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Garlic bread

freshly baked muffin bread stuffed with garlic and cheese cream

10 und 21,90 () - 5 und 12,90 ()

Beef carpaccio 29,90

Very thin slices of beef with arugula, parmesan, capers and mustard sauce.

White pizza (crispy parmesan) 10,90

Crispy dough covered with extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, salt and parmesan.

Focaccia 10,90

Artisan bread drizzled with olive oil, rosemary, salt and parmesan.

Pork Shank Sausage 6,80

Sausage of pure pork shank made on charcoal (unit).

Beef rib sausage (10) units

Angus rib sausage served with spicy dark mustard.

49,90 () - 1/2 portion 29,90 ()

Stuffed chicken wing made on charcoal 41,90

Wings boneless, stuffed with provolone and grilled over hot coals. Pack of 10 units.

Fillet Appetizer 54,90

Filet mignon cubes, grilled, served with Madeira sauce, onions and bread.

Breaded Fish 39,90

Breaded fish strips served with tartar sauce

Chicken Gurjão 39,90

Breaded chicken strips served with rosè sauce

Angus rib burger 39,90

Tasty angus rib burger, served with brioche bread, tomato, American lettuce, sliced ​​rib sausage, spiced mayonnaise and fries

Burrata Cheese 49,90

Creamy cheese accompanied by fresh arugula leaves, braised aubergine in olive oil and oven-baked foccacia with rosemary.

Meat for 2 people

Choose your noble cut and choose 2 side dishes, including campaign sauce and home-made flour.

Rump Heart 129,90

0,550gr to 0,600 gr of a juicy cut of the rump core

Angus flanker 179,90

0,550 gr to 0,600 gr

Side Dishes

Wacky rice

White rice

Broccoli rice

Farofa eggs

French fries

Portuguese potato

Fried Cassava

Mashed potatoes



Ancho steak (ribay) 0,300gr 64,90

juicy beef cut with streaky fat

Chorizo ​​steak 0,300gr 64,90

juicy cut taken from the middle of the counter file

Sliced ​​picanha 0,300gr 64,90

no need for the queen of barbecue

File mignon 0,300gr 59,90

for those who don't like fat but like good meat

Choose two side dishes

Egg pilaf

rice, bacon, eggs, peas and straw potatoes

French fries

White rice

broccoli rice

Portuguese potato

Fried Cassava

egg flour

Mashed potatoes

ceasar salad

mixed salad

american lettuce, purple lettuce, arugula, heart of palm, onion and tomato

Side Dishes

Brown Rice 19,90

Wacky rice 25,90

Rice, bacon, egg, pea and potato straw.

Rice piedmontese 34,50

Rice, bechamel sauce, parmesan and mushroom

White rice 11,80

Black beans 12,50

Palm risotto 43,90

Rice, sour cream, heart of palm, butter and parmesan.

Farofa eggs 17,90

Cassava flour, eggs and butter

Farofa in butter 15,90

Cassava flour toasted in butter.

Farofa + vinaigrette 15,90

Fried egg 6,90

Grilled Vegetables 38,90

Fried Cassava 34,90

French fries 27,90

Rustic potato 32,90

Palm heart grilled 32,90


Escalopinho of filet mignon 44,90

grilled escalopes, served with piamontese rice, champgon, french fries and wood sauce.

File a parmegiana 52,90

breaded mignon covered with mozzarella and ham and pomodori sauce served with white rice, mashed potatoes or fries.

grilled chicken 38,90

grilled chicken file served with broccoli rice ceasar salad or mashed potatoes.

Salmon 54,90

Grilled salmon served with shrimp sauce with capers with brocolis rice, mashed potatoes or ceasar salad


Caesar 32,90

American lettuce, croutons, homemade sauce and parmesan.

Summer Salad 36,90

American lettuce, arugula, mango, kani with mustard and honey sauce.

Mixed salad 34,90

Mix of leaves, heart of palm, tomato and onion.

Burrata salad 49,90

Mix of leaves, creamy Italian cheese, croutons and pesto sauce.

How about a pasta?

R $ 45,90 Penne, spaguet, fetuccine and gnocchi
Choose a sauce of your choice.



White sauce

Tomato sauce

Four Cheese


Special pasta with shrimp or strips of file mignon R $ 57,90

Garlic and oil

White sauce

Catupiry sauce

With tomatoes


Spaghetti 19,90

Bolognese or tomato sauce

Fillet with fries 27,90

Chicken with mashed potatoes 25,90



Mozzarella, sauce and oregano.

38,90 (25 cm) - 49,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, tomato, parmesan and oregano.

38,90 (25 cm) - 49,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, pepperoni sausage, sauce and oregano.

42,90 (25 cm) - 54,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, tomato, basil and oregano.

39,90 (25 cm) - 52,90 (35 cm)

Garlic and oil

Mozzarella, sauce, garlic and oregano.

38,90 (25 cm) - 49,90 (35 cm)

Buffala mozzarella

Buffala mozzarella, sauce and oregano.

43,90 (25 cm) - 60,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, black olives, pepperoni sausage, onion and oregano.

39,90 (25 cm) - 52,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, tomato, aliche and oregano.

49,90 (25 cm) - 64,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, canned tuna, onion and oregano.

42,90 (25 cm) - 54,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, sauce, heart of palm, olive and oregano.

46,90 (25 cm) - 54,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, ham, pepperoni sausage, boiled eggs, onions, tomatoes, peppers, olives and oregano.

46,90 (25 cm) - 59,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, egg, ham, champignon, olive and oregano.

46,90 (25 cm) - 59,90 (35 cm)

4 Cheese

Mozzarella, catupiry, gorgonzola, parmesan and provolone.

49,90 (25 cm) - 62,90 (35 cm)


Mozzarella, Italian eggplant, parmesan and oregano.

49,90 (25 cm) - 64,90 (35 cm)

Pomodori secchi

Buffalo mozzarella, dried tomatoes, arugula, capers, olives and oregano.

45,90 (25 cm) - 59,90 (35 cm)

Dom Helio

Mozzarella, catupiry, canadian style tenderloin, onion, olive and oregano.

49,90 (25 cm) - 61,90 (35 cm)

Chicken with Catupiry

Mozzarella, shredded chicken, catupiry and oregano.

48,90 (25 cm) - 59,90 (35 cm)


Buffala mozzarella, parma ham, basil and oregano.

54,90 (25 cm) - 69,90 (35 cm)

Shrimp With Catupiry

Mozzarella, shrimp, catupiry and oregano.

52,90 (25 cm) - 69,90 (35 cm)

Sweet Pizzas


29,90 (small 25cm) - 46,90 (large 35 cm)

White chocolate with strawberries

29,90 (small 25cm) - 46,90 (large 35 cm)

Dark chocolate with strawberries

29,90 (small 25cm) - 44,90 (large 35 cm)

Banana calzone with brigadeiro

29,90 (small 25cm) - 46,90 (large 35 cm)


29,90 (small 25cm) - 46,90 (large 35 cm)

Romeu e Julieta

29,90 (small 25cm) - 42,90 (large 35 cm)


Petit gateau 27,90

Roasted banana with ice cream 19,90

Popsicles 4,90

Ice cream (pot) 7,90

Brigadeiro with ice cream 19,90


Juice glass (300ml) 7,90

See seasonal fruit.

Juice jar (800ml) 19,90

See seasonal fruit.

Soda (290ml) 7,60

Ice tea, tonic water, citrus 7,60

Can juice 7,60

Sparkling or Natural Water 6,20

Energy drink Vrauu 14,90

Espresso 5,30

Draft Beer

Chopp 8,90


Chopp (garotinho) 7,90


600ml 16,90

Craft beers 24,90

Long neck 9,90


Frangélico 22,90

Amarula 22,90

Cointreau 22,90

Drambuie 26,90


Whiskey (8 years) 21,50

Whiskey (12 years) 25,90


Gin Dom Helio 26,90

Tanqueray gin, cramperie syrup, strawberry, zero tonic water, and lemon zest

Classic Gin 28,90

Gin tanqueray, lemon slices, juniper seed and zero tonic.

Aperol spitz 26,90

sparkling wine, aperol, sparkling water and orange slices.

Mojito 24,80

free hand run, cointreau, fresh mint, sugar and sprite.

Caipvodka 24,90

Caipvodka absolut 29,90

Caipirinha 21,90

Special caipirinha with holy degree 27,90

Caipsake 26,90

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