Oficina do Sabor

Oficina do Sabor

Opened in 1992 by chef César Santos, the restaurant Oficina do Sabor is considered one of the bests in Brazil. Throughout these years, the house has been established as the ideal place for those who want to enjoy Pernambuco's cuisine, prepared with a lot of creativity and sophistication.

The menu also gives space to the most traditional palate in recipes like the gratin of cassav with "charque" (special brazillian dried meat), the octopus with the hot sauce, the shrimp with northeastern herbs and the fish with the passion fruit sauce. Entrepreneurs, journalists, advertisers, artists and tourists make the profile of the clients. The popular art of Pernambuco, in turn, sets the tone for the decoration of the house, valuing local paintings, pieces and handicrafts. Even the tablecloths are made and hand painted by local artists. The tradition of Pernambuco permeates the entire project of the restaurant, which has the capacity to receive from 90 to 130 people. The terraces are an attraction apart, since from there can be seen all the beauty of Recife and Olinda.

The open kitchen is on display, allows customers to follow the preparation of the dishes, made by César Santos and his team. Oficina do Sabor is located in the upper city of Olinda, at Rua do Amparo, 335.


César Santos occupies today a prominent place in the scenario of national and international gastronomy. César began his career at the age of 23, as a student of the hotel business. Simultaneously, he began working in bars and restaurants as a second chef, but soon began to work with his own buffet service, offering dinners at home.

The Oficina do Sabor restaurant came up small in 1992, but it surprised all the palates with its exotic recipes that brought new flavors to the Pernambuco's cuisine. The secret was at least innovative: the mixture of seafood with fruits and herbs. Due to the creativity of his kitchen, the house is now part of the Good Restaurants Remembrance Restaurant, being an obligatory stop for visitors arriving in the city.

Because of his talent, César has already won several prizes, such as Recife Sabor, sponsored by ABRASEL - PE for three consecutive years. In 98 and 99 he qualified among the 12 finalists of Nestle Toque D'or. Still in 99, it gained prominence among the main competitors of Chef Talento Sadia, national edition, obtaining the first place.

César also participated in several gastronomic festivals, in several parts of the world. Veja Magazine chose Oficina do Sabor as the second best restaurant in Pernambuco and the best regional house in the State. Currently, César is director of ABRASEL - PE; President of the Good Restaurants Restaurant Association and also Director in the North / Northeast of the Brazilian Association of High Gastronomy (Abaga)aga).


Couvert 34,00
Eggplant pate, sweet and sour jeridar with apple, caldino of the day, curd cheese in cubes, butter, chicken liver terrine, sun meat pie, thinly sliced ​​carrots and toasted


Smudge Siri 45,00
crab meat in coconut milk with parsley and crumbs
Octopus on plate 58,00
Octopus blades with caper sauce and green olives and toast
Shrimp Pastel 68,00
Shrimp Cake with Grape Jelly
Excellent Cheese 46,00
Cheese curd or goat mix of dry and peppers
Cheese curd Northeast 33,00
Fried cheese curds in fresh herbs (mint and basil)
Cheese curd garlic and oil 33,00
Cheese curd fried with garlic blades
Summer cheese 48,00
Cheese curd or fried goat, stuffed with eggplant pate to mustard and herb sauce, served with lettuce and toast
Sundried meat 50,00
Sundrief meat into strips with fried cassava sticks
Rissoles of Provolone 31,00
Beef jerky balls with Macaxeira 32,00
Codfish Balls 42,00
Shrimp with garlic and oil 136,00
Fried filletwith mustard sauce and mint 46,00
Fried sausage with parsley and crumbs 42,00
Carpaccio in mustard sauce with dried tomatoes 36,00
Tapioca Chef 39,00
tapioca stuffed with dried meat and cheese curd
Mussels in the dried herbs and tomato sauce with grated parmesan 48,00
Mix Chef 48,00
Fillet, curd cheese with herbs, jerky balls,cod balls, mussels, eggplant paste, rissoles provolone, day broth and toasted
Natto Pan 24,00
Giblets , served with bread
Chicken Steak with Bacon and Fries 32,00


For 2 people

Green soup 46,00
Onion cream 46,00
Jerimum Soup with Beef jerky 42,00
Cream of Vegetables with curd cheese in cubes 46,00


For 2 people

Oficina Salad 44,00
Mix of fresh leaves, olives, curd cheese, red onion into strips, cucumber, carrot, cabbage and grated radish
Sea Salad 98,00
Mix of fresh leaves, grated carrots, black olives, shrimp, octopus and squid empanada
Hinterland salad 47,00
Mix of fresh leaves, green beans, Sun meat, curd cheese into cubes, seasoned with parsley
Salad 4 Corners 48,00
Mix fresh leaves, tomato and cashew nuts, the Gorgonzola cheese sauce
warm salad of cod 78,00
Cod, potato, olives, chickpeas and parsley
green and yellow salad 44,00
Mix fresh leaves, curd cheese, mayonnaise sauce sleeve to the herbal


For 2 people

Tropical chicken 68,00
Diced chicken with orange and pineapple juice, served with rice and boiled potatoes
Grilled chicken breast 64,00
Served with curd cheese, rice and potatoes sautéed in butter
Beef Chicken 68,00
Chicken thigh stuffed with bacon in beer sauce


For 2 people

Cabrito the hunter 106,00
Cooked in red wine, served with mashed cassava, manioc flour and smell of pumpkin-green
Carré Marindo 126,00
lamb to the tamarind sauce, served with mashed banana Long and brown rice
Steak with house sauce 108,00
Filet mignon to Madeira sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter
Fillet to the sauce Jenipapo 110,00
Filet mignon, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter
Beef jerky stylish chef 109,00
fried dried beef, served with mashed cassava, manioc flour and smell of Jerimum-green
Meat sun Pernambucana 118,00
Fillet of corned beef, served with mashed cassava, manioc flour and smell of Jerimum-green


For 2 people

Fish Fillet with Ginger Sauce 104,00
Yellow hake fillet with ginger sauce, served with rice and sautéed potatoes in butter
Fillet of fish with shrimp sauce with Pernambucano accent 148,00
Fillet of yellow hake and shrimp in coconut sauce, served with rice and sautéed potatoes in butter
Oficina Moqueca 158,00
Fish, shrimp, fruits and vegetables, served with rice and mush
Fillet of Surubim with passionfruit sauce 108,00
Fillet of Surubim the passion fruit sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter
Fillet of Fish in Fresh Herbs 98,00
Yellow hake fillet with fresh herbs, served with rice and sautéed potatoes in butter
Qualimar cod 138,00
Cod fillet in coconut sauce and coriander, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter


All jerimuns are finalized with curd and rice accompany

Jerimum stuffed with lobster with mango sauce 196,00
Jerimum stuffed with lobster with coconut sauce 198,00
Pumpkin stuffed with shrimp with mango sauce 154,00
Pumpkin stuffed with shrimp in coconut sauce 154,00
Pumpkin stuffed with shrimp with passion fruit sauce 154,00
pumpkin Frevoé 188,00
Stuffed with shrimp and lobster with passion fruit sauce and coconut rice
Pumpkin stuffed with octopus with Coconut Sauce 154,00
Pumpkin stuffed with dried meat in coconut sauce 92,00
Pumpkin stuffed with cod in coconut sauce 110,00
Pumpkin stuffed with sausage matuta 86,00
Pumpkin stuffed with chicken 78,00
Pumpkin stuffed with fish in coconut sauce 98,00
Pumpkin stuffed with shrimp and squid in coconut sauce 158,00
pumpkin MaraManga 154,00
Filled with shrimp and fish sauce and the sleeve passion fruit, nuts served with rice
Jerimum MaraCoco 168,00
Stuffed with shrimp with passion fruit sauce and coconut, served with squid rice
Pumpkin Pitanga to 100 years of Gilberto Freyre 168,00
Stuffed with shrimp with cherry sauce, served with spinach rice
Pumpkin stuffed with vegetables in coconut sauce 81,00


To choose / At your Choice: Mashed Macaxeira / Mashed pumpkin (to 3 people)

Shredded dried meat with onion and butter bottle 106,00
Shrimp in coconut sauce 168,00
Matuta sausage with onion and parsley 89,00
fried beef jerky and sausage matuta 108,00
Sun meat into strips with onions and ghee 112,00


To choose / At your Choice: Spaghetti / Fettuccine / Penne (single platter)

After Mares 92,00
Shrimp and octopus in tomato sauce with garlic and onion
At Trevi 85,00
Shrimp and fresh herbs pulled in olive oil and butter
Bouncy 88,00
small shrimps peeled tomatoes and olive sauce with melted cheese
Casadinhos 106,00
Yellow Hake fillet in cubes and shrimp pulled in olive oil with capers and olives in butter sauce
Vegetarian 64,00
Mix mushroom cheese sauce


Sea of ​​Corals 102,00
Fish, shrimp and squid pulled in herbal olive oil, served with sauteed vegetables and citrus rice
Shrimp in Forró 94,00
Shrimp with passion fruit and mango sauce, perfumed in coconut milk, served rice nuts and toasted coconut (individual)
Shrimp in chintz 86,00
Shrimp and rice cooked in coconut milk and mango juice, seasoned with curry and finished with cheese curd (individual)
Tico-Tico no Cornmeal 98,00
Shrimp and octopus coconut and ginger sauce, served with couscous of manioc flour with rice, curd cheese and cashew nuts (individual)
Shrimp in coconut sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter 148,00
For 2 people
Shrimp in fresh herbs, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter 148,00
For 2 people
Shrimp with ginger sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter 148,00
For 2 people
Shrimp with passion fruit sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter 148,00
For 2 people
shrimp Tamarineira 148,00
Shrimp with tamarind sauce, served with long banana puree and coconut rice (For 2 people)
Shrimp to Mangue 154,00
the sauce fragrant shrimp pistachio base, raisins and nuts, served with cod rice (for 2 people)
Shrimp Eca de Queiroz 154,00
Shrimp pulled in olive oil, served with rice and cod cooked vegetables (for 2 people)
octopus Tangled 132,00
Octopus in coconut sauce, cheese and colorful bell peppers, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter (for 2 people)
Octopus to hot sauce, served with rice and potatoes sautéed in butter 132,00
For 2 people
Octopus rice 128,00
For 2 people
Lobster in Cheese Sauce, served with rice and sautéed potatoes in butter 198,00
For 2 people
Lemon Pepper Lobster 198,00
Past the olive oil with herbs, lemon pepper. Served with scented rice and jerimum puree (for 2 people)
Baião Two submerged coastal Pernambucano 198,00
Shrimp, crayfish, fish and octopus, pulled in coconut milk with rice, green bean and curd cheese (for 2 people)

Side Dishes

Green bean 18,00
Pasta | to the white sauce, to the sauce of Tomate or in the Butter 19,00
Sautéed vegetables 22,00
Sautéed potatoes in butter 18,00
Farofa eggs with carrot 19,00
Farofa jerimum 14,00
Fried Macaxeiras 22,00
French Fries 18,00
Mashed Macaxeira 22,00
Long Banana Puree 24,00
special rice (To choose: Cod / Chestnut / Lula / Spinach) 22,00

Kids menu

filet Baby 36,00
Tenderloin into cubes to Madeira sauce with rice, green beans and chips
Milk Chicken 31,00
Roast chicken cubes with spaghetti in tomato sauce
fish Nest 34,00
Diced fish with rice and chips

Good Remembrance 2019

Shrimp with Vita 96,00
Shrimp with special coffee sauce, served with salted cassava cake, toasted nuts and tomatoes


Tapioca Pudding 22,00
Tapioca pudding with sugar syrup and cardamom
Hat the Engenho Massangana 21,00
Tribute to 150 years of Joaquim Nabuco. Fried Banana browned butter and cheese, honey mill and dusted with sugar and cinnamon powder
Hot Chocolate Pie 26,00
Hot chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
Pie Matthew and Catirina 24,00
hot pie guava and white chocolate ice cream with cream sauce and cheese
Coco I Want You Coco 28,00
Cocle Mole, Maria Mole, Coconut Milk Pudding and Coconut Ice Cream
Girl with Baba Gimme More Neguinho 26,00
green coconut sweet with tapioca ice cream, gum and cookies black cocada
Pernambuco flavors 38,00
Roll cake, Souza Leão cake, Top Hat, girl of Baba and tapioca ice cream
Banana Rica Geraldo 20,00
Banana slices in syrup pudding with cream and grated sigh
Platter of sweets Homemade 26,00
Souza Lion cake 28,00
Souza Leão cake with coffee syrup
Fruit bowls 18,00
seasonal fruit mix with vanilla ice cream
Milk Pudding 19,00
Roll cake 18,00
Chopped Cheese with Honey from Engenho 16,00
Pave Guava 21,00
Chocolate trifle 23,00
Passion fruit mousse 19,00
Chocolate mousse 22,00
Fruit ice cream 18,00


Skky Vodka 10,00
Absolut vodka 20,00
Vodka Belvedere 24,00
Montilla White Letter 8,00
Montilla Cristal 9,00
Tequila José Coervo Aged 17,00
Tequila José Coervo Classic 16,00
Martini 9,00
Campari 11,00
Gin Gordon s ?? 19,00
Tanqueray Gin 19,00
Gin Seagrams 11,00
Apple brandy 10,00
brandy Domecq 9,00
Remy Martin Cognac 33,00
Fernet Branca 14,00
Havana Club - 3 years 11,00
Havana Club - 7 years 24,00
Malibu 17,00
Steinhäger 15,00
Gin Beefeater 21,00
Energy Drink 11,00
Gin Bulldog 20,00
Montilla Limão 9,00
vodka Wyborowa 20,00
Absolut Elyx Vodka 22,00


Mentirosca 9,00
Caipirissima | White card 11,00
Caipirinha | Pitú 10,00
Caipirosca | Skky 12,00
National vodka
Caipirosca | Absolut 24,00
vodka Imported
Caipifruta | Pitú 15,00
Sugarcane liquor
Caipifruta | Skky 17,00
National vodka
Caipifruta | Absolut 26,00
vodka Imported
Margherita 18,00
Tequila, cointreal and lemon juice
Dry Casket 22,00
Skky vodka, cointreal, St. Remy and Cajun juice
Absolut Tropical 28,00
Vodka Absolut, Ginger Syrup, passion fruit juice and lemon
Chivas PineApple 28,00
Chivas 12 years, sugar syrup, lemon juice and pineapple
Jameson Hibiscus 28,00
Jameson, Hibiscus Syrup, Lemon Juice and Sparkling Water
B & T - Perfect 25,00
Beefeater, tonic, slice of orange and lemon
Aperol Spritz 21,00
Sparkling wine, Aperol, sparkling water and a slice of orange
Campari Tônica 18,00
Campari, tonic water and a slice of orange


wanton Blonde 8,00
wanton Redhead 8,00
wanton Black 8,00
Heineken 11,00
Eisenbahn Pilsen 11,00
Eisenbahn Weizenbier 13,00
Eisenbahn Pale Ale 13,00
Baden Baden Cristal 22,00
Baden Baden Weiss (wheat) 24,00
Schin Zero Alcohol 6,00
Baden Baden Witibier 24,00
Baden Baden Golden 24,00


Passport 9,00
Chivas Extra
Chivas Regal 18 years 31,00
Chivas Regal 12 years 21,00
Ballantines 12 years 21,00
Ballantines Finest 11,00
Famous Grouse 12 years 21,00
Famous Grouse 8 years 13,00
Buchanans 23,00
White Horse 12,00
Old Parr 23,00
Logan 23,00
J & B 11,00
Johnnie Walker 18 years 33,00
Johnnie Walker 12 years 22,00
Johnnie Walker 8 years 11,00
Cutty Sark 14,00
Black & White 12,00
Wild Turkey 24,00
Jim Beam 24,00
Jack Daniels 24,00


Soft Drink 6,00
Water 5,00
Coconut Water | Cup 6,00
Coconut Water | Jar 16,00
Fruit Juice | Cup 7,00
Fruit Juice | Jar 17,00
Summer juice 9,00
Acerola, Orange, Coconut Water and Ginger


Cointreau 15,00
Tia Maria 13,00
Amarula 13,00
Baileys 15,00
Drambuie 18,00
PeachTree 16,00
43 liquor 16,00
Frangelico 16,00
Limoncello 19,00
Homemade liqueurs 11,00
(Clove and Cinnamon | Jenipapo | Mint | Coffee | Anise and others)


Espresso 6,00
Several teas 8,00


Rua do Amparo, nº 335



Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday:

11: 30 to 16: 00, 18: 00 to 00: 00

Friday: 11: 30 to 01: 00

Saturday: 11: 30 to 01: 00

Sunday: 11: 30 to 17: 00

Payment methods:

Cash and credit card

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