Margutta Ipanema

Margutta Ipanema

Located in the heart of Ipanema, one block away from the beach, the restaurant is an excellent choice for seafood lovers. As you walk along Av. Henrique Dumont, one can observe the interior of the restaurant through the lovely windows that show the elegant and relaxed atmosphere of the place.

However, the super varied menu ( prices between $ 39,00 and R $ 103,00), does not leave aside the pasta, risotto and meat, these are always different since the sauces are made based on fresh ingredients, using many herbs , mushrooms and vegetables. Always with new dishes on the menu, which is changed every two months, the house is always launching some great surprise.

For private meetings, the house offers a space that accommodates 14 people. For bigger events the restaurant offers the saloon 2º with capacity for up to 50 people, perfect to celebrate a special date. You may request an special menu for groups up to 10 people (see the events).

Born into a family of Italian chefs, Paolo Neroni graduated in hotel management from the school of San Benedetto del Tronto, his hometown in the Marche region of central Italy region located between the Adriatic Sea, Emilia-Romagna, the Republic San Marino, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo. His taste for cooking appeared to follow the work of his own father, Quirino Neroni, in the kitchen, who encouraged him to use all his creativity to prepare new recipes. He arrived in Brazil in 1982, after working in restaurants and European exhibitions. In 1985 married to Conception Ghezzi Neroni, and together, in 1994, inaugurated the sophisticated and famous Margutta restaurant in Ipanema, frequented by artists, politicians and socialites of Rio de Janeiro.

Born in the city of Apiacá in Espirito Santo state, Conception Neroni commands Margutta restaurant in Ipanema with great dedication. The result of all this are the gastronomic awards that the restaurant just won in several media, like the Rio Show magazine, the newspaper O Globo and Veja RJ.


Chef Suggestions

Tartare de salmão | 54,50
Carpaccio de Polvo | 54,50
Cevice Peruano (Linguado e Salmão) | 54,50
Panelinha de Vieiras ao limão siciliano | 57,50
Sopa de frutos do Mar | 54,50
Main course
Tagliatelli All'uovo com salmão, camarão e ervilhas ao creme. | 78,50
Tagliatelli all'uovo with salmon, shrimp and peas to the cream.
Tagliatelli All'uovo com pomodorini e cavaquinha. | 93,50
Tagliatelli all'uovo with pomodorini and cavaquinha.
Spaghetti ao Nero di Seppia com lula e camarão saute. | 79,50
Penne a Bolonhesa | 69,50
Penne com frutos do mar | 78,50
Risotto de limão siciliano com vieiras saute | 83,50
Risotto de bacalhau | 83,50
Gnocchi to fileto with gorgonzola sauce
Polenta ao creme com verduras. | 56,00
(Endívea, radicchio and arugula).
Polenta ao creme com camarão e rúcula. | 66,50
Polenta ao creme com funghi e azeite de trufas. | 66,50
Peito de Pato ao molho de laranja com risoto de queijo parmesão | 89,50


Optional couvert 18,50.

Polpo in salsa verde | 58,50
slightly warm sliced ​​octopus with crunchy salad and seasoning.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Insalata Ai Frutti di Mare | 63,50
seafood salad with lemon vinaigrette, capers and spicy celery.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Frittura Mista di Gamberi e Calamari | 64,50
Squid and shrimps in crispy frying.
VegetarianLactose free
Pizza Bianca fina al Rosmarino | 14,50
White thin pizza with garlic and rosemary.
VegetarianLactose free
Pizza Bianca fina al Parmiggiano | 16,50
White thin pizza with parmesan.
Pizza Bianca fina alle Cipolle | 15,50
White thin pizza with sliced ​​onion and olive oil.
VegetarianLactose free
Padella di Funghi Trifolati | 47,50
sauteed mushrooms, served in the pan.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Padella di Gamberi | 52,50
Shrimp sauteed, served in the pan.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Mozzarella Alla Milanese Al Sugo di Pomodoro | 46,50
Buffalo mozzarella breaded in crispy flour to the tomato sauce and herbs.
Insalata Margutta | 49,50
Mixed leaves with endive, leaf chicory, bresaola, parmesan and Paris funghi.
VegetarianGluten free
Insalata di Stagione | 34,50
Mixed season salad.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Mozzarella Alla Caprese (Bufalina speciale) | 49,50
Buffalo mozzarella (Bufalina Special) with slices of tomato and basil.
Carpaccio di Manzo con Rucola e Parmigiano | 42,50
Beef carpaccio with capers, parmesan cheese and fresh arugula with extra virgin olive oil.
Gluten free
Straccetti di Manzo Alla Rucola | 47,50
Thin slices of meat with garlic, oil, spicy arugula and extra virgin olive oil.
Lactose free
Carpaccio di Salmone Fresco | 46,50
Thin slices of fresh salmon seasoned with dill, capers, calabresa pepper and lemon.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Carpaccio di Pesce | 56,50
Thin temperate fish slices with olive oil, lemon, parsley, calabresa pepper and capers.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Ostriche Fresche al limone e Worcester | 44,50
Fresh oysters from Santa Catarina, the lemon and Worcestershire sauce.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free
Ostriche Al Forno Gratinate | 49,50
Oysters au gratin in the oven with butter herbs.
Cozze al Vino Bianco | 48,50
Mussels in white wine, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and grain pepper.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free


Spaghetti al Pomodoro e Basilico | 56,50
Spaghetti with pomodoro sauce and basil.
VegetarianLactose free
Penne Alla Arrabiata | 57,50
Penne with tomato, garlic, parsley, calabresa pepper and extra virgin olive oil .
VegetarianLactose free
Penne Alla Amatriciana | 62,50
Penne with tomato, onion, bacon, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan.
Lactose free
Farfalle Alle Melanzane e Mozzarella | 64,50
Farfalle with tomato, eggplant, onion, basil and buffalo mozzarella.
Spaghetti Alla Neroni (aglio olio , gamberetti e peperoni) | 78,50
Spaghetti with shrimps, peppers in garlic and oil.
VegetarianLactose free
Spaghetti al Vongole | 78,50
Spaghetti vongole to Santa Catarina garlic and oil and white wine sauce.
VegetarianLactose free
Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare | 83,50
Spaghetti with vongole, octopus, shrimp and squid to tomato and garlic sauce.
VegetarianLactose free
Farfalle ai Gamberi e Zafferano | 77,50
Fafarlle the shrimp and saffron.
Gnocchi della Fortuna | 76,50
handmade potatoe gnocchi with a shrimp's sauce and zucchini.
VegetarianLactose free


Scaloppine di Pollo Al Limone | 67,50
chicken breast escalope with lemon sauce with baked potatoes with rosemary and celery.
Gluten freeLactose free
Scaloppine di Pollo Croccanti | 67,50
Escalope of breaded chicken breast in crispy flour served with sauteed potatoes.
Lactose free
Polpettone alla Terenzio | 76,50
Polpettone gratin with tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, accompanied by Fettuccini in butter and sage.
Scaloppine di Manzo Alla Mostarda Dijon | 79,50
Filet Mignon escalope to dijon mustard sauce & sauteed potatoes.
Filetto Al Pepe Verde | 85,50
Filet Mignon the green pepper sauce with baked potatoes.
Paillard di filetto di Manzo | 78,50
Paillard of filet mignon, fettuccini the cream sauce.
Saltimbocca alla Romana | 89,50
Escalope filet with parma, white wine and sage.
Filetto di Agnello Al Vino Bianco o Alla Griglia | 132,50
Filet of lamb with white wine sauce, garlic and herbs with saffron rice, or grilled.


Risotto alla privamera con olio di Tartufo Bianco e Parmigiano | 68,50
Risotto with vegetables, white truffle oil and parmesan.
Risotto ai funghi Porcini con Olio di Tartufo Bianco | 82,50
Risotto with funghi porcini and white truffle oil.
Risotto Al Filetto di Manzo e Funghi Porcini | 82,50
Filet mignon, funghi secchi, red wine and grana padano.
Risotto picante con Calamari e Gamberi | 82,50
spicy risotto with squid and shrimps to white wine, parmesan, arugula, garlic and tomatoes.
Risotto ai Gamberi | 82,50
Risotto with shrimps, garlic, onion, celery, peppers and tomatoes.
Risotto ai Frutti di Mare | 86,50
Shrimp Risotto with squid, octopus, clams and mussels.
Risotto al Nero di Seppia con Frutti di Mare | 86,50
Risotto with squid ink and seafood.


Sogliola Croccante con Riso ai Broccoli | 82,50
Sole fish in crispy flour served with broccoli rice.
Sogliola al Limone con Patate al Forno | 82,50
Sole fish to lemon sauce with roasted potatoes, rosemary and celery.
Filetto di Cernia Bianca Al Vino Bianco con Capperi e Rosmarino | 98,50
Grouper filet to white wine sauce with capers, rosemary and roasted potatoes.
Parago al Forno alla Neroni | 99,50
roasted red snapper served with peeled tomatoes, rosemary and potatoes.
Parago in Crosta di Sale Grosso con Patate Piccanti | 98,50
Red snapper with salt crust served with spicy potatoes.
Parago in Crosta di Sale Grosso con Endivia Belga Grigliata | 107,50
Red snapper with salt crust served with Belgian endive grilled to balsamic vinegar.
Filetto di Salmone al Forno con Pomodori Secchi | 89,50
Filet of Salmon with dried tomatoes and herbs with potatoes.
Filetto di Salmone Alla Griglia con Legumi al Valpore | 88,50
Filet of Salmon grilled with cooked vegetables.
Polipo in Salsa di Pomodoro Aromatica | 98,50
braised octopus with tomato, onion, capers, olives and basil with boiled potatoes.
Guarnição extra | 24,50
All dishes come with a side dish chosen by the Chef. If you want to add another side dish, ask the attendant. Sauteed broccoli, sauteed spinach, panache of vegetables and potatoes.
Guarnições Especiais extras | 34,50
Risotto: lemon or funghi porcini or vegetables or gorgonzola or tomato and basil.


Cernia Al forno Alla Neroni | 156,50
Grouper or sea bass in the oven with garlic, rosemary, tomato, white wine, olives and potatoes.
Gamberoni Giganti All Aglio Olio | 156,50
VG shrimps with garlic and oil.
Gamberoni Giganti Al Cartoccio | 156,50
VG shrimps with herbs butter in foil with saffron rice.
Gamberoni Giganti in Brodetto | 156,50
VG shrimp sauteed with tomatoes, garlic, onion and capers with spaghetti.
Aragosta al Forno | 156,50
Roasted lobster with herbs oil and sauteed potatoes.
Aragosta in Umido | 156,50
Braised lobster with tomatoes, garlic, onion, celery, basil and potatoes.
Risotto di Gamberoni Gigante | 156,50
Risotto Cameroon VG

Boa Lembrança's Dish

We are part of the Association of Restaurants of "Boa lembrança" remembrance. When ordering this dish you will receive a decorative hand painted dish.

Croccante Ascolano | 99,50
Fillet of crispy chicken breast with stuffed olives con carne and herbs, zucchini and milanese Spaghetti with Garlic, oil and Arugula.


Brigadeiro de chocalate na colher | 19,50
Trilogia | 28,50
Tiramisu, cheese ice cream with guava syrup & Ovomaltine brigadeiro spoon .
Tiramisu artesanal do Chef | 26,50
Crème Brûlée | 26,50
Creme de Papaya com licor de cassis | 27,50
Petit Gateau com Sorvete (15 minutos) | 29,50
Frutta della Stagione | 17,50
Seasonal fruits.
Ice cream 1 Ball (?? Chocolate Cream Cheese ??-Mines with Syrup Guava Cream Diet ??)
Sorvete 2 Bolas (Chocolate – Creme – Queijo-Minas com Calda de Goiabada – Creme Diet) | 22,50


Água mineral | 6,00
Água San Pelegrino 500ml | 17,00
Café Expresso | 5,50
Capuccino | 7,00
Chás diversos | 5,50
Petit Fours - 4 Unidades | 3,00
Água Tonica - lata | 7,50
Iced Tea | 7,50
Refrigerante - lata | 7,50
Suco de Tomate temperado | 13,00
Suco de fruta da Estação | 10,00
Cocktail de frutas | 18,00
Cocktail de frutas c álcool | 24,00


Stella Artois | 11,00
Cerpa | 12,00


Caipirinha Tradicional | 15,00
Caipirinha Especial | 20,00
Caipivodka Imp | 24,00
Caipivodka Nac | 18,00
Caipivodka Grey Goose | 29,00
Capisakê Nacional | 18,00
CaipiRum Imp | 24,00

Coquetéis Clássicos

Aperol Spritz | 25,00
Blood Mary | 23,00
Cuba Libre Imp. | 22,00
Cuba Libre Nac. | 15,00
Dry Martini Nac | 20,00
Dry Martini Imp | 25,00
Gin tonica Imp | 24,00
Kir | 24,00
Kir Royal | 29,00
Manhatan | 24,00
Margarita | 23,00
Mojito | 23,00
Negroni | 24,00
Whysky Sour | 23,00
Pisco Sour | 23,00

Variados Importados

Gin Bombay | 20,00
Gin Tanqueray | 21,00
Rum Havana | 18,00
Vodka Absolut | 22,00
Vodka Grey Goose | 28,00
Vodka Stolichnaya | 22,00

Variados Nacionais

Bacardi -ouro & prata | 15,00
Vodka Smirnoff | 17,00


Jose Cuervo Prata | 23,00
Jose Cuervo Ouro | 23,00

Bitter e Vermute

Amaro Averna | 18,00
Campari | 18,00
Carpano Punt e Mês | 18,00
Fernet | 18,00


Grappa Bianca | 22,00
Grappa Especial | 32,00
Sakê | 18,00

Vinho do Porto

Porto Branco | 25,00
Dom Jose- Ruby | 25,00
Dom José Tawny | 25,00
Royal Oporto 10 Anos | 49,00


Cachaça Especial | 18,00
Cachaça Tradicional | 13,00


43 | 20,00
Amarula | 20,00
Baileys | 20,00
Benedictine | 20,00
Sambuca Lazzaroni | 20,00
Cointreau | 20,00
Drambui | 20,00
Frangelico | 20,00
Grand Marnier | 20,00
Limoncello | 20,00
Malibu | 20,00
Maraschino | 20,00
Tia Maria | 20,00
Crème Pêche de Vigne | 20,00
Poire William | 24,00

Whisky 8 anos

Jack Daniels | 24,00
Red Label | 20,00
White Horse | 20,00
JB | 20,00

Whisky 12 anos

Balantines | 25,00
Black Label | 25,00
Chivas | 26,00
Logan | 26,00

Brandy e Cognacs

Fundador | 24,00
Henessy VSOP | 35,00
Remy Martin VSOP | 35,00
Courvoisier V.S.O.P. | 35,00
Armagnac X.O. | 48,00
Tesseron X.O. Selection | 55,00


Avenida Henrique Dumont, 62


Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Opening hours:

Tue-Fri: 12: 00 16 to: 00 / 19: 00 00 to: 00

Sat-Sun: 12: 00 00 to: 00

Payment methods: 

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron and money.

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