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Restaurante Gosto com Gosto

Why do I like it? It is the junction of the great palate of the dishes with the decoration of great taste. Chef Mônica proposes to rescue the stories and the tradition of Minas Gerais, through their abundant, light and succulent dishes, prepared in a beautiful wood stove, open to visitation.

The gastronomic "orgia" can begin with a wonderful cassava cupcake or with the sausage on the plate that is made without preservatives in the restaurant itself, accompanied of course by one of the most 200 brands of cachaça that Taste Tastes has.

From then on, only the doubt arises between the tutu the miner, the bean tropeiro, the happeiro hen in the brown sauce, the now and now the pro-nobis chicken and the mired cow. You think everything ends there? Ledo mistake! It begins a new dilemma among the delicious sweets (which are also all made in the restaurant itself, on the wood stove with copper pans). Among them, milk candy, soft coconut, pumpkin with coconut, banana, good-bit, guava, apple, earthy orange, papaya ...

To finish you can order a delicious espresso, smoke a Cuban cigar accompanied by a cognac, or keep the tradition and roll a straw cigarette by the fireplace.

Cláudio and Mônica usually say that the only things that escape the mining tradition, but that they make a point of keeping to give more personality to the restaurant, are the wines that go from French to Portuguese and the songs that are between the style Lorrena McKeronitt and Vivaldi .

Taste with Taste is commanded by Mônica Rangel from 1994. The chef makes all the sausages served and sold in the restaurant, as well as the sweets, chutneys and jams made on the wood stove.

Even when not in the restaurant, gastronomic life does not stop: in order to challenge local cooks to discover a thousand possibilities for pinhão, a characteristic fruit of the Mantiqueira mountain range, the chef, together with other residents, set up the Visconde de Mauá Commercial Association ( ACVM) and conceived the Visconde de Mauá Gastronomic Competition, which brings together local cooks and great national and international chefs. But when it comes to traveling the world, the chef has been to several events, giving lectures, cooking demonstrations and even cooking for the World Cup in Germany. Monica also coordinated a gastronomic cruise for 9 years taking our cuisine abroad, in partnership with Costa Cruises and Royal Caribbean. She was also one of the judges of the Cooks in Action Program at GNT for 3 years.


Couvert I like with taste 29,00
Rings of sausage Taste with taste, crackling, natural fermentation bread and butter (for 2 people)
Parmesan Cheese Stuffed Cassava Cake 25,00
(6 units)
Pork Sausage I like with the plate 32,00
3 Taste Sausages (80g each) grilled on the plate with olive oil, accompanied by onion rings and peppers
Trio of Sausages Taste with Taste 39,00
Pork, lamb and chicken sausages Taste with Taste (80g each) grilled on the plate with olive oil, accompanied by onion rings, 2 cassava dumplings and season fruit chutney
Angu with Sausage 32,00
Mineral version of the creamy polenta, served with gorgonzola cheese and topped with pork sausage ragu Taste with Taste
Friend bean 12,00
Bean stew with local parmesan, popcorn toast, olive oil and green scent

Boa Lembrança's Dish

With great pride we are part of the Good Souvenir Restaurants Association, while savoring in our restaurant this suggestion, you will get a ceramic dish for your collection.



All ½ plate orders will be added by 20%. All sausages, pastries, breads, cheeses, peppers and chutneys are made by us and are for sale. The ora-pro-nobis, cabbage, green scent and peppers are organic and planted on our property.

Grilled Picanha Picanha 90,00
With jabuticaba sauce from our backyard. Picanha of pork sliced ​​and grilled on the plate with olive oil, accompanied by colored potatoes, farofa and rice (for 2 people)
Angus Miner's Chopper 105,00
Chopped on the tip of the knife. Accompanied by tutu, farofa, rice and 2 fried eggs (for 2 people)
A Mineira Tutu 99,50
Cream of bean miner, accompanied by pork ribeye roasted in low temperature with orange sauce, sausage rings, crunchy cracker, boiled egg, cabbage from our vegetable garden and rice (for 2 people)
Tropeiro beans 99,50
Bean grains, seasoned with bacon, sausage, eggs, accompanied by roasted pork ribeye at low temperature to orange sauce, cabbage from our braised vegetable garden and rice (for 2 people)
Zú's Mexidão 55,00
Classic tasting dish with taste, consisting of a scrambled rice, beans, cubes of file mignon, eggs, bacon and sausage (for 1 person)
Milanese steak 60,00
Breaded and fried steak. Accompany mashed potatoes, beans and rice (for 1 person)
Hide and Seek 60,00
Sausage Cumbuca topped with creamy cassava puree, comes with farofa, rice and beans (for 1 person)

Salmon trout

Fillet of Trout with Rosemary 59,00
Salmon-colored trout, served with rosemary sauce and cream of fresh milk, accompanied by mashed cassava and rice (for 1 person)

Trout with couscous of sheep's milk sauce and citrus sauce 69,00
Cassava flour, couscous type, coming from Amazonia, from the City of Uarini.


Preparation time whole chicken approximately 40 minutes

Chicken with okra 95,00
Whole chicken, golden and cooked in the stone pot of soap.Add rice, beans and angu of ora-pro-nobis or plain. (for 2 people)
Chicken with Ora-pro-nobis 95,00
Whole chicken, golden and cooked in stone soap dish. It accompanies rice, beans and orang-ora-pro-nobis or plain. (for 2 people)
Chicken with Milanesa 60,00
Breaded chicken breast and fried. Accompany mashed potatoes, beans and rice (for 1 person)
Taste Chicken 62,00
Chicken with rice, okra, banana, peanut. Accompany beans and farofa

Vegetarian / Vegan

Gabi's Hideout 60,00
Braised soy meat with tomato sauce, under a cream of cassava and cheese. It accompanies rice and cabbage from our braised vegetable garden (for 1 person)
Vegan Tropeiro 60,00
Beans with vegetables and grilled mushrooms. Serves kale, rice and chickpea burger (for 1 person)

Side Dishes

Torresmo - crackling popcorn 25,00
Pork Sausage Rings Taste with Fried taste 20,00
French fries 13,00
Fried cassava 25,00
A Mineira Tutu 20,00
Tropeiro beans 23,00
Bean 15,00
Rice 12,00
farofa 12,00
Angu 10,50
Cabbage or braised ora-pro-nobis 12,50
Fried egg 5,90
Puree Of Cassava 20,00


Sweets made in the copper pot and in the restaurant. Courtesy being is equivalent to the number of dishes ordered at the table. Exaggerated leftovers in the dish will also be charged.

Homemade sweets (per person) 18,00
Courtesy if it is equivalent to the number of dishes x people ordered at the table. Exaggerated leftovers will also be charged


Drinks with Gin Amazzoni 25,00
Tropicalia, Hibiscus Gin, Gin Mango, Gin tonic, Waters of Taste
Caipirinha / Caipvodka
Lemon or Tahiti 15,00 / 20,00
Special Fruits 18,00 / 22,00
See the waiter
Bhoemia, Petra, Malzibier, Heineken and Stella 9,50
Heineken Premium, Sierra Malte and original 600ml 15,00
Paulaner 500ml 25,00
Peacock Valley 600ml 20,00/25,00
Blond and IPA
Therezópolis Gold 600ml 20,00
Elbers Blonder or Lumiere Serrinha / RJ 500ml ?? Handcrafted 20,00
Juices and Waters
Natural orange juice 9,00
Lemon juice 8,00
Green juice (orange, apple, cabbage and ginger) 15,00
Terragnolo grape juice 12,00
Valley Juice 8,00
Soft Drink 6,00
Silver mineral water 355ml 5,00
Ice Tea 6,00
Espresso 5,50
Other Drinks
Red Label Whiskey - dose 18,00
Black Label Whiskey - dose 25,00
Wine Merlot / Malbec Monica Rangel - cup 15,00
Amarula Liqueur, 43 and Baileys - dose 15,00
Gin Tonica Amazzoni 25,00
Taste Waters, Tropicalia, Gin Mango, Hibiscus Gin
Spirit of Taste 19,50
White Cachaça, lily of the field lily, homemade yeast, floral, delicate

Taste Emporium

Take the Taste to Your Home

Books Mônica Rangel
Interpretations of Taste 116,00
Magali Recipe Book 76,50
For Love To Taste - Dalton Rangel 49,90
Recipes with sprouts 25,00
Wines Mônica Rangel (Vinicola Almaunica / RS)
Merlot Malbec 75,00
Chardonnay Super Premmium 125,00
4 Super Premium Grapes 125,00
Sparkling Rose 105,00
Cachaças I like with taste
500ml white 30,00
With honey 500ml 40,00
With honey 250ml 25,00
Aging 500ml 40,00
Aging 250ml 25,00
Craft Sausages Taste with Taste (Take it home in the heat bag Taste with Taste)
Pig kg 30,00
Lamb kg 85,00
Chicken kg 30,00
Loin with Bacon kg 35,00
I like candy with taste
Sweet milk 268g 18,00
Soft coconut 268g 18,00
Lemon Sweet 268g 20,00
Banana candy 268g 18,00
Chutney or jelly or honey 268g 22,00
Guava or banana crust 30,00

Several products I like

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50ml pepper 10,00
250ml flavored olive oil 25,00
Salty Mix 100g 20,00
Farofa 500g 25,00
Mandioca Cake 29,00
(6 units)
Cheese Bread (15 units) 20,00
Custom shirts 39,90
Mugs with landscape of Visconde de Mauá 30,00
Medium Aromatiser 26,00
Large room aroma 40,00
Calico bag 35,00
Thermal bag 35,00
Cheese ripening box 100,00


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