restaurant Oliver

Restaurante Oliver

Contemporary. Rustic. Sophisticated. Excellent varied cuisine, music and art. These are the elements that have consolidated the restaurant Oliver as a distinctive environment in Brasilia.

Located in the traditional Brasilia Golf Club is a haven for people who want to leave the rush of day-to-day. With a country atmosphere Oliver provides a beautiful view full of pine trees, immaculate green grass make any dinner even more charming. Oliver is five minutes away from the Praça dos tres poderes.

With a warm and relaxed air, is a restaurant that welcomes couples, friends, families and business people.


Couvert (per person) 14,00

Assorted breads and pates, herbal butter and confit tomatoes.

Brusquetas Neapolitan 24,00

Italian bread with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, olives and anchovies.

Prosciutto and Capra Brusquetas 34,00

Italian oven bread with goat cheese, parma ham, truffled honey and Sicilian lemon.

House Sausage 36,00

Roasted pork sausage, vinaigrette, mustard sauce and house pepper sauce.

Costa Croquettes 36,00

Shredded rib cakes with smoked paprika aioli

Carpaccio Oliver 39,00

Traditional carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, Dijon mustard, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

Codfish Balls 39,00

Famous cod house cookie, reduction of balsamic, chive oil and leek crunchy. Portion with four units.

Ceviche Classic 42,00

White fish with tiger's milk, corn and sweet potatoes.

Ceviche Maido 44,00

White fish with tiger's milk and cilantro cream with sweet potato crisp.

Salmon tartare 42,00

With Oriental house sauce and dehydrated tapioca.

Burrata and Sweet Grape 49,00

Fresh and slightly creamy buffalo mozzarella served with preserved sweet grape tomatoes, balsamic reduction and basil pesto.


Caprese Salad 36,00

Tomato confit, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto.

salad Insallata 36,00

Lettuce, Arugula, Italian mini tomato, artichoke heart, cashew nuts, asparagus, basil, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Caprine salad 39,00

Mix of leaves, goat cheese, caramel nuts, parma ham and red fruit vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad 28,00

American lettuce with the famous Ceasar sauce.

Chicken Caesar Salad 34,00

American lettuce with the famous Caesar sauce and grilled chicken breast.

First dish

Capellini with Strogonoff à Italiana
49,00 (Integer) - 34,00 (Half)

Italian pasta al dente with slices of filet mignon, Italian tomato sauce, cream of fresh milk, basil and mushrooms Paris.

Capellini with Chicken and Gorgonzola
49,00 (Integer) - 34,00 (Half)

Italian pasta al dente with slices of grilled chicken breast and gorgonzola cheese sauce.

Forest Polenta
69,00 (Integer) - 49,00 (Half)

Creamy polenta with parmesan and cream of fresh milk, tomato ground and sautéed mushrooms.

Mushroom Risotto
69,00 (Integer) - 49,00 (Half)

Risotto prepared with Italian rice carnaroli, fresh mushrooms, finger pepper, ginger, sicilian lemon and parmesan.

Citrus Risotto with Cameroon
79,00 (Integer) - 58,00 (Half)

Risotto prepared with Italian rice carnaroli, lemon zest and prawns.

Strawberry Risotto with Cameroon
79,00 (Integer) - 58,00 (Half)

Risotto prepared with Italian rice carnaroli, strawberry, prosecco, gorgonzola and shrimp.

Second plate

Salmon Genovese
78,00 (Integer) - 56,00 (Half)

Grilled salmon, pesto linguini, candied tomatoes and baby cress.

Cabotiá Salmon
78,00 (Integer) - 56,00 (Half)

Grilled salmon, cabotiá pumpkin puree, chestnut meal and infusion of roasted garlic.

Codfish to "Lagareiro" Style
94,00 (Integer) - 64,00 (Half)

Fillet of cod in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, olives, potatoes to the punch and broccoli rice.

Fillet with Gorgonzola Sauce
78,00 (Integer) - 56,00 (Half)

Medallions of filet mignon with gorgonzola cheese sauce. Accompany potato souté.

Filé com mostarda Dijon
78,00 (Integer) - 56,00 (Half)

Medallions of filet mignon with Dijon mustard sauce. Accompany potato souté.

Fillet with Fresh Mushrooms
78,00 (Integer) - 56,00 (Half)

Filet mignon medallions with fresh mushrooms and wood wine sauce. Serve with parmesan risotto.

Home Specials

Risoni of Costa 69,00

Risoni al dente with beef rib, baby cress, panko farofa, herbs and lemon siciliano.

Tempura of Pirarucú with Parpadelli Citron 69,00

Pirarucú tempura with papardelli to the tooth, lemon cream, dill oil and baby watercress.

Vero Parmergianna 129,00 (for 2 people)

In honor of the family recipe of Gourmet Marco Antônio Veronese, originally from Italy. Fillet mignon in bed of Parma ham, covered with a crust of special flours and finalized with pomodoro pelatti sauce San Marzano rustic and gratin with parmesan cheese. It accompanies Milanese risotto.

Polenta with Ragu de Cordeiro 69,00

Creamy polenta with parmesan and cream of fresh milk, lamb cooked slowly in red wine sauce and Italian tomatoes, caramel nuts and vinegar leaf.

Pirarucu in the Leaf of Bananeira 69,00

Grilled pirarucu on banana leaf. Accompanied with zucchini spaghetti, carrot, purple onion, red peppers, fresh herbs and coriander sauce.

Spaguetti Al Mare 79,00

Italian pasta al dente, infusion of fresh cream and coral of shrimp, thyme, basil, sicilian lemon, shrimp, squid and mussels.

"Zé do Pipo" Style Codfish 79,00

Fillet of cod in extra virgin olive oil with mashed potatoes, broccoli with garlic, onions and gratin with Parmesan cheese.

Brazilian Chorizo ​​Steak 89,00

Black Angus kebab on thick salt, served with rice, black bean farofa with cabbage, red bell peppers, bacon and onion. Aside vinaigrette

Our Paellas

At lunch

Check availability

Cod Paella
R $ 240,00 (2 people) () - 368,00 (4 people) ()

Rice, cod, potatoes and olives.

paella Marinera
240,00 (2 people) () - 368,00 (4 people) ()

Traditional Spanish family recipe with rice, lobster, prawns mussels and calamari. Preparation time up to 60 minutes. Allow yourself !!!


caipi Fruits

Lemon, lime, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, kiwi, lychee

Choose one of the drinks below:

Ciroc 28,00

Ketel One 24,00

Sake 22,00

Cachaça 22,00


Cointreau 14,00

43 liquor 15,00

Peachtree 14,00

Grand Marnier - Triple Sec 15,00

Amarula 15,00

Limoncello 15,00

Baileys 15,00

Drambuie 17,00

Jack Daniel's Honey 18,00

Frangelico 15,00

Chartreuse 15,00


Heineken 10,00

Stella Artois 10,00

Budweiser 10,00

Light beer 10,00

Corona 15,00

Special beers

Oink Ipa 355ml 16,00

Vienna Rost 355ml 16,00

Pink Weiss 600ml 29,00

Colorado Indica Ipa 600ml 32,00

Hopp Capital WestCoast Ipa 500ml 34,00

Corina Fiapo Ipa 500ml 34,00

Chopps Locations

Czech Republic (Pilsen) 10,00

Hop Mosaic (IPA) 15,00


Mineral Water 6,00

Imported Mineral Water 15,00

Soft Drink 7,00

Juice 9,00

Special juices 12,00

Tomato juice 14,00

Fruit cocktail 15,00

Italian Soda 9,00

Cranberry | Red Fruits | Green Apple | Peach | Sicilian Lemon

Coconut Water 16,00

(pitcher: natural or jaboticaba)

Red Bull 15,00

Red Bull Sugar Free 15,00

Cafe Fontenele 6,00

Nespresso coffee 7,00

special teas 7,00

Brown club

Super Deluxe Whiskey

J. Walker Blue Label 66,00

J. Walker Platinum 46,00

Johnnie Walker Green Label 39,00

J. Walker Gold Reserve 32,00

Whiskey Deluxe

J. Walker Black Label 26,00

Old Parr 24,00

Whisky Standard

J. Walker Red Label 22,00

Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's 24,00

Single Malt

Macallan Ruby 140,00

Macallan Amber 45,00

Cardhu 27,00


Rum Zacapa 23 39,00

Rum Zacapa XO 54,00


Hennessy VSOP 28,00

White club


Cîroc 24,00

Ketel One 20,00


Tanqueray Ten 28,00

Tanqueray London Dry 20,00


Nêga Fulô 14,00

Ypióca 5 Chaves 16,00

Ypióca 160 14,00

Ypióca 10,00

Authoral 35,00


Saquê Jun Daiti 13,00


Don Julio Blanco 24,00

Jose Cuervo Silver 16,00

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold 16,00

Jose Cuervo Tradicional (100% Agave) 20,00


Pisco Capel 12,00

Martini 12,00

Campari 12,00


Clericquot 69,00

Sparkling, strawberry, orange, lemonade and cointreau

Sangria 69,00

Red wine, Cointreau, tonic water and fruit pieces


Margarita 32,00

Tequila, Cointreau and lemon juice

Moscow Mule 32,00

Ketel One Vodka, lemon juice, ginger foam and angostura

Manhattan 28,00

Jack Daniel's, vermouth rosso, angostura and cherry

Pisco Sour Capel 28,00

Pisco, lemon juice, angostura and egg white

Mojito Rum Zacapa 32,00

Rum Zacapa 23, lemon juice, mint and sparkling water

Cozumel 22,00

Corona, lemon and salt

Spritz Aperol 32,00

Aperol, sparkling, orange and sparkling water

Ciroc Lady F 32,00

Ciroc vodka, lychee, curacao blue and cream of cassis

Cosmopolitan 32,00

Ketel One Vodka, Cramberry Syrup, Cointreau and Lemon Juice

Dry Martini 28,00

Gin Tanqueray, vermouth extra dry

Saquê Green 28,00

Sake, lychee syrup and green apple syrup

Negroni 32,00

Gin Tanqueray, Campari and vermouth rosso

Bloody Mary 32,00

Ketel One Vodka and Tempered Tomato Juice

Kir Royal 28,00

Sparkling wine with cassis


Season fruits 12,00

Crème Brûlée de Souce de Mille 29,00

With strawberries and hints of coffee.

Petit Gateau of Chocolate with Ice Cream 29,00

Brigadeiro on Spoon 12,00

Brigadier of cumaru, farofa de baru and basil syrup

Eduardo and Monica 26,00

Our version of the classic Romeo & Juliet: Guava foam, canasta cheese sorbet and spice crumble.

Thousand Leaves of Red Fruits 29,00

Puff pastry, red fruit mousse, icing cream, almond crumble and yogurt ice cream.

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Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, Trecho 02,

Lote 02 - Brasília Golf Center

Brasília - DF 

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday: 12h to 0h

Friday and Saturday: 12h to 1h

Sunday: 12h to 17h

Payment methods:

Visa, American Express and Mastercard

We do not accept checks.

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