Château du Valle

Château du Valle

Cooking is an act of connection between human beings and the nature, in it´s process to discover and experience the world. To cook for other person is an act of love, were we put our dreams, feelings and emotions materialized in different flavors that express our desire of becoming better persons.

10 kms away from Urubici , Château du Valle restaurant is localized at the most amazing place. On the top of the mountain and in front of "Fog valley", welcomes all of you to join us in the meeting and reverence for life.

In an inspiring atmosphere created by the designer Marcos Muhlbach, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy with special people unforgettable moments. 50 seats available, and a large parking lot surrounded by lush nature.

The restaurant was thought with all the love of our family. We wish you to feel at your home, enjoying the pleasure offered in this exact moment.



Soups and Creams

Handcrafted pasta

Fondue La Carte

Fondue sequence



Wine Menu



Rodovia SC 110, Km 385

São Cristóvão - Urubici/SC

CEP 88.650-000

(Vale da Neblina)



Of 19: 00 23h to: 00h.


* Reservations must be made by WhatsApp (48) 99922-9188.
* We will attend table reservations at the times of 19: 00h and 19: 30h, after these times, the service is on a first come first served basis.

* Reserve Delay Tolerance Time: 10 minutes

* In the case of non-booking and waiting, priority will be given to meeting reservations, then releasing the tables to those without reservation.


We accept Visa / Mastercard

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