Don Romano Cantina and Pizzeria

Don Romano Cantina e Pizzaria

The Family Don Romano is happy to welcome them into our home.

To better serve them, we inform you that our dishes are prepared at the time of your order and that, with rare exceptions, do not work with semi-processed or pre-prepared dishes, especially dishes with meats compounds. For this reason, the time "average" for completion of applications may vary between 40 and 50 minutes, increasing gradually when the house is quite moving. Inquire with your waiter about the average time for completion of the dishes at the time of your order. While your request is not enough, we have the starters, salads and cold track. And rest assured that your dishes are prepared with loving care in the world.

Since 1988 offering to friends and clients a special service, beyond great products, always prepared with love.

Our pasta and sauces are house-made and are always fresh, without additives or preservatives.

Our pizza is also house-made and wood ovened with a lot of effort and affection.


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Whisky e Cognac

Cachaça, Distillates and Liqueurs

Drinks and Cocktails

Chopp and Beers

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SHIS QI 11, Lago Sul

Brasília, DF

Cep: 71625205.

Opening hours:

Mon-Thurs: 11: 30 to 23: 30

Fri-Sat: 11: 30 the 00: 00

Dom: 12: 00 the 23: 00

Payment methods:

Cash, Visa and Mastercard.

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