bay and onion, served on confit tomato sauce, black olives and capers, musseline of cassava, aiolli sauce organic eggs and cherry tomatoes confit.
Producers: 7 - 28

Spaghetti with pear seafood 88

Seafood from the State of Rio de Janeiro, sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, shrimp butter, touch of white wine and sour cream, cherry tomato confit, spaghetti peach and basil pesto.
Producers: 2 - 3 - 27 - 28 - 29

Portuguese Duck Rice 71

Traditional Portuguese recipe with roasted organic duck, rice cooked in the duck sauce with carrots, cabbage, paio and bay, covered with thin slices of smoked organic duck.
Producers: 2 - 6

Piccadilly to the Navigator 69

Fillet cut into the knife in small cubes, bacon, sauce of the own meat and touch of coriander. It accompanies farofa of onion of copioba flour, garlic, fried banana, poached egg, white rice and bean stew.
Producers: 7 - 17 - 21

Dry Meat to Our Fashion 62

Dried and sauteed beef, covered with onion rings, fried cassava, on pumpkin cream, rice and beans.
Producers: 2

Our Filé au Poivre 75

Classic filet mignon with black pepper in grains and slow cooking sauce of the own meat, flambé in aged artisanal cachaça. Accompany mashed potatoes and roasted garlic.
Producers: 8


Small steaks of mignon, sautéed in butter, French fries in olive oil, rice, beans and onions "farofa".
Producers: 17

Beef Moqueca 95

Small beef steaks, sautéed onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and coriander, with touch of coconut milk. It accompanies palm farofa and dry shrimp, coconut beans. We are part of the Good Remembrance Restaurant Association. While savoring our suggestion, you get a ceramic dish for your collection
Producers: 2 - 17 - 18

PANC Pork Meat 69

Beef made from the sun in the house, with onions, pickled herbs and PANC accompanying farofa bolão and salad of organic tomatoes.
Producers: 2 - 15


Our desserts are all made in the house or bought from artisan producers. Ask for the cart and consult your waiter. 18



Arte Tradicional Brüt Rosé 2014 750ml     110,00

Casa Valduga

Chandon Brüt 750ml     118,00

Chandon Brasil

Terroir d’ Effervecence Gaspar Desurmont 750ml     110,00


Cava Pinot Noir MIM Orgânico 750ml     130,00

Marques de Gelidas

Impérial Brüt L.V.M.H 750ml     260,00

Moet Chandon



Alvarinho Deu La Deu 750ml     132,00

Sociedade Vinícola de Monção

Cambra, Loureiro DOC 750ml     81,00

Adega Coperativa Vale de Cambra



Faces do Brasil Rose de Pinot Noir 750ml     81,00

Lidio Carraro

Terroir de Rosé Gaspar Desurmont 750ml     92,00


Rosé de Setubal 750ml     80,00

Setubal Adega de Pegões



Faces do Brasil Chardonnay 750ml     81,00

Lidio Carraro

Terroir de Blanc - Gaspar Desurmont 750ml     92,00


Chardonnay Bourgogne 750 ml     220,00

Joseph Drouhin

Bispado Douro Carm 750 ml     88,00

Vinha do Bispado

Alamos Chardonnay 750ml     110,00

Nicolas Catena

Pinot Grigio e Torrontés 750ml     138,00

Masi Tupungato

Gran Feudo Chardonnay 750ml     180,00

Gran Feudo

Insigne Sauvignon Blanc 750ml     110,00

Viña Carmen

Amayna Sauuvignon Blanc 750ml     179,00

Viña Garcés Silva



Villa-Lobos Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml     185,00

Casa Valduga

Faces do Brasil Merlot Serra Gaucha 750ml     85,00

Lidio Carraro

Da’Divas Pinot Noir Encruzilhada do Sul 750ml     120,00


Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml     226,00

Viña Montes

Insigne Carmenère 750ml     110,00

Viña Carmen

Premier 1850 Merlot 750ml     162,00


Alamos Syrah 750ml     110,00

Nicolas Catena

DV Catena Malbec-Malbec 750ml     307,00

DV Catena Cabernet/Malbec 750ml     180,00


Infinitus Tempranillo 750 ml     132,00

Cosecheros y Criadores

Château Bel Air Bordeaux 750ml     140,00

Petit Château

Côtes du Rhônes Belleruche Rouge 750ml     222,00

M. Chaoutier

Porca de Murça Reserva - Douro 750ml     107,00

Real Cia Velha

Bispado Douro Carm 750ml     88,00

Vinha do Bispado

Fata Reserva 750ml     146,00

Quinta da Fata

Lapa Selection 750ml     125,00

Tejo Quinta da Lapa

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 750ml     109,00


Chianti Reserva DOCG 750ml     160,00

Meia Garrafa 375ml / 1/4 Garrafa 187ml


Chandon Brüt 187ml     38,00

Chandon Brasil

Rose de Pinot Noir 187ml     30,00

Lidio Carraro Faces do Brasil

Chardonnay 187ml     30,00

Lidio Carraro Faces do Brasil

Encruzilhada do Sul 375ml     70,00

Da Divas Chardonnay

Alamos Chardonnay 187ml     44,00

Nicolas Catena

Alamos Sauvignon Blanc 375ml     60,00


Sauvignon Blanc 187ml     44,00

Viña Carmen

Chardonnay Classic 375ml     78,00


Merlot 2014 Serra Gaucha 187ml     30,00

Lidio Carraro Faces do Brasil

Carmenere 187ml     44,00

Viña Carmen

Merlot 187ml     44,00

Viña Carmen

Merlot 375ml     62,00

Villa Montes Cabenert Sauvignon 375ml     75,00

Viña Montes

Alamos Malbec 187ml     44,00

Nicolas Catena

Alamos Malbec 375ml     70,00

Vinho do Porto


Royal Dry Oporto 75ml (taça)     24,00

Real Cia Velha

Porto Ruby 75ml (taça)     30,00

Porto Tawny 75ml (taça)     30,00


Bohemia Long Neck 355ml     9,00

Terezopolis Gold 600ml     20,00



Cointreau 30ml (taça)     20,00


Frangelico 30ml (taça)     20,00


Quarenta e Três 30ml (taça)     20,00

África do Sul

Amarula 30ml (taça)     20,00


Cachaça da Quinta branca     20,00

dose 30ml

Cachaça Magnifica     20,00

dose 30ml

Cachaça Santa Rosa     30,00

dose 30ml

Vodka Smirnoff     12,00

dose 50ml

Vodka Absolut     16,00

dose 50ml

Run Bacardi carta Prata ou O’ro     14,00

dose 50ml


Campari     14,00

dose 50ml

Punt Mes     14,00

dose 50ml


Caipirinha 16,00

Caipiroska national 16,00

Caipiroska imported 20,00

Caipirissima 16,00


Whisky Red Label     20,00

dose 50ml

Whisky Black Label     22,00

dose 50ml


Filtered Water -


Mineral water with or without gas 5,50

330 ml

Water Salted Stones 250ml 9,00

Coconut Water 300ml 9,00

Regular or zero tonic water 350ml 6,00

Regular Ice Tea or zero 300ml 6,00

Natural juices 300ml 6,00

Regular or zero soft drinks 290ml 6,00

H2O limonetto or Lemon 500ml 7,00


Espresso 5,00

Miscellaneous tea 6,00


Avenida Rio Branco, 180 - 6º andar

Clube Naval 

Rio de Janeiro - RJ


O Navegador é parceiro do MANIVA.

Phone: (21) 2262-6037

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Monday to Friday

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* Remembering that the restrictions are not of the Restaurant The Navigator but of the Naval Club. *

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