Bistrot Pastasciutta


Bistrot Pastasciutta

The Bistrot was a project created through the will of its owners Vanderlei and Angelita Ecker in having a place to gather friends. Counting on the gastronomic experience of both, it began in Rua Madre Verônica, today RUA COBERTA, the first "bistrot" of Gramado. Throughout these 20 years, its history has become remarkable for being located in the heart of the city, being part of one of the sights. Its trajectory is marked by the contribution in making this place a gastronomic reference in GRAMADO.

Today, Coberta Street is a must for anyone who visits the city, and Bistrot Pastasciutta translates the best of gastronomy into dishes of great flavor. An ideal place for a coffee, lunch, happy hour or dinner, open every day from 11h30min at midnight, faithfully maintaining the characteristics of a true bistro.

The menu is rich and very varied. Prepared dishes, hamburgers, soups, bread creams, pastas and risottos, as well as tasty tastings. Several options, including wines, special beers, aperitifs and cocktails, complete the menu of drinks, as well as a private cellar where you can find the best labels.

A place to be, feel and live Lawn.


Trilogy of home breads served warm, accompanied by three tasty sauces Chef's suggestion

Starters and Appetisers

Carpaccio by Filé Mignon

Thin slices of raw tenderloin stewed with olive and fresh herbs, parmesan and capers. Accompany fresh arugula.

Tartar from salmon

Fresh raw salmon in cubes washed with salt, black pepper and sicilian lemon.

Tartar by Filé Mignon

Filet mignon raw in small cubes seasoned with salt and black pepper.

Sandwich of Mortadella Bologna

French bread stuffed with slices of bologna mortadella, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella and Chef's sauce.

Natural sandwich

White American bread, curd cheese, arugula, Italian tomatoes, carrots, grated beets and small grilled chicken baits.

Pastasciutta Antepasto

Serves two or three people. Bruschettas with various flavors, canola, bologna Bolognese, Parma ham, Grana Padano cheese, Brie cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, house breads, herbal butter, house tuna pate and olive flavored with fine herbs.

Flavorful Crunch Mix

Serves two or three people. Stuffed guinea fowl biscuits with shredded ribs, cod dumplings, cheese dumplings, sweet potato chips, fried aipim sticks, fried torito stuffed with apple and cinnamon. Accompany three sauces prepared by the Chef.

French Fries

Portion of potato chips on thin rods. Creamy cheddar sauce.

Rustic potatoes

Portion of fried rustic potatoes with grated parmesan cheese, fresh parsley and Chef's Sauce.

Grilled Mignon Baits

With standard accompaniment of breads and special farofa of the house.

Choose your bread

Carrot, White or Whole.

Choose your trim

Acebolada, 4 Formaggio, Arugula and Dry Tomato or Funghi


of Our Horta

Earth and Sea Salad

Flavored toast, fresh arugula, tomato, Grana Padano chips, Parma ham, beetroot carpaccio, toasted nuts and seafood sauteed in wine.

Salad Italy

Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, pesto sauce and crunchy glass.

Fitness Salad

Zucchini, broccoli and carrot raw and grated, green lettuce and arugula, sunflower seed and chef's sauce.

Soups and Broths

Suggestion: cumbuca covered with crunchy puff pastry. Preparation time in the oven: 15min.

Nonna's Capeletti Soup

Capeletti stuffed with chicken, potatoes, carrots and chicken breast in irregular cubes.

Vegetable Broth

Moranga, zucchini, potato, carrot, mandioquinha, broccoli and cauliflower in cubes.

Potato Cream with Shrimp

Creamy potato soup with sautéed prawns in herbs.

4 Formaggio Cream

Cream of 4 types of cheeses.

Cream of Moranga with Gorgonzola

Cream of moranga flavored with herbs, spices and gorgonzola cheese in pieces.

Main Dishes

Bacalhau Bistrot

Cod in a posta with potatoes to the bat and candied onions in olive and crispy garlic, flavored with basil.


Grilled salmon in passion fruit sauce with garlic risotto and walnuts with garlic crispis.

Paella Del Madrid

It serves two people. Shrimp, squid, seafood, octopus, crawfish, arboreal rice, saffron, peppers and herbs.

Sesame Crust Chicken

Grilled chicken breast topped with black and white sesame seeds in orange sauce with mashed potatoes. Crispis with orange peel, arugula and tomato.

Barbecue pork chops

It serves two people. Pork ribs to the Chef's rustic barbecue sauce in bed of fried cassava.

Merlot Wine Sauce Filet Medallion

Medallion of fillet in herb crust and panko flour with Merlot wine sauce, with potatoes flavored with fresh rosemary.

Entrecot with Mustard Sauce

Grilled entrecote with the ancienne mustard sauce and risotto three funghis.

Gaucho Ribs 12h

It serves two people. Bovine ribs roasted by 12h, creamy aipim sauce, white rice and farofa.

Children's dishes

Up to 10 years.

Kids Meal

Mignon baits or chicken, white rice or spaghetti and potato smile.

Kids Burger

White bread, entrecote burger, cheese snack and chef's sauce. Accompany potato smile.

Most Italians

Italians of Cantina Pastasciutta

Italian Risotto (serves two people)

Arboreal rice with tomato sauce with calabrian, bacon, sausage, dried tomatoes, parmesan and fresh herbs.

Mamma's Polpetone (serves two people)

With cheese and noodles in the pomodoro sauce with aromatic herbs.

Stuffed Lasagna (serves two people)

Lasagna stuffed with panela sausage and mozzarella cheese.

Four Types of Pasta

Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Maccheroni, Tortelloni Stuffed with Shrimp, Strawberry and Cottage Cheese.

Four Types of Sauce

4 Formaggio - 4 formaggio with fillet scaloppine.
Spring - Fillet scallops, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, dried tomatoes, basil, marjoram, sage and green scents.
Nonna sauce - bolognesa sauce, fresh tomato, garlic, onion, sage, marjoram, peppers and green seasoning.
Carbonara - Bacon, cream and eggs.

Filet à Parmegiana (serves two people)

Breaded filet mignon, melted cheese in sugo sauce, white rice and french fries.

Straccoto de Cordeiro

Lamb's pallet cooked at low temperature by 4h in its own sauce, polenta flavored with saffron and sauteed broccoli.


Our grilled burgers are served to the point, succulent and red inside. Ask the waiter for the meat spot of your choice.
NOTE: From the third accompaniment adds 3,50 per option in the final value.

Bread from the house, Entrecot burger, snack cheese and chef's sauce

Accompanies sweet potato chips and barbecue sauce.

Choose Your Bread

With or without sesame or black bread.

Choose up to two Accompaniments

American lettuce, arugula, tomato, purple onion, caramelized onion, crispy bacon, fresh mushrooms sauteed in herbs, Cheddar cheese, Brie cheese, mustard and honey sauce, Cheddar sauce or Blue Cheese sauce.


Délicieux Bistrot Souffle

Ramekin stuffed with sweet souffle of roasted milk, creamy spiked popsicle, chocolate syrup, strawberries and crunchy Bis.


Baked apple slices with cream ice cream. Served hot.


Tiramisù cake served with cocoa powder and chocolate syrup.

Petit Gateau

Chocolate cake, ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Vesuvius Cup

Stuffed with cream ice cream, Oreo wafer, strawberry and chocolate syrup. Cup wrapped with Nutella and Crunchy Oreo.

Ice Cream Bowl with Chocolate Syrup - 2 balls

To drink


Coffee Pingado - espresso with milk

Espresso Double

Espresso with Chantilly

Double Espresso Coffee with Chantilly

Sliced ​​coffee - coffee and frothed milk

Cappuccino - coffee, milk, chocolate, cinnamon and whipped cream

Café Bistrot - coffee, rum, milk, chocolate liqueur, mint leaf, cherry and whipped cream

Café do Porto - coffee, port, chantilly and orange zest

National Tea - several flavors

creamy hot chocolate

Chocolin - hot chocolate, whipped cream and cinnamon

Chocolate Bistrot - Rum and whipped cream

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Rua Madre Verônica, 30

Gramado - RS

Opening hours:

From 10h to 23h30min

Payment methods:

Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Money

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