Cantina da Massa

Cantina da Massa

With 24 years of tradition, Cantina da Massa offers its customers a familiar and cozy atmosphere. At night, its candlelight lighting, its charming balcony and its ambient music fill the house with romanticism for couples. With a menu full of delicious things, like vegan dishes, fish, salads, several entrees and exclusive executives! 

note: all our dishes have half a portion, worth 70% of the entire portion.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are ALSO serving via iFood and counter pickup. Service in the normal salon complying with all hygiene standards required by the competent body.


We accept Orders

Place your order by phone

With immense pleasure, Cantina da Massa accepts orders for home !!

We have packaging 500g (semi-medium) e 1kg (average) and the individual portions are on average 300g.

Order by phone (61 32268374) e remove at the counter, hot or cold! You choose! 

In fact you choose everything, just bring your pyrex from home that we set up just in time a beautiful lasagna or any pasta available at the store during store hours! (check the times below)

We have a very varied menu with starters, salads, meats, side dishes, pasta, risotto, sauces and our homemade desserts.





Ask for the App

With a reduced menu we now serve at Ifood within a 7km radius from the store!

Executive Menu

Enjoy our executive menu by:
- R$ 70,00 Pasta dishes
- R$ 80,00 dishes with filet

From Monday to Friday (except holidays), lunch only!

Choose one option of each: starter + main dish + dessert!


Rice Balls    

2 units fried rice dumpling! Family recipe! Serve with pepper jelly.

Organic Salad    

Complete salad with organic leaves, tomatoes, onions, beets, carrots and raisins.


1 unit of crispy homemade dough stuffed with melted provolone cheese.
Main Dishes

Lasagna Margherita (BRL 70,00)    

Lasagna made with wholegrain pasta, buffalo mozzarella cheese and juice sauce.

Ricotta Rondelli with 4 Cheeses (R$70,00)    

Pastry stuffed with ricotta, spinach and raisins with 4 cheese sauce.

Raviollone with 3 sauces (BRL 70,00)    

Cheese and Ham Raviolli with juice, pesto and 4 cheese sauces

Filet Parmegiana (BRL 80,00)    

Accompanying: Fettucine Alfredo OR Rice a Piamotese and Potato Straw

Escalope ao Poivre with Potato Soute (R$ 80,00)    

Filet mignon escalope in green pepper sauce with soute potato

Cantina Stewed (R$80,00)    

Filet mignon minced with rice, pochet egg, plantain farofa and potato straw.

Fruit of the Day    

See available options

Milk Pudding    

PannaCota with Guava    


Portion of baked parmesan cheese     25,40


Tapioca Cookies, Rice and Curd Cheese     49,90

Granulated tapioca dumpling, rennet cheese and milk.
Seasoned rice dumpling.
Breaded rennet cheesecake.

All breaded in our homemade breadcrumbs! With pepper jelly, also homemade!

Chicken broth (brodo) + Bread     26,40

Traditional broth in brodo of capeletti soup with 2 slices of home made homemade bread.

Mix of breads and butter balls     22,90

Mix of breads: homemade, Italian and homemade pasta.
They accompany the balls of butter with herbs and traditional too.

Entrada mista     49,40

Homemade breads and Italian with crispy house pasta and focaccia. It accompanies olive oil seasoned with balsamic vinegar and spices, butter balls, pepper jelly and eggplant antepaste.

Fillet Carpaccio     76,90

Fillet carpaccio with homemade mustard seasoning, arugula, capers and debts. Accompanying a basket of bread and crunchy homemade dough!

Salmon Carpaccio     88,90

Served in the same way as the filet carpaccio but salmon reigns supreme!!

Burrata     77,90

Handmade burrata, with reduced beetroot sauce, basil pesto and cherry tomatoes!

(we do not serve half a portion)

Bruschetta     52,40

Bruschetta from:
- Margherita (buffalo mozzarella, juice sauce, cherry tomatoes, garlic and basil)
- Melted Brie with fresh figs, parma ham and honey
- Arugula and sliced ​​Italian tomato
- Italian tomato, chopped and seasoned

Fried Polenta     46,90

Wonderfully crispy fried polenta portion!
We serve it with special parmesan cheese!

Added value for the option with parmesan grana padano cheese. Consult the waiter!

Breaded Brie Cheese     63,90

Delicious breaded brie cheese, made with homemade breadcrumbs! Accompanies blueberry jelly and organic green leaves!!

Provoleta     47,90

Homemade, crunchy dough with melted provolone, seasoned with chopped cherry tomatoes and basil.


Our salads are made with organic ingredients!

Mixed salad     44,90

Mixed leaves, tomato, onion and mango.
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free

Salada rasgada     44,90

Various torn leaves, tomato, raisin, buffalo mozzarella, cherry and Italian tomatoes and parmesan.
VegetarianGluten free

Salada de Rúcula     44,90

Arugula, tomato, buffalo mozzarella and balsamic reduction.
VegetarianGluten free

Caprese Salad     44,90

Sliced ​​buffalo mozzarella, Italian tomatoes and basil.
VegetarianGluten free

Breast Suggestions


Nhoque da fortuna     98,90

Mignon Escalope in Madeira Sauce with Potato Gnocchi in Funghi Sauce

Fillet Mignon Alto à Poivre or Mustard with Spaghettini à Donkey and Sage     98,90

Tall filet mignon with poivre sauce (green and pink peppers) or with dijon mustard sauce.
Accompany a delicious spaghettini (thin spaghetti) in butter and sage!

Escalope with Madeira Sauce or Mustard with Penne 4 Cheeses     98,90

Filet mignon slices drizzled in Madeira or mustard sauce (your choice) with homemade penne and 4 cheese sauce.

Tall Filet Mignon in Ginger Sauce or Gorgonzola with Fetuccine Funghi     98,90

Choose the sauce and point of your filet.

Filet Mignon Parmigiana     102,90

Delicious beef tenderloin breaded with homemade breadcrumbs, generous layer of mozzarella cheese and homemade tomato sauce.
Choose 1 (one) follow-up:
- Fettuccine Alfredo
- Rice with piamontese and straw potatoes.

Fillet of Lamb in Herb Crust with Spanish Saffron Risotto     105,90

Lamb fillet strips in herb crust with Saffron Risotto.

Rack of Lamb with Risotto Funghi     118,90

Roasted with rosemary and a touch of butter, this meat is the perfect pair with Risotto Funghi.
birds and fish

Grilled Chicken Fillet in Herb Butter and Sauteed Vegetables     60,90

Tilapia fillet with capers sauce     60,90

This tilaia fillet is successful with these side dishes (choose one):
- Sauteed Vegetables
- Potato Souté

Grilled sea bass in shrimp sauce with mashed potatoes     91,90

The shrimp sauce is the perfect choice for the fish, accompanied by mashed potatoes!


Homemade pasta made with a lot of tradition!

Le Tagliatelle

fettuccine     59,90

Home made noodle dough in flat shape.
Choose from the sauces:
- Fungi
- Neapolitan (muscle with wood sauce)

Penne     59,90

Pasta dough in the shape of a tube.
Choose the sauce:
- 4 cheeses
- Pesto

Noodles     59,90

Home-made pasta, similar to fettuccine, but a little thinner.
Choose from the sauces:
- I suck
- Pesto
VegetarianLactose free

Spaghetti     59,90

Home-made round noodles.
Choose from the sauces:
- Carbonara
- Bolognese

Spagheti Nero di Seppia in Butter, Sage and Seafood     116,90

That's right! Squid, octopus, mussels and pink shrimp sauteed in butter and sage!
A wonderful combination!

Traditional Gnocchi     59,90

Our homemade gnocchi made with English potatoes.
Choose the sauce:
- 4 cheeses
- I suck
- Bolognese
- Fungi
- Neapolitan

Baroa Gnocchi with Lamb Ragu     59,90

Baroa potato gnocchi with reduced sauce made with shredded lamb meat.

Nhoque da fortuna     98,90

Mignon Escalope in Madeira Sauce with Potato Gnocchi in Funghi Sauce

Vegan Gnocchi     59,90

Gnocchi made with banana flour, water and biomass.
Choose from the sauces:
- I suck
- Pesto

Mama's Nhocão     88,90

Baroa potato nut, slices of filet mignon, chili pepper and black olives with wood sauce and juice.

Lasagna Margherita     62,90

Layers of homemade wholegrain pasta with hard grain and buffalo mozzarella. Cherry tomatoes, crispy garlic and basil to finish.

Lasagna with 4 Cheeses     62,90

Layers of homemade pasta with hard grain, mozzarella and 4 cheese sauce!

Lasagna Bolognese     62,90

Layers of homemade pasta with hard grain, mozzarella and bolognese sauce!
stuffed pasta

Capeletti In Brodo     62,90

Brodo in brodo seasoned with clay in the shape of a hat filled with chicken, breadcrumbs and spices!

Bolognese Cheese and Ham Canelloni     62,90

Cylindrical-shaped dough filled with ham and cheese, topped with Bolognese sauce.

Rondelli cheese and ham with 4 cheese sauce     62,90

Cylinder-shaped dough cut into slices stuffed with cheese and ham,
covered with 4 cheese sauce.

Ricotta Rondelli with Funghi sauce     62,90

Homemade pasta in a square shape, filled with ricotta, spinach and raisins with funghi sauce.


Cheese Rondelli with Sugo     62,90

Cylinder-shaped dough cut into slices stuffed with mozzarella,
covered with sauce to juice.

Pumpkin Tortelli     64,90

Pasta stuffed with pumpkin, cloves and nutmeg.
Choose 1 sauce:
- Dried tomato
- I suck

Cheese and Ham Raviollone with 3 sauces     64,90

Homemade pasta closed in square shape, stuffed with cheese and ham.
Accompanies 3 sauces: pesto, juice and 4 cheeses!

Ricotta, fig and walnut raviolli with funghi sauce     64,90

Homemade pasta in a square shape, filled with ricotta, fig and walnuts.
Funghi sauce.

Buffalo Mozzarella Raviolli to Sugo     64,90

Homemade pasta in a square shape, filled with buffalo mozzarella cheese.
Sugo sauce.

Raviolli 3 Cheeses with Sugo Sauce     64,90

Homemade pasta in a square shape, filled with 3 types of cheese.
Sugo sauce.

Beef Ravioli     64,90

Homemade pasta in a square shape, stuffed with seasoned ground beef.
Choose 1 sauce:
- Bolognese
- Rose (sweet with 4 cheeses)


Risotto prepared with Italian rice Carnaroli type, extra virgin olive oil, butter, Parmesan and white wine.

Saffron     68,90

Special Italian saffron.

Mushrooms     71,90

Fungi secci!

Leek     71,90

Fresh leek cut into slices.

Gorgonzola and Pear     71,90

Extremely tasty.

Grana Risotto with Pink Shrimp and Rapadura     116,90

Same preparation as the other risottos, but here we use the Padano money to finish and a little shaving shaved over the top.

Specialty and Vegan Dishes

Vegan Gnocchi     59,90

Dough made from water, flour and banana biomass.
- I suck
- Pesto

Gluten free spaghetti     59,90

Cassava spaghetti.
- Carbonara
- Bolognese
- I suck
Gluten free

Cooked Polenta     50,90

Cornmeal cooked with water and salt, covered with a layer of mozzarella cheese and the sauce of your choice.
Choose between Sugo (Vegetarian) or Bolognese.
Gluten freeLactose free

Capeletti In Brodo     62,90

Brodo in brodo seasoned with clay in the shape of a hat filled with chicken, breadcrumbs and spices!

Milk Pudding    


Panna Cotta     26,90

Cream of fresh milk and boiled milk with vanilla bean, guava accompanies coverage. Italian recipe with Brazilian taste.

Milk Pudding     22,90

Our famous milk pudding, made with eggs and condensed milk. Incredibly well done.

Ice cream     23,90

Served with hot chocolate sauce.

Papaya Cream     26,90

Vanilla ice cream whipped with papaya and cassis liqueur.

Tiramisu     32,90

coffee-flavored. made of sponge cake dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese.

Petit Gateau     33,90

Small chocolate cake with crunchy rind and mellow filling that is served hot with our wonderful chocolate sauce.

Fruits     18,90

Ask about the fruits of the day.

Profiteroles     31,90

Famous Carolinas stuffed with ice cream, 2 scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup!


Silver Water without Gas     5,90

Silver Water w / Gas     6,90

Agua San Pellegrino / Panna (505 ml)     22,90

Agua San Pellegrino (750 ml)     28,90

Coconut water 300ml     6,90

Fruit juice     8,20

Orange, passion fruit, pineapple.

Pineapple with mint will add R$1,00.

Tomato juice     13,90

Full Grape Juice (Casa Madeira)     13,90

Soft Drinks     6,50

- Pritvic tonic water,
- Coca Cola Normal and Zero,
- Normal and Zero Guarana,
- Normal and Zero Sprite,
- Schweppes Tônica and Citrus,
- Fanta Orange and Grape,

H2O / Fresh Lemon Sprite     8,90

Illy Espresso     7,20

Green Tea Mate Leão S / Açúcar     7,90


Salinas Cachaça     12,90

Canarinha Cachaça     25,90

Princess Isabel cachaça     10,90

Colombina silver is a still cachaça perfect to whet your appetite. Princesa Isabel is the perfect cachaça for ladies.

Magnificent Cachaça     14,90

Long Necks Beers

Praya     14,00

Sicilian lemon and cilantro aroma!

Heineken     12,00

Stela Artois     10,00

Cerpa     13,00

Heineken 0%     13,00

No alcohol

Dry Martini     21,90

Atlatins Gin and Dry Vermouth

Bloody Mary    
21,90 (national vodka) (Price) - 26,90 (imported vodka) ()

vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, salt and ground pepper pinch.

Cosmospolitan     30,90

Mimosa     29,90

Brut Sparkling Wine and Orange Juice

Passion Sour     21,90

Vodka, lemon and passion fruit syrup.

Kir Royale     29,90

Champagne brut with cream of cassis

London mule     26,90

Gin, lemon juice, ginger foam.

Negroni N45     24,90

Vermuth Rosso, Campari and orange peel!

The maker of this drink took 45 formulas to reach this perfection! Ask our waiter for a try!

Double Moscow Mule     35,90

Absolute vodka, lemon juice and ginger foam.

Gin Tonic    
25,90 (Atlantis Gin) (Price) - 29,90 (Tanqueray Gin) ()

Atlantis Gin, Schweppes Tonic OR Agua Tonica Britvic, lemon juice and sliced ​​Sicilian lemon. Please ask the waiter for your preference!

Tropical gin    
25,90 Atlantis Gin (Price) - 29,90 Tanqueray ()

Atlantis Gin, tropical red bull and sliced ​​Sicilian lemon.
Whiskeys, Liqueurs and Doses

Red Label 12 years     25,90

Black Label     29,90

Jack Daniels / Old Pair     35,90

Gold Label / Buchannas 12 years     45,90

Cognac Hennessy     59,00

*     *

Redneck National Vodka     19,90

Smirnoff vodka

Caipirosca Imported Vodka     24,90

to absolve

Caipirinha     16,90

Alembic Cachaça (Dona Branca)

Cointreu / Bailey's     25,90

Amarula / Peach Tree     27,90

Drambuie / Liquor 43     29,90

Frangelico / Limoncello / Grappa     35,90

Campari     14,90

Dose Smirnoff and Atlantis Gin     15,90

Absolut dose     21,90

Consult product availability.

Tanqueray Gin Dose     24,90

Confirm product availability.


Wines by the Glass (187ml)

undurraga     33,00

Sauvignon Blanc

Carmen Sauvignon Blanc     42,00

Santa Julia     35,00


Chardonnay Poplars 375     99,00

Andean mountain range     35,00


San Telmo Malbec     38,00

Carmen Carmen 187     42,00

It is partially barricaded. Bright ruby ​​red color. The nose Starts with intense aromas of ripe red fruits, chocolate and pepper. In the mouth it shows smooth and soft tannins, with a flavor of red fruit jelly, notes of mint and spices.

Malbec Poplars     58,00

187 ml
Red and White Wines MEIA GARRAFA (375ml)

Want me     70,00

Cabernet Sauvignon - Central Valley - CHILE

Montes Reserve Chardonnay 375     87,00

Vina Montes - Chile

Chardonnay Poplars     58,00

187 ml

Monte Velho     67,00

Aragonez, Syrah, Trincadeira, Tourina - Esporão - Portugal

Terroir Casa Valduga     67,00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wanted Cabernet Sauvignon 375     70,00

Carmen Carmen     81,00

Central Valley - Chile

Montes Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon     97,00

Vinã Montes - Chile

Catena Malbec     140,00

Catena Zapata - Mendoza / ARG

Alpha Cab Hills. Sauvignon     175,00

Colchagua Valley - Chile
Frantes, Sparklings and Champagnes

Sparkling Chandon Brut 375ml     89,00

Garibaldi / Rio Grande do Sul

Frizzante Lambrusco Cella Rosso     73,00

Sparkling .Nero Brut     89,00


Sparkling Casa Valduga 130     142,00

Sparkling CHANDON Passion     152,00

Champagnen Moet et Chandon     486,00


Champagnen Veuve Clicquot     499,00

Ponsardin Reims
White and Roses Wines

Heart Masterpiece     92,00

Granja Amareleza - POR - Great Choice (green)

Wanted Sauvignon Blanc     99,00

Wanted Sauvignon Blanc     99,00

Rose foot     99,00

Herdade do Esporão

Veroni Rosé     104,00

Syrah, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc

Veroni Bianco     104,00


Houses of the Woods     113,00

Houses of the Woods

12 and mezzo - Varvaglione PGI / ITA - Malvasia del Salento     124,00


Montes Reserva - Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc     143,00

Lame pear     529,00

Évora DOC
Red Wines (750ml)

Art     99,00

House Valduga
Marselan and Malbec

Terroir Casa Valduga Cabernet Sauvignon     113,00

Serra Gaúcha / RS

Bertetti     98,00

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

Liberi di Bere Bene     98,00

Half dry red wine

Moi     101,00

Primitive of Puglia
Varvaglione - Italy

1600 metaphor     103,00

Rosso de Montepulciano

12 and Mezzo     122,00

Primitivo del Salento

Gentile     169,00


Piccini memo     199,00

Nero D´avola / Primitivo / Montepulciano / Merlot - Italy

Masseria Trajone Primitivo di Manduria     224,00

Castelvecchio     431,00

Nebbiolo - Barolo

Amarone Della Valpolicella     499,00

DOCG - Piedmont

Conquest     94,00


bayanegra     115,00

ESP - Tempranillo

Marichalar - Crianza DOC     169,00

Tempranillo and Garnache

Marques de Riscal     309,00

Rioja Reserve - Tempranillo

Penalva Slopes DÃO     99,00

Touringa Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Jaen

Monte Velho     111,00

Herdade do Esporão

Esteva Casa Ferreirinha     138,00

Touringa Franca / Tinta Roriz / TOuringa Nac./ Tinta Branca

Harvest Carthusian     337,00

Aragonez / Alicante Bouschet / Trincadeira

Chevaux des Girandins     144,00

Land of Vignerons
Bordeaux Blend Red

Diane     151,00

Gamay, Syrah and Merlot

Los Cardos Malbec     99,00

Stiba I Malbec     140,00

Esmeralda Wineries - Luján de Cuyo / Mendoza

Catena Malbec     255,00

Catena Zapata

Tikal Amorio     272,00

the blend of Malbecs!

DV Catena     293,00

Cabernet Malbec

Black Soul     334,00

Ernesto Catena
Secret Cut

Angelica Zapata     361,00

Cabernet Sauvignon

DV Catena     372,00

Malbec Malbec

Angelica Zapata     503,00


Laura Hartwig     126,00


Wanted Cabernet Sauvignon     99,00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Carmen Carmen     121,00

Syrah Houses in the forest     169,00

Gran Reserva

Dom Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon     939,00

Concha y Toro - Maipo Valley

Montes Reserva Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon     149,00

Vina Montes - Chile

Alpha Cab Hills. Sauvignon     279,00

Vinã Montes

Alpha Special Cuvèe Hills     299,00

Viña Montes - Cab. Sauvignon and Carmenere

Alpha M Hills     1200,00

Viñedo Apalta - Colchagua Valley
Chef's Special Suggestion

Mia     239,00

Vine Millahue

Since 1947    

Old Vineyards
Primitive of Manduria

La Piu Belle 2018     499,00

Vine Millahue
Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot

UPR 2017     549,00

Viña Almaviva
Cabernet Sauvignon

Blue Ballena Pinot Noir     121,00

Reservation - Valle del Curicó

Orders / Take out

Check out our over the counter rates!


Home Made / Extra Portions    

- Homebread -
$ 15,00 per unit
- Homemade Pasta -
R $ 22,00 the portion
- Grana Padano cheese -
R $ 150,00 / kg
- Parmesan Cheese / Italian Farofa -
R $ 100,00 / kg
- Roasted Parmesan cheese -
R $ 150,00 / kg

Special dishes    

- Gluten-free spaghetti -
R $ 50,00 / Kg
- Vegan Pasta -
Banana biomass gnocchi: R $ 68,00 / Kg
Tortelli based on water and oil: R $ 75,00 / Kg
- Integral Masses -
Penne, Fettucine: R $ 60,00 / Kg
Tortelli: R $ 75,00 / Kg
VegetarianGluten freeLactose free


- Eggplant antipasto -
R $ 60,00 / kg
- Rice cake, tapioca and rennet cheese -
R $ 45,00 / 4un-9un-9un
- Smoked Salmon Carpaccio -
R $ 79,90 / portion
- Beef Carpaccio -
R $ 65,90 / portion
- Fried Polenta -
R $ 30,00 the portion



- Mixed / Torn Salad / Arugula -
R $ 40,00 for 2 people
- Caprese salad -
R $ 50,00 for 2 people


- Spaghetti - Fettucine - Noodles - Penne -
R $ 60,00 / kg
- Potato gnocchi -
R $ 65,00 / kg
- Baroa gnocchi -
R $ 68,00 / kg
- Lasagna -
(bolognese, sugo, 4 cheeses, chicken)
R $ 70,00 / kg
- Lasagna Margherita -
R $ 75,00 / kg
- Ravioli -
R $ 73,00 / kg
- Rondelli -
R $ 70,00 / kg
- Tortelli -
R $ 75,00 / kg
- Capelletti -
R $ 80,00 / kg

Meat, Fish and Poultry    

- Chicken fillet (3 grilled fillets) -
R$ 40,00
4 portions or +: R $ 70,00 / kg
- Escalope (portion with 4 units) or high fillet -
R $ 45,00 the portion
4 portions or +: R $ 125,00 / kg
- Parmegiana -
R $ 50,00
4 portions or +: R $ 130,00 / kg
- Lamb fillet -
R $ 70,00 the portion
4 portions or +: R $ 165,00 / kg
- Rack of lamb -
R $ 85,00 the portion
4 portions or +: R $ 195,00 / kg
- Fish
Sea bass: BRL 55,00 und up to 4 servings or BRL 155,00 / kg
Tilapia: BRL 45,00 und up to 4 servings or BRL 75,00 / kg


- Chicken -
R $ 65,00 / kg
- Bolognese / Neapolitan -
R $ 75,00 / kg
- I suck -
R $ 80,00 / kg
- Juice with Champignon -
R $ 83,00 / kg
- 4 cheeses -
R $ 90,00 / kg
- Pesto / Dried Tomato -
R $ 100,00 / kg
- Funghi -
R $ 110,00 / kg

- for Meat and Fish: ginger, wood, breadcrumbs, mustard, capers, herb butter
R $ 80,00 / kg

Side Dishes / Other Portions    

- White rice or with broccoli -
Semi average R $ 9,00
Average R $ 18,00
- Rice piamontese -
Regular price $ 12,00
Average R $ 24,00
- Brown Rice -
Regular price $ 10,00
Average R $ 20,00
- Mashed potatoes -
Semi-average R $ 15,00
Average R $ 30,00
-Potato sticks -
R $ 120,00 / Kg
- Potato Soute -
R $ 35,00 / Kg
- Steamed vegetables -
Semi-average R $ 15,00
Average R $ 30,00
- Cooked Polenta -
R $ 42,00 / Kg

Capelleti soup    

- Complete soup -
R $ 50,00
- Broth only -
R $ 25,00


- Ice cream + syrup -
BRL 15,00 + BRL 5,00
- Papaya cream with Cassis liqueur -
BRL 15,00 + BRL 5,00
- Milk Pudding -
R$ 16,00
-Tiramisu -
R$ 25,00
- Petit Gateau Cookie -
R$ 16,00
- Chocolate syrup -
R $ 80,00 / kg

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