Margutta Cittá

Margutta Cittá

The Margutta Cittá was born in May 2005, after his partners, Paolo Neroni, Jean Neroni and Monteiro, receive the invitation by the FIRJAN, to take over the restaurant, which is on the 2º floor of its headquarters in downtown Rio.

Currently, we are a reference throughout the country for Fruits-the-Sea. In our Menu, we also have pasta and meat.

Our team is also trained to perform Corporate Events and / or private. We Coffee breaks, Brunchs, Catering Services in Trade Fairs and Conferences, weddings, lunches, dinners, etc., for all amounts of people.

Born into a family of Italian chefs, Paolo Neroni graduated in hotel management from the school of San Benedetto del Tronto, his hometown in the Marche region of central Italy region located between the Adriatic Sea, Emilia-Romagna, the Republic San Marino, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo. His taste for cooking appeared to follow the work of his own father, Quirino Neroni, in the kitchen, who encouraged him to use all his creativity to prepare new recipes. He arrived in Brazil in 1982, after working in restaurants and European exhibitions. In 1985 married to Conception Ghezzi Neroni, and together, in 1994, inaugurated the sophisticated and famous Margutta restaurant in Ipanema, frequented by artists, politicians and socialites of Rio de Janeiro.

Born in the city of Apiacá in Espirito Santo state, Conception Neroni commands Margutta restaurant in Ipanema with great dedication. The result of all this are the gastronomic awards that the restaurant just won in several media, like the Rio Show magazine, the newspaper O Globo and Veja RJ.


Coperto Opzionale | 11,50
Couvert optional
Pizza bianca | 10,50
white pizza with garlic and rosemary
Pizza bianca con parmigiano | 12,00
white pizza with parmesan
Prosciutto e Mozzarella | 46,50
Parma ham with buffalo mozzarella ?? Bufalina ??
Carpaccio alla Rucola e Grana Padano | 34,50
Sliced ​​raw meat with lemon, arugula and Grana Padano
Carpaccio di Salmone Marinato con Aneto | 39,50
sliced ​​marinated salmon with dill
Funghi Trifolati | 39,50
Sauté Paris mushrooms with garlic and white wine
Mozzarella alla milanese | 36,50
Buffalo mozzarella breaded to sugo
Sauté di gamberi | 46,50
small prawns with garlic and oil
Insalata Margutta | 38,50
Endiveas salad with radicchio, lettuce, tomato, bresaola, Paris mushrooms and parmesan
Insalata Caprese - ‘Bufalina’ | 38,50
Buffalo mozzarella ?? Bufalina ?? with tomato


Spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico | 43,50
with tomato sauce and basil
Spaghetti alla Neroni | 63,50
with small shrimp and chili
Spaghetti ai frutti di mare | 69,50
with tomato sauce and seafood
Penne all´arrabbiata | 46,00
with spicy tomato sauce
Penne all´amatriciana | 53,50
with tomato sauce bacon and onion
Farfalle ai gamberi e zafferano | 64,50
with small shrimp, saffron and cream
Penne ai 4 Formaggi con Noci | 58,50
with sauce 4 cheese with walnuts
Farfalle al Salmone | 57,50
Farfalle the salmon sauce


Risotto di frutti di mare | 69,50
Risotto ai gamberi | 69,50
with small shrimps
Risotto ai Porcini | 69,50
with porcini mushrooms


Filetti di Sogliola alla griglia | 76,50
filet grilled Flounder
Filetti di Sogliola con gamberetti | 82,50
filet of sole with shrimp
Calamari grigliati | 76,50
Grilled squid
Polpo aglio e olio | 88,50
octopus with garlic and oil
Baccalà al forno | 118,00
cod in the oven with potatoes
Baccalà Lagareiro | 118,00
cod Lagareiro
Baccalà Gomes de Sá | 118,00
codfish Gomes de Sá
Risotto di Gamberoni Giganti | 148,00
VG shrimp risotto with tomato, onion, celery and peppers.
Pesce al sale grosso | 86,50
whole fish to coarse salt with spicy potato
Pesce al sale grosso | 91,50
whole fish to coarse salt with endive
Pesce alla Neroni | 86,50
whole fish with tomato and herbs
Pesce al forno con erbe aromatiche | 86,50
whole fish in the oven with herbs
Salmone al Cartoccio | 69,50
Salmon in foil with herbs and dried tomatoes


Filetto alla griglia | 73,50
grilled filet mignon with fries
Paillard di filetto | 74,50
paillard of filet mignon with fettuccine
Filetto al pepe verde | 74,50
filet mignon with green pepper and potato to phono
Scaloppine al limone | 69,50
escalope filet with lemon sauce with baked potato
Scaloppine ai funghi | 76,50
escalope filet with mushrooms and baked potato
Petto di pollo al limone | 59,50
the lemon chicken breast with baked potato
Filetto d´agnello in padella | 84,50
saute lamb filet with fine ervar and baked potato
Spezzatino alla Rio de Janeiro | 64,00
Minced filet mignon stylish Rio (bean soup, rice, farofa and fried plantains)

Piatto del Buon Ricordo

By asking this dish you will receive 1 (one) decorative plate painted by hand to your collection.

Piatto Della `Boa Lembrança´ | 99,00
Ask the maitre the description of the dish


Av. Graça Aranha, 01 2º andar (Predio da FIRJAN)

Centro - Rio de Janeiro


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 11h to 16h

(Except holidays)

Payment methods:

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron and money.

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