La Fleur Bistrô


La Fleur Bistrô

Bistrô La Fleur offers its guests an elegantly decorated and cozy atmosphere, inspired by the most intimate Parisian cafes and bistros. The large window, full of flowers, overlooking the sidewalk, gives an even more special charm to the place, with leather sofas, round tables, floor with mosaics and low light.

From our kitchen there are flavors and aromas that surprise regulars: French crepes, Belgian waffles, bubble waffles, gnocchi, quiches, salads, several dessert options, in addition to exclusive drinks, created by mixologist Victor Quaranta and craft beers. We also have a wine list exclusively prepared by sommelier Bruno Rachele in harmony with our dishes.

The coffees, teas, chocolates and frappés are a separate chapter and a great choice to accompany the curd cheese waffle or the cheese bread waffle.

The variety of delicacies on the menu, for all tastes and ages, provides a welcoming experience with the hospitality brand La Fleur Bistrô.



Tapioca Dadinho with Pepper Jelly     26,00

Cheesecake Curd Cheese with Jelly     23,00

Curd cheese curdled with pepper jelly and spicy caramelized onion jelly

Waffle from Belô     16,50

Waffle made with the legitimate Minas Gerais cheese

Waffle Juliette     18,90

Curd cheese waffle accompanied by delicious guava marmalade syrup with Port wine reduction

Waffle Domaine     19,50

Raisin cheese waffle with cane molasses

Waffle Chest from Peru to Pineapple     19,50

Belgian waffle stuffed with pieces of turkey breast accompanied by pineapple jam

Burrata Valence     57,90

Burrata accompanied by pitted green olives, arugula, cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce and Belgian waffle

Burrata Di Parma     59,90

Burrata wrapped in ham Di Parma, figs in homemade syrup baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil and focaccia


Caprese Salad     27,00

Salad of tomatoes, muzzarella of buffalo, basil and olive oil with herbs

La Fleur Salad     29,00

Mix of leaves, cherry tomatoes and buffalo muffins with La Fleur sauce (balsamic vinegar, olive, honey and mustard sauce) accompanied by 2 mini curd cheese waffle

Cote D'Azur Salad     28,00

Salad of leaves, apple, grape and walnuts with soft sauce based on Greek yogurt

Nice salad     27,00

Mix of leaves, purple onion, quail egg, watercress, toasted pumpkin seed with raspberry and peanut oil based sauce

La Belle Salad     29,00

Mix of leaves, dried tomatoes, buffalo muzzarella, chopped green olives and oregano with mustard and honey sauce


Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce     33,90

Sweet potato gnocchi, fresh basil and tomato sauce

Gnocchi with Spinach Sauce with Gorgonzola     33,90

Sweet potato gnocchi with spinach in white wine and gorgonzola cream

Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce     33,90

Sweet potato gnocchi, fresh basil and pesto sauce

Gnocchi with Funghi Secchi sauce     33,90

Sweet potato gnocchi with cream of dried mushrooms

Fillet Gnocchi with Herbs     43,50

Sweet potato gnocchi with filet mignon escalope or provence herbs sauce

Gnocchi from Filet to the Gorgonzola     43,50

Sweet potato gnocchi with filet mignon escalope in gorgonzola sauce

Gnocchi from Filet ao Poivre     43,50

Sweet potato gnocchi with filet mignon escalope à Poivre

Curry Shrimp Gnocchi     45,60

Sweet potato gnocchi with curry shrimp sauce with Garam Masala, pineapple and peanuts.

Savory Crepes

* If you prefer, request the exchange of cheese muzzarela by muzela of buffalo 7,00

Breast of Peru with Catupiry Special Cream     29,50

Cheese muzzarela, cheese catupiry, tomato and oregano

Cheese and ham     25,00

Cheese, ham, tomato and oregano

Four Cheese     28,50

Grilled, dish, gorgonzola and catupiry cheeses

Marguerita     27,80

Cheese muzzarela, tomato and basil. It accompanies olive oil flavored with basil and cream of balsamic aceto.

Calabresa to Dijon     29,50

Cheese muzela, calabrian flambéed to white wine with special mustard cream Dijon

Spinach to the Gorgonzola     29,90

Grilled cheese, spinach with white wine and gorgonzola cream

Funghi Secchi     32,80

Cheese muzela, cream of dried mushrooms with wine reduction

Arugula with Dried Tomatoes     29,80

Cheese muzzarela, selected rúculas and dried tomatoes

Domain     29,90

Mujo cheese, curd cheese with creamed beef and cane molasses

Dried meat     29,30

Grilled cheese with creamed beef and pumpkin puree

Chicken with Catupiry cheese     29,60

Shredded chicken with white wine and cream of catupiry

Chicken Strogonoff     28,70

Chicken stroganoff with potato straw nest

Strogonoff from Filet Mignon     37,50

Strogonoff of filet mignon with straw potato nest

Herbes Provence     39,90

Cubes of filet mignon to red wine and Provence herbs, accompanied with herbs and crispy garlic butter

Filet au Poivre     38,50

Classic French recipe with cubes of filet mignon and delicious sauce of green peppers

Filet of Spinach Cream with Gorgonzola     37,50

Mozzarella cheese, cubes of filet mignon with gorgonzola sauce and spinach with white wine cream

Filet Gorgonzola     38,50

Filet Mignon with gorgonzola sauce

Cod The Cream     38,50

Grilled cheese, shredded cod with creamy sauce, potatoes, onions and garlic

Zé do Pipo Codfish     37,80

Grilled cheese, shredded cod with olive oil, potatoes, onions, peppers and black olives

Shrimp In Curry     39,50

Cheese muzzarella, curry shrimp with garan masala, pineapple and peanut

shrimp Siciliano     38,80

Grilled cheese, prawns with sicilian lemon with fresh fennel sauce

Cervantes     28,90

A homage to the traditional Rio sandwich. Tasty, well-seasoned shank with mozzarella cheese and caramelized pineapple

Crepe Caprese     28,90

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto sauce

Sweets Crepes

Nutella     27,90

Chocolate Banana Banana     26,40

Banana with Nutella     28,60

Banana with Cheese and Chocolate Syrup     27,40

Cheese, banana and chocolate syrup

Banana, Cheese and Caramel with Spices     26,80

Mujarela cheese, banana and caramel syrup seasoned with spices

Banana, Cinnamon and Sugar     23,90

Banana, Cheese, Cinnamon and Sugar     27,90

Muela cheese, banana, cinnamon and sugar

Strawberry with chocolate syrup     28,60

Strawberry with Nutella     29,90

Pomme au Chocolat     28,90

Homemade apple jelly with chocolate syrup and ice cream

Pomme au Caramel     27,50

Homemade apple jelly and homemade caramel syrup seasoned with spices

Wild fruits     34,50

Delicious syrup with blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and chocolate syrup

Suzette     36,90

Traditional French crepe made with juice and zest of selected oranges, flambéed in orange liqueur (accompanies ice cream ball)

Salted Waffles (Belgian)

Waffle Herbes Provence     32,50

Cubes of filet mignon to red wine and Provence herbs (accompanying herbal butter and crispy garlic)

Arugula Waffle and Dried Tomatoes     27,50

Mashed potatoes cheese, arugula and dried tomatoes

Waffle Domaine     28,50

Beef, rennet cheese and cane molasses

Creamy Meat Waffle with Pumpkin Puree     27,80

Creamed beef and pumpkin puree

Spinach and Gorgonzola Waffle     25,50

Spinach with white wine and gorgonzola cream

Waffle Caprese     26,60

Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce

Waffles Sweets (Belgian)

Waffle with Butter     15,50

Waffle with Honey     19,90

Waffle with Maple Syrup     23,80

Waffle with Chocolate Syrup     18,90

Waffle with Banana, Cinnamon and Sugar     19,50

Waffle with Banana and Chocolate Syrup     19,80

Waffle with Banana and Handmade Caramel Sauce     19,80

Waffle with Banana and Nutella     24,50

Waffle with Strawberry and Chantilly     25,50

Waffle with Strawberry and Chocolate Syrup     24,50

Waffle with Strawberry and Nutella     27,50

Waffle with Nutella     26,70

Wild Fruit Waffle     31,50

Delicious syrup with blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and chocolate syrup

Waffle Pomme au Caramel     24,50

Homemade apple jelly and homemade caramel syrup seasoned with spices

Waffle with Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup     26,10

Waffle with Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce     26,10

Bubble Waffle

Delicious batter of waffle puffs, which leave the dessert super light.

Banana with Caramel and Ice Cream     28,90

Wild Fruits with Chocolate Syrup     34,50

Kit Kat, Chocolate Syrup and Ice Cream     28,50

Strawberry, Chocolate Chip and Ice Cream     27,50

M & M, Chantilly, Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream     26,50

Nutella, Strawberry and Ice Cream     29,50

Nutella, Banana and Ice Cream     27,50

Special Desserts

Waffle with Petit Gateau de Chocolate     28,90

Belgian waffle with the traditional French Petit Gateau, chocolate syrup and ice cream

Lemon pie     15,50

Perfect combination of Sweet and Sour with Crunchy Dough.

Profiterole     27,50

Delicious traditional French dessert, carolinas stuffed with handmade cream ice cream topped with chocolate sauce

Ice cream

Ice Cream Sundae     19,90

Colegial     13,80

Banana Split     24,50

Milk shake     19,00


Wild Fruit Frappé     17,90

Cream ice cream, wild fruits, whipped cream and wild fruit syrup

Ovomaltine Frappé     16,90

Cream Ice Cream, Ovomaltine and Whipped Cream

Frappé de Oreo     16,90

Cream ice cream, crushed Oreo biscuit and whipped cream


Café 100% arabica, produced in our city, with high standard of quality and superior classification.

Hot Cafés

Espresso     5,90

Double     8,70

Double Espresso

Coffee with milk     6,50

Vienense coffee     12,50

Espresso with whipped cream

Macchiato     6,90

Short espresso with small amount of hot milk and milk cream

Mocha     10,90

Espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk and cream

Mocha Caramelisè     11,80

Espresso, caramel syrup, steamed milk and milk cream

Orange Cafe     14,30

Espresso, orange jelly, orange liqueur and milk cream

Coffee Nutella     15,40

Espresso, steamed milk, cream of milk, Ovomaltine and Nutella

La Fleur Cafe     16,20

Espresso, Amarula liqueur, cream of milk, cinnamon and paçoca

Italian Cappuccino     12,60

Espresso and milk cream
Cafés Ice Cream

Frappuccino     15,50

Espresso, whipped cream and cream ice cream

Frappe Noix     16,80

Espresso, cashew, condensed milk, whipped cream and cream ice cream

Affogato     13,90

Espresso, 3 (three) balls of cream ice cream and chocolate syrup


Chocolate milk based drinks

Chocolate in the Sky     12,50

Hot Belgian creamy chocolate served with cotton candy

creamy hot chocolate     11,90

Creamy Belgian chocolate


A great variety of teas and infusions of diverse origins, cultivated with special techniques to preserve the aromatic and healthy characteristics.

Fresh Colada     13,90

Infusion time: 2 min. Functionality: Diuretic and Antioxidant

Grace Blend Red     13,90

Infusion time: 3-4 min. Functionality: Depurative, helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol

Magic Forest     13,90

Infusion time: 5-6 min. Functionality: Digestive and Antioxidants

Camomilla Golden     13,90

Infusion time: 5-6 min.
Functionality: Relaxing and Digestive

Indian Secret     13,90

Infusion time: 8-10 min.
Functionality: Revitalizing and Digestive

Berry Fields     13,90

Infusion Time: 4 min
Functionality: Energizing

Rooibos La Provence     13,90

Infusion time: 5-6 min.
Functionality: Isotonic, muscle relaxant, replenishment of mineral salts.
Teas Imported Soluble (sweetened)

Raspberry, Wild Fruits, Lemon, Apple, Mint and Peach     9,90



Waffle G     7,00

Waffle P     3,50

Maple Syrup     8,50

Nutella     8,50

Chocolate syrup     4,00

Whipped Cream     5,50

Mel     3,90

Molasses     3,90

Banana     3,00

Strawberry     4,50

Ice cream ball     7,50

Caramel syrup     4,00

Bar Bites

Waffle G     7,00

Waffle P     3,50

Mozzarella     4,50

Calabrese     4,20

Turkey breast     6,50

Ham     4,50

Gorgonzola     8,50

Potato nest     3,50

Leek     5,00

Butter     3,50

Olive     6,50


Additional 1     5,50

Additional 2     6,50

Additional 3     7,50

Stopper     30,00

Packing     2,90


Water     5,80

Soda Water     5,80

Aquarius Fresh     6,90

Soft Drink     6,50

Schweppes Tônica     7,50

Schweppes Citrus     7,50

Natural juice     8,90

Pulp Juice     7,90

Organic Grape Juice     8,80

Juice Detox     8,90

Green (apple, orange, cucumber, mint, kale and green tea)
Beta (orange, acerola, apple, carrot, mango, peach, tangerine, cucumber and papaya)
Purple (grape, strawberry, blackberry, apple, beet, ginger, açaí, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry)

Italian Soda     13,50

Alcoholic Beverages

Beer Long Neck     11,90

Handmade Beer (Consult the waiter)    

Red Label     19,90

Black Label     23,50

Cutty Sark     18,00

Jack Daniels     21,00

43 liquor     19,90

Amarula     19,90

Port wine     19,90

Cointreau     19,90

Limoncello     19,90

Handcrafted in our Bistro

Flower     29,00

Drink created exclusively for our Bistro, made with vodka, sweet & sour beetroot, lemon juice, red pepper syrup and hibiscus

Aperol Spritz     29,90

Aperol, sparkling wine and sparkling water

Kir Royal     27,00

Cassis liqueur with sparkling wine

Cosmopolitan     28,00

Vodka, Cointreau, cramberry juice, granadine and Sicilian lemon juice

Moscow Mule     29,00

Vodka, ginger syrup, ginger foam and Sicilian lemon juice

French 75     26,00

Lemon juice, sparkling and sugar

Gin Tonic     28,50

Gin, tonic and Sicilian lemon syrup

Apple Martini     29,80

Vodka infused in vanilla, apple juice, green apple syrup and Cointreau



Brut Crystalline Cava     99,90

(Macabeo / Xarello / Parrlada)
Jaume serra

Gran Legado Brut Charmat     79,90

(Chardonnay / Riesling / Merlot)
Maison Forrestier

Rio Sol Brut Rosé     85,00

Vitivinicola Rio Sol

Gran Legado     79,90

Maison Forrestier

Cavic     69,90

(Moscatel de Alexandria / Criolla Grande)

urban     89,90

Alpha Crux

Corinth Estate     89,90

Corinth Winery

Petirrojo Reserva     129,00

(Sauvignon Blanc)
Viña Brisquertt

San Jose de Apalta     69,90

(Sauvignon Blanc)
Santa Cristina

Domaine Bousquet Premiun     129,00

Domaine Bousquet

Petirrojo Reserva     127,00

(Country Red)
Viña Bisquertt

Rio Sol     69,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah)
Rio Sol

Cavic     67,00

(Bequignol / Sangiovese / Lambrusco / Maestri / Meunier / Caberinta)

urban     89,00

Alpha Crux

urban     89,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon)
Alpha Crux

La Puerta Classico     127,00

Valle de La Puerta

Domaine Bousquet Premiun     125,00

Domaine Bousquet

Here We Are All Locos     206,00

(Tempranillo / Ancelotta)
Bodegas Nivem

Passionado Cuatro Cepas     645,00

(Malbec / Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot)
Cuatro Strains

San Jose de Apalta     69,00

San Jose de Apalta
(Cabernet Sauvignon)
San Jose de Apalta

San Jose de Apalta     69,00

San Jose de Apalta

Corinth Estate     89,00

Corinth Winery

Corinth Estate     89,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon)
Corinth Winery

Petirrojo Reserva     127,00

Viña Bisquertt

Aliwen Reserva     139,00

(Pinot Noir)
Undurraga Vineyard

Armor     189,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon)
Viña Odfjell

Garzòn Estate     195,00

(Tannat / Marcelan / Cabernet Franc / Petit Verdot)
Bodegas Garzòn

80 Regional Alentejo     109,00

(Aragonez / Syrah / Alicante Bouschet)

Lime Harvest     119,00

(Alicante Bouchet / Aragonez / Alfrocheiro)
Herdade Monte da Cal

Quinta do Encontro     116,00

(Touriga Nacional)
Quinta do Encontro

Castillo Murviedro     120,00

(Tempranillo / Bobal)
Murviedro Wineries

Classic Borsion     139,00

Borsão Wineries

A. Mare     142,00

Wind Tower

Rubicon     127,00

Vezzani Rocca

Sicilian lands     159,00

(Nero d'Avola)
Vezzani Rocca

Terra Rossa di Manduria     540,00

Terra Rossa

Lipsticks     159,00

Tenute Rossetti

Reserve Tradition     179,00

(Cinsault / Syrah / Grenache / Mourvèdre)
Morin Perè & Fils

Poeme Grande Reserve     230,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah)
LGI Wines

Kumala     129,00

(Merlot / Pinotage)
Kumala Wines
South Africa
Half bottle wine

Petirrojo Reserva (White)     78,00

Viña Bisquertt

Domaine Bousquet Premiun     79,00

Viña Bisquertt

Petirrojo Reserva     78,00

Viña Bisquertt

San Jose de Apalta     49,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon)
San Jose de Apalta

80 Regional Alantejano     74,00

(Aragonez / Syrah / Alicante Bouschet)

Spur Alandra     45,00

(Moreto / Castelão / Trincadeira)
Herdade do Esporão
1/4 bottle wines

Petirrojo Reserva (White)     42,00

(Sauvignon Blanc)
Viña Bisquertt

Petirrojo Reserva     42,00

(Cabernet Sauvignon)
Viña Bisquertt

Brisa (Red or White) or Mancura (White)     41,00

Brisa (Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay) or Mancura (Sauvignon Blanc)
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