Dom Francisco Pátio Brasil

Dom Francisco Pátio Brasil

Synonymous with good food and good wines, the name Dom Francisco is today a brand of high gastronomy in Brasilia. Francisco Ansiliero, the founding chef lends his name to the restaurant. Francisco's wife, Carmélia, also played a leading role in making desserts that would become classics in the city. The first home of the network, located in 402 south, was inaugurated in 1988 and was a simple shop, with only 8 tables. Success came quickly, as did affiliates. At 1993, Asbac was inaugurated, and 1997 opened the two units located in shopping malls, Park Shopping and Pátio Brasil. Today the four houses are administered as a network by Francisco's family.

Dom Francisco do Pátio Brasil is located in the heart of Brasilia and has been working for 11 years in the mall. Since opening in 1997, lives full of customers seeking quality and fair prices. With the same concern for serving the best buffet menu and maintain the tradition of excellence, the house - which was also completely remodeled in 2008 - keeps the best option for sophisticated and enjoyable meals.

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Full buffet

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Children's dishes

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SCS, Quadra 7 Bloco A, Loja 255

Pátio Brasil

Brasília - DF

Open Hours

Daily from 11: 30h to 22: 30h

and Sunday, from 11: 30 to 20h

Accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards

Room reserved for events

Wi-Fi available

2h parking bonus on Saturdays

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