Divine Gastronomy

Divino Gastronomia

In the heart of the city, the detail that was missing the reference. Yes sophisticated, irreverent too, but only in its proposal.

The inspiration of the Divine is in contemporary cuisine, either in the executive lunch or dinner with the menu prepared for you. Wines, beers, main dishes and various snacks invite you to pleasant and beautiful moments, as if time stood still for you to comment: "This is a place to see and enjoy life and the city."

The Divine, the matching of flavors and tastes is a fundamental concept as far as contemporary cuisine, in the sense of the human sensory pleasure, with the goal of chef dazzle you customer. It is also the label that create and recreate without clinging to rigid rules, giving wings to imagination, acting freely but responsibly, with great respect to the original flavors and properties of food. The whole context expressed: choose power is divine!

Executive lunch


The Divino offers the best in gastronomy, translated in flavors and aromas unequaled. Therefore, each month prepares a menu of suggestions prepared by the Chef, with products of excellent quality.

This menu consists of a selection of special dishes, which are presented as tasty and fast options to suit every palate and appreciate good food.


A wonderful variety of flavors and aromas the world to taste. Before, during or after a main course, enjoy this option. The inspiration is mainly Italian, with its familiar traditions in the cultivation of spices and aromas, which always refer to the good table and the conviviality.

Starting at 11h30min
R $ 9,80 (100g)

Starters & Snacks

To share

Salmon tartar with mini salad

Salmon cut into cubes, seasoned with herb oil, and purple onion confit, accompanied by mini salad

White fish Divine

Breaded fish lures in panko

Cameroon Divine

Shrimp breaded in panko and lemon cream

Carpaccio Mignon

Blades of raw meat to near black olives, parmesan and rocket leaves

Steak Tartar

Filet mignon raw finely sliced ​​red onion, capers, cucumber, Dijon mustard, seasoned sea salt and toast with olive oil and garlic

Entrecot a vinaigrette with farofa of mate

Entrecote grilled, filleted with vinaigrette Sautéed. Accompany mate farofa and fried yucca

Chicken Fingers in Panko

empanadas chicken bait in panko. Accompanied by cheese sauce and pepper jelly

Mignon to Cheese Gratin Sauce

Baits steak to mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese sauce. Came with warm bread

Mignon flamed

Filet mignon flambéed on cognac, purple onion, l'ancienne mustard, roti sauce and bacon farofa. Accompany warm breads

Bravas potatoes

Cubes of crispy potatoes with lightly spicy sauce

French Fries

Casserole Dried Meat

shredded dried beef sauteed with red onion and garlic. Accompanies fried yucca

Shrimp skewers with pineapple

(portion with 6 units)

5 Varieties of Brusquetas

Lula's rings to Dore

Fish Cakes


Pear with Gorgonzola

Pear with gorgonzola gratin cheese and mix of green leaves sprinkled with pecans

With summer fruits Station

lettuce, red lettuce, mango, strawberry and cheese Brie

Sea food

Shrimp, squid, seafood, mussels and octopus sautéed in olive oil and herbs, American lettuce, purple lettuce, watercress and croutons


Lettuce, arugula, watercress, tomato, ham and parmesan cheese crisp Parma


Todos os hambúrgueres do DIVINO acompanham fritas e salada mix de folhas com tomates cereja e molho Divino do Chef.


Hambúrguer de entrecot com 150g, queijo mussarela, fatias de bacon, molho Divino e cebola roxa confitada

Master Burguer

Hambúrguer de 200g, presunto Parma crocante, omelete, tomate alface, queijo mussarela e molho divino

Do Chef

Hambúrguer aberto de carne com 150g, coberto com molho de tomate, gratinado com queijo mussarela. (Não acompanha pão)

Burguer Mignon

Escalope de filé mignon 150g, cream cheese, queijo mussarela, alface roxa, alface americana e tomate cereja

Main Dishes


Rice Cod

Sautéed jasmine rice with cod in chips, red and white peppers, purple onion, black olives to the scent of olive oil and herbs.

Risotto Pescatore

Arborio rice, shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, fish, tomato sauce, saffron and basil

Risoto Campeiro

Arroz arboreo, charque, moranga cabotiá, green scents and parmesan.

Mushroom Risotto

Arborio rice, ragu paris mushrooms, fresh shimeji and parmesan

Risotto Mare Monte

Delicious sauteed filet risotto in oyster sauce, parmesan and fresh herbs

Moqueca Baiana

Fish stew with red and yellow peppers, purple onion, tomato, palm oil and coconut milk. accompanied by white rice and palm oil.

salmon Shimeji

grilled salmon with fresh shimeji, sautéed in butter and risotto leek

Divine cod

cod loin confit, black olives, red onion, potato, red and yellow peppers, parsley, garlic and olive oil

Truta di Maria

Grilled trout accompanied by baroa mousseline.


Penne grano hard to pomadoro sauce or cheese sauce as your choice

Spaghette 4 Formaggio with Funghy

Spaghette 4 Formaggio with Fillo Escalopes

Penne the Spring

Fillet steaks, buffalo mozzarella, green scents, olive oil and dried tomatoes.

Espaghette to Mare Frutti

Espaghete grano duro, shrimp, squid, octopus, white wine and herbs

Gnocchi San Pietro

Gnocchi pomodoro potatoes with parmesan shavings and crispy jamón ibérico

Sorrentino Mediterranean

Sorrentino stuffed with brie and apricot cheese with pink shrimp sauce.

Prime Rib Black Angus

Delicious Prime Rib with chimichuri, farofa of mate, roasted vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, purple onion and colorful pepper) and mix of green leaves. (for 2 people)

Parmegiana Fillet

Saborosíssimo breaded stuffed with cheese and ham steak, the red sauce, topped with grated cheese and served with white rice and French fries or espaghette sautéed in herb butter

Ribs to barbecue

Roasted pork ribs in a rustic barbecue sauce with sauteed potatoes in butter and herbs

Mignon Divino

Filet mignon stuffed with Brie cheese, fresh tomato sauce and basil, crispy Parma ham and potato chips

Steak ao Poivre

Toumedor grilled the sauce poivre vert, sautéed potatoes

Filé Paris

Grilled tournier with mushroom sauce in its own juice, accompanied by rustic potatoes stuffed with cheese.

Entrecote with pesto

Delicious grilled entrecote with pesto sauce, accompanied by chef's mini salad and sweet potatoes on the grill.

Entrecot the Bordelaise

Entrecote grilled the Bordelaise sauce with potato muslin and crispy parmesan

entrecot Djon

Entrecote grilled, the mustard sauce djon with Brie cheese tortellone

Carré Divine

grilled and flavored rack of lamb in herb sauce with risotto leek

Stracotto Lamb

lamb cooked palette at low temperature by 4 hours in their own sauce and parmesan risotto

Frango Light

Grilled chicken fillet with cherry tomato sauce and herbal butter. Accompany quinoa salad


Sequence cheese, meat and chocolate

Cheese and / or Chocolate


Creme Brullé

Red fruit Brulee cream

Thousand Milk Sweet Leaves

stuffed flatbread with fresh frothed milk

Souffle Chocolate

Soufflé baked chocolate in the oven with vanilla ice cream. Preparation time 20m

Divine Cup

Crunchy divine chocolate, vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce or reduction of red fruits in syrup

profiteroles Divine

stuffed flatbread with cream and chocolate covered with white chocolate ganache accompanied by vanilla ice cream

Petit Gateau

Divine chocolate crunch, cream ice cream and hot chocolate syrup or reduction of red fruits in syrup.



cafe Cortado

Coffee with milk and foam

Short coffe

Several teas

Request exhibitor

coffee Leaky

Espresso with milk



Espresso with Chantilly


Coffee, milk, chocolate, cinnamon and whipped cream

cocktail Coffee

Condensed milk, coffee, milk, brandy, whipped cream, chocolate chips

Cold coffee

Hot chocolate

DIVINE chocolate

Hot chocolate, port wine and whipped cream

Hot chocolate


hot chocolate, whipped cream and cinnamon


Red Bull Edition Red/Silver/Blue

Red Bull Energy Drink/Sugar Free


Caipirinha (cachaça)

Caipirinha Especial Decorada (rum)

Caipirosca Tropical (vodka)

Caipira de Absolut

Caipira Divino (cachaça)







Tequila Cuervo


Vodka Absolut

Vodka Smirnoff

Cachaça Reserva 51

Refrigerants / Water

Soft Drink

Sparkling water

Regular water

Coconut water

Natural juices

simple natural juices

Orange, strawberry, grape, lemonade and pineapple Switzerland

Seasonal fruit

Citrus - orange and lemon; autumn - apple, pear and orange; Fibers - Carrots, beets, papaya and orange; Refreshing - pineapple and mint; Alto Astral - apple, carrot and ginger.


Short Drinks


Tequila prata com sal e cointreau


Conhaque, creme de leite, creme de cacau

Dry Martini

Gin, Vermute Dry, azeitonas, casca de limão


Cachaça 51, servido gelado com um toque de mel e limão


Suco de laranja, Gin, Vermute Dry
Long Drinks


Abacaxi Fresh

Vodka, groselha,água com gás, concentrado de abacaxi


Vodka, suco de laranja. licor de pêssego, Chopp


Jack Daniel's, maracujá, açúcar, água sem gás

Coquetel de frutas

Leite condensado, creme de leite, suco de uva, suco de abacaxi, suco de maracujá e xarope de groselha

Pina Colada

Creme de leite, leite condensado, leite de coco, rum e suco de abacaxi

Sex on the Beach

Vodka nacional, licor de pêssego, suco de laranja e xarope de groselha


Cachaça 51, limão taiti, hortelã, refrigerante de limão, açúcar, gelo


Cachaça 51, limão taiti, limão siciliano, melado de cana, gelo




Hennessy Privilege

Whiskies Importados


Chivas 12 anos

12 anos

Chivas 18 anos

18 anos

Jack Daniel's

Johnnie Walker Red

Johnnie Walker Black


Chopp Stella Artois 275ml

Chopp Stella Artois 500ml

Chopp Stella Artois 1000ml

Chopp Brahma 300ml

Chopp Brahma 500ml

Chopp Brahma 1000ml


Long Neck Stella Artois 275ml

Stella Artois 550ml

Brahma Zero

Brahma Malzbier

Budweiser 355ml

Budweiser 600ml

Colorado Indica 600ml

Colorado Appia 600ml

Colorado Cauim 600ml

Colorado Demoiselle 600ml

Corona 355ml

Patagonia Bohemian Pilsener 740ml

Patagonia Weisse 740ml

Patagonia Amber Lager 740ml

Carta de Vinhos


Luis Argenta Moscatel

Don Guerino Prosecco

Don Giovanni Stravaganzza Moscatel

Don Giovanni Brut Rose

Luiz Argenta Brut Branca

Cave Pericó Brut Rose

Chandon Réserve Brut Branca

Chandon Riche Demi Sec

Casa Valduga Brut

Casa Valduga 130 anos Brut

Cava Negra Chardonnay

Casas dei Toqui Sauvignon Blanc

Vinhos Brancos

Don Guerino Moscato Giallo

Boscato Chardonnay

Vallontano Chardonnay

Don Guerino Torrontes Vintage

Casa Valduga Premium Chardonnay

Luiz Argenta Sauvignon Blanc

Finca la Daniela Chardonnay

Las Perdices Torrontes

Finca la Linda Viognier

Luigi Bosca Chardonnay

Casas del Toqui Sauvignon Blanc

Casas del Toqui Reserva Chardonnay

Vinhos Roses

Don Guerino Rose Malbec - Brasil

Luiz Argenta Rose - Brasil

Vinhos Tintos

Boscato Cabernet Sauvignon

Boscato Cave Merlot

Casa Valduga Naturele Tinto (Suave)

Don Guerino Reserva Merlot

LA Jovem Shiraz

Don Giovanni Cabernet Franc

Vallontano Reserva Tannat

Alto das Figueiras Merlot

Luiz Argenta Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Casa Valduga Premium Merlot

Luiz Argenta Gran Reserva Merlot

Boscato Gran Cave Merlot


Navaldar Tinto - Bodega Mateos

BIS Escolha do Enólogo Tinto - Alentejo / Portugal

Quinta do Espinho Douro DOC / Portugal

Le Clos de Reynon Tinto - Dordeaux / França

Luiz Canas Crianza Tinto / Rioja / Espanha


Finca la Daniela Malbec

Zentas Cabernet Sauvignon

Las Moras Cabernet Sauvignon

Las Perdices Malbec

Las Perdices Cabernet Sauvignon

Alfredo Roca Pinot Noir

Finca la Linda Tempranillo

Zentas Reserva Malbec

Miras Joven Pinot Noir

Solandes Malbec-Malbec Roble

Nieto Senetiner Malbec DOC

Bressia Sylvestra Malbec

Las Moras Black Label Malbec

Catena Malbec

Luigi Bosca Syrah

Bodega Oceano Gran Reserva Blend

Luigi Bosca Malbec DOC

Angelica Zapata Cabernet Sauvignon

Angelica Zapata Malbec

Bressia Profundo Blend Tinto


Casas dei Toqui Cabernet Sauvignon

Alma Tierra Carignan

Concha y Toro Reservado Carmenere

Santa Carolina Reserva Carmenere

Concha y Toro Reservado Cabernet Sauvignon

Hache Classic Carmenere

Terranoble Carmenere

Casas dei Toqui Reserva Pinot Noir

Casas del Toqui Terroir Selection Syrah

Hache Reserva Carmenere

Marron Reserva Especial Cabernet Saubignon

Starry Night Emocion Syrah

Catraia Grand Reserve Merlot

Casa Silva Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

De Martino Legado Carmenere


Carlos Montes Tannat Crianza

Alto de la Ballena Tannat / Merlot Cab. Franc

Meias Garrafas

Casa Valduga Moscatel

Casa Valduga Brut


Boscato Chardonnay


Boscato Cave Merlot - Brasil

Boscato Cave Cabernet Sauvignon - Brasil

Casas del Toqui Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

Nieto Senetiner Malbec- Argentina

Finca la Linda Malbec - Argentina

Finca la Daniela Rose Malbec - Argentina


Taça de Espumante Brut ou Moscatel

Taça de Vinho Tinto, Branco ou Tinto Suave

Taça de Clericot


43 Herbs





Port wine

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