Nonno Mio

Nonno Mio

Descendants of Italians and Germans, the Andreis family sought, in its history, recipes of typical dishes that gave continuity to these two traditional cuisines of decades. With such inspiration, it was easy to create one atmosphere unique as Nonno Mio and Nonno's House.

Nonno's distinctive touch is everywhere. From the recipes elaborated with a pinch of flavor to the well located restaurant. Even though you have different characteristics for your clients, according to the time to be fraternized, all environments have one thing in common. And it just might be the good taste.

35 year history, serving traditional to Galeto Primo Canto, a great and complete Menu A la Carte and affiliated to the Association of Good restaurants souvenir.

The chef Cassiano Melo commands the delicious cuisine à la carte, where all dishes are freshly prepared to a better perception of flavors and aromas. Trained at the School of Gastronomy Aires Scavone (Egas), the chef is in the business for 17 years, all of which are in Nonno Mio.

In order to keep himself actual, and bring more and more news to our customers, Cassiano has already taken several courses, such as bakery at SENAC. In addition, he had the opportunity to participate in several works with renowned chefs, such as Luigi Tartari, Rodrigo Oliveira, Manu Buffara, Rolando Vilard and Henrique Fogaça.

Recently he was elected the best chef in the Gramado Gastronomy Festival, and finalist among the 30 candidates in the Master Chef Professionals, first edition (2016).

Adept of a cuisine style which blends classic and contemporary, with a touch of Italian cuisine, our chef hopes to bring our customers an incredible dining experience.

Little Chicken

Carvery 80,00
Capeletti soup, radicci salads with bacon and mayonnaise (special house recipe, no eggs), pasta spaghetti and torte (sauces with sauce, house sauce, bolognese, four cheeses, pesto and garlic and oil), polenta brustolada ( on the plate) and the roasted galeto on the fire. Optional dessert between the traditional sago with cream, milk pudding or ambrosia.
Executive 42,00
Galeto, polenta and pasta (spaghetti or torte), accompanies mixed salad (portion for one person)
Galeto a Gremolata 42,00
Galeto with gremolata sauce, rice, sauteed vegetables and accompanies mixed salad.
Nonna 80,00
Galeto and tortéi in the sugo sauce, accompanied with mixed salad and mayonnaise (portion for two people)
Do Nonno 78,00
Galeto and pasta spaghetti with four cheese sauce, accompanied with mixed salad and mayonnaise (portion for two people).
Soup Capeletti (the will) 35,00
With bread and cheese.
For the children 35,00
Rice, beans, potatoes and a little chicken or fillet baits.
Portion of little chicken 30,00
Four pieces of the traditional spring chicken house
Portion of polenta 7,00
Six slices of polenta our brustolada
mayonnaise portion 10,00
Radicci with bacon 12,00
Mixed salad 12,00
lettuce, arugula and tomato


(Pasta, fettuccine, spaghetti, wholemeal, gnocchi, torte and capeletti)

Avelino 52,00
tomato sauce, capers, basil and buffalo cheese
Cezário 50,00
Bacon, eggs and parmesan
Dante 50,00
Combination of bolognaise sauces and four cheeses, with fresh mushrooms.
Fernando 50,00
Meatballs to sauce sugo
Honorato 53,00
Funghi, cream chesee, cream, parmesan and gorgonzola
Nonno 53,00
fillet baits, cream cheese, cream, parmesan and gorgonzola
Serafim 60,00
Shrimp in the sugo sauce

Special pasta

Moranga Gnocchi with Sausage Sauce Tuscany 90,00
Serves two.
Broccoli Lasagna with Four Cheeses 95,00
Serves two.
Canelone with Rosé Sauce 98,00
Stuffed sausage, dried tomatoes and arugula, gratinado the oven. It serves two people.

Special dishes

(If you are allergic to something, please notify our attendants)

Executive 48,00
Galeto, polenta and pasta without gluten, accompanies mixed salad (portion for one person)
Gluten freeLactose free
Consomme Capeletti in Brodo 35,00
Gluten freeLactose free
Risotto Funghi 60,00
Mixture of Chilean and porcini funghis, in a creamy risotto.
VegetarianGluten free

Other Specialties

Fillet to Porto with Brie 90,00
Grilled fillet, finished with Brie au gratin, mashed potatoes with fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden with a hint of honey
Pato 70,00
to wine sauce with cherry, mashed potatoes and breaded pineapple
Rabbit 65,00
roasted and finalized to the hunter sauce, accompanied by totchio (polenta mole
Lamb palette 135,00
to the wild sauce served with stained potatoes and dough in the butter. (Serves two people)
Entrecot au Poivre 49,00
with rustic potatoes
Shrimp Risotto 75,00
Duck's Risotto 56,00
Grilled fillet 59,00
accompanied by Biro-Biro rice and with option of sauce four cheeses or funghi on the filet.
Fillet Escalopes 100,00
grilled, accompanied by fettuccine to the four cheeses. (Serves two people)
Steak Parmigiana 59,00
Breaded, oven-baked with sugo sauce, served with colored potatoes. (Serves one person)
Steak Parmigiana 105,00
breaded, oven-baked with sugo sauce, accompanied with red potatoes and rice. (Serves two people)
Tilapia 52,00
Covered with rolled and toasted almonds, accompanied by broccoli rice.
Salmon 65,00
Roasted salmon with crust, ginger, honey and mustard sauce, with sautéed vegetables
Cod 135,00
roasted on the fire, with potatoes to the punch and rice. (Minimum preparation time of 40min). (Serves two people).

Tickets / Snacks

Potato Dumpling 38,00
(Minimum preparation time of 40min)
Shrimp in butter 45,00
Chess steak with onions 35,00
Fried Little chicken 30,00
Sausage on Fire 25,00
Chicken soup 22,00
Chicken broth, shredded chicken, rice, potatoes and carrots.
Carpaccio 25,00
Fillet mignon finely chopped, with special seasonings, capers, cucumber, parmesan and arugula.
Salad the Hunter 33,00
Arugula, radicci and American lettuce, topped with shredded rabbit and its sauce.
Nonno salad 35,00
American lettuce, arugula, tomato, palmito and buffalo cheese.
Charcuterie Board (platter) 48,00
Cup, salami, parmesan, buffalo cheese, guava and dried tomato.


Chocolate cake on mug 12,00
Ambrosia 7,00
Milk Pudding 7,00
Sago cream with 6,00
tiramissu 12,00
Apfelstrudel 14,00
apple pie German style


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