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With a simple and airy atmosphere, it has good Brazilian starters on the menu, such as tapioca sticks with rennet cheese and our bean soup served with pieces of bacon and a cachaça. To accompany, there are drinks and caipirinhas - the one that bears the name of the house has lemon-tahiti, lemon and vodka flavored with tangerine and fennel.


Executive Menu

Starters + Main Course + Desserts of the day R $ 46,00.

Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Beetroot gnocchi in pesto sauce

R$ 54,90


Cock Roast

R$ 54,90


Micucci Noodles

R$ 54,90


Gnocchi Potato

R$ 54,90


Chicken Stroganoff with Crispy Potato, Champignon and Rice

R$ 54,90


Chess chicken

R$ 54,90


Wonder Chicken

R$ 54,90


Classic Parmigiana Chicken

R$ 54,90


Mediterranean fish

R$ 54,90


Shitake and Shimeji Risotto

R$ 54,90



Creamy Coxinha

Chicken drumstick with creamy cheese. Portion with 6 units.

R$ 35,90


Dumpling "No Shame"

Delicious well-seasoned meatballs with our spectacular chicken coxinha dough.

R$ 36,90


Sausage with herbs from Bragance in Rechaud

Sausage mild flavor, served with bread and vinaigrette. The largest portion of the house and for many the best.

R$ 77,90


Steak sticks with Gorgonzola sauce

Gratin in the oven, creamy, comes with roll for you leave nothing.

R$ 68,90


Sun-dried meat with Cassava

Our sales champion, has up fan club, will make you smile and want more!

R$ 61,90


Fried Chicken Sticks

Well served, with spices . Perfect to accompany a beer

R$ 36,90


Codfish (portion with 8)

Simply the best codfish in São Paulo!

R$ 42,90


Belgian Fries

Accompanying homemade mayonnaise.

R$ 36,90


Baked Provoleta

Papito's delight! It will make you want more.

R$ 52,90


Cheese or Meat Pie or mixed (6 Units)

The best pastel pub of.

R$ 34,90


cocky fish

Delicious fish fillet on a bed of bananas and chestnuts, accompanied by rice with raisins. To stop the traffic!

R$ 64,90


Rice Balls

R$ 32,90


Rolled Mignon Fillet on Plate

R$ 70,90


Tapioca Cubes

R$ 32,90


Bean soup

R$ 25,90



Caesar Salad

Iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken filet , Caesar dressing and croutons. Classic!

R$ 41,90


Mediterranean salad

R$ 41,90


French Fashion.
Amazing! Cut out appetizer, thin, rectangular (appetizer 2 people).

Portuguese of the Rooster

Chopped eggs and hams, mozzarella, onion and oregano. Unforgettable.

R$ 53,90

au gratin

Tomato sauce, catupiry, provolone and parmesan gratin at over 300 degrees.

R$ 53,90

Chicken with Catupiry

Roasted and shredded chicken with rows of cream cheese, olives and oregano.

R$ 53,90

divine tuna

Tuna, mozzarella, onion and oregano.

R$ 53,90

Rooster Neapolitan

Mozzarella, tomato slices, parmesan and tomato sauce.

R$ 53,90


Mozzarella, oregano and olives accompanied by our delicious cured pepperoni.

R$ 53,90

crazy garlic

Onion, fried garlic, mozzarella, parmesan and oregano. Very crazy!

R$ 53,90

Bacon Balacobaco

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bacon and oregano.

R$ 53,90

escarole onion

Garlic and oil endive, onion, mozzarella, olives and oregano.

R$ 53,90

Very crazy

Ground pepperoni, eggs, onion, pepper and oregano.

R$ 53,90


Sliced ​​zucchini with parmesan, oregano and olives.

R$ 53,90



Classic and vegetarian. Mozzarella, tomato and basil. For who is classic.

R$ 53,90


The Fashion House

Bold and vegetarian. red onion, "dedo de moça" pepper, parmesan and mozzarella. Slightly spicy. For those who are adventurous.

R$ 53,90


Pepperoni Pizza

R$ 53,90


O from Borogodó

Balacobaco! Mozzarella, parmesan, garlic and short bacon.

R$ 53,90



Micucci Noodles

Tomato sauce, eggplant, pesto sauce, vermuth and fried garlic. Perfect combination !

R$ 67,90


Sorrentini of Burrata with Sicilian Lemon

stuffed pasta with burrata cheese marinated in lemon, served with our pomodoro sauce. Combination of different flavors and surprisingly perfect, a vegetarian dish

R$ 67,90


Gnocchi to Pomorodo

With our unique pomodoro sauce, simple, vegetarian, light and delicious

R$ 53,90


Vegan Gnocchi

R$ 58,90


Agnolotti de brie with apricot

R$ 67,90



Shrimp In Curry

Shrimp, curry and cashew nuts, accompanied by banana chutney. Slightly spicy. A show!

R$ 86,90


Caribbean Risotto

Served in pineapples, peppers, tomatoes, parmesan, pineapple and comes accompanied by large-sized shrimp. Amazing. Beautiful. Delicious

R$ 82,90


Gorgonzola with Mignon

Gorgonzola with a touch of parmesan accompanied by flet mignon. Perfect combination!

R$ 75,90


Shitake and Shimeji Risotto

R$ 58,90

Spectacular dishes


Filet Lisboa

Fillet with caramelized onion, rice and rustic potato.

R$ 68,90


Moqueca shrimp to 2 People

Made with Bahia Tradition, accompanied by rice and mush. Show! The best Moqueca shrimp Sao Paulo Guide by Alegria do Galo 2016.

R$ 166,90


Filet with Potatoes with Chef's Sauce

Filet mignon and Begian fries with cream sauce, mayonnaise, onion and ginger, curry a slight touch plus pieces of cashew nuts. You'll want to lick the plate. Please control yourself

R$ 70,90


Fish the Chef's Fashion

White fish on grill with a touch of arugula sauce, accompanied by passion fruit risotto made with the real fruit, including the seeds.A classy combination of flavors and textures. Bold and delicious!

R$ 62,90


Chicken filet alla Parmigiana.

Classic and well served. With rice and chips

R$ 54,90


cocky fish

Delicious fish filet on a bed of bananas accompanied by rice with raisins. From to traffic!

R$ 64,90


fish hole

Delicious fish fillet, sweet potato puree, leek crispies, lemon and tomato.

R$ 62,90


Ribs with rice biro biro

R$ 83,90


Filet Osvaldo Rooster Spider

R$ 70,90

For kids

Steak in strips with Rice and Chips

R$ 35,50

Spaghetti Pomodoro with Steak

R$ 35,50

Spaghetti Pomodoro with the Chicken

R$ 35,50

Chicken in strips with Rice and Chips

R$ 35,50

Spaghetti to Pomodoro sauce

R$ 29,50

Spaghetti in Butter with Bifinho

R$ 35,50

Gnocchi to Pomodoro sauce

R$ 30,50

Gnocchi in butter

R$ 30,50


Season fruits

To consult

R$ 16,50


Papaya Cream

R$ 26,50

Ice cream (upon request)

R$ 16,50


Super Bowl Chocolate

Brazilian chocolate balls gourmet, chocolate ice cream

R$ 37,50


Dulce de Churrus

Our best-selling dessert. Comes with caramel

R$ 27,50


Milk Pudding

R$ 19,50


Chocolate Mini Bowl with Brigadier

R$ 28,50


Chocolate brownie with cream ice cream

R$ 30,50




Passion fruit, mint and citrus

R$ 19,90

Rooster Lemonade

Rooster lemon and grenaline juice

R$ 19,90

Orangeade Cock

Rooster orange and grenaline juice

R$ 19,90

orange or lemon

R$ 14,50

Lemon with Ginger

R$ 16,90

Pineapple with mint

R$ 16,90

Passion fruit or watermelon or pineapple

R$ 16,50


See also our Special Beers Charter. We APA, IPA, Stout.

Chopp 300 ml

at the moment we are not working


R$ 14,90

Original Pilsen 600 ml

R$ 20,50

Heineken 600ml

R$ 22,50

Special beers

R$ 34,50


R$ 34,50



Caipirinha Premium

(Absolut liquor or special)

35,90 (Lemon, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, red fruits, yellow fruits, or green fruits)   (Cashew & lemon, pineapple & mint, jabuticaba, mandarin, lemon & ginger, lychee & mandarin & pim.)  

Caipirinha Classic

(Cachaça standart, vodka or national sake)

26,90 (Lemon, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, red fruits, yellow fruits, or green fruits)   26,00 (Cashew & lemon, pineapple & mint, jabuticaba, mandarin, lemon & ginger, lychee & mandarin & pim.)  

Special Rooster - Best caipirinhas of St. Paul and his very special flavors.

Rooster Joy

Tahiti lime, lemon and vodka prepared at home with tangerine and fennel.

R$ 28,90

rooster Sunrise

Orange, passion fruit, mandarin and grenadine cock (it is advisable to vodka).

R$ 28,90

Franguinha Safada

lemon, pineapple and vodka prepared in the house with lemon and rosemary.

R$ 28,90

Soothing Cock

Strawberry, passion fruit and ginger (it is advisable to rum).

R$ 28,90


W#*!! Chicken

Tahiti lemon, passion fruit and colored peppers.

R$ 28,90



Gin, tonic and green apple liqueur

R$ 30,50


Gin, tonic and tangerine liqueur

R$ 30,50


Gin, tonic, lemon and juniper

R$ 30,50


Gin, tonic and pineapple juice

R$ 30,50



Gin, tonic, berries and strawberry liqueur

R$ 33,50

Delicious cocktails and Daring

dog sucking mango

Gold tequila, mango, Sicilian lemon and honey.

R$ 31,90

Clericot Rose

Pink sparkling wine, red fruits, rosemary, tonic and liqueur 43

R$ 35,90

The Matador

Gold tequila, pineapple, Sicilian lemon, chili pepper and honey.

R$ 31,90

Gin Tonic two lemons

Gin, tonic, lemon, tahitian lemon, honey and rosemary

R$ 31,90

Aperol spritz

Aperol, sparkling wine and club soda

R$ 33,90

white clericot

White sparkling wine, curacao, tonic, pineapple, mint, strawberry and apple

R$ 35,90

Get out

Mint, passion fruit, gin and citrus

R$ 31,90

Traditional Drinks

Jorge Amado

Directly from Paraty, this wonderful drink with Gabriela cachaça, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, lemon and passion fruit is one of the favorites of the house.

R$ 31,90

Pink Panther

This wonderful drink is a mix of gin, aperol, lemon, pitaya and mint.

R$ 31,90

Moscow Mule

Our vodka, lemon and ginger beauty covered with refreshing ginger foam and a touch of grated lemon



Rum, mint, lime juice and club soda

R$ 31,90


Gin, vermuth and campari

R$ 35,90


Tequila, Curacao, Lemon Juice and Salt on the Edge

R$ 31,90

Other Drinks

Sparkling or Still Water

R$ 6,50

Soft Drink

R$ 7,50


R$ 9,90


R$ 6,50


R$ 9,90

Hot Chocolate

R$ 9,90


See types and flavors

R$ 9,90

Energy Drink



Jack Daniel’s

R$ 35

Whisky 8 anos

R$ 35


R$ 31


R$ 19

Cachaças Mineiras

R$ 19

Licor 43

R$ 31

Special drinks

Sex on the beach

Orange juice, curacao and vodka

R$ 31,90

Cock Cosmopolitan

Vodka, Curacao, Lemon and Strawberry Juice

R$ 31,90


Rum, Lemon Juice and Sugar

R$ 31,90

Yellow sub

Cognac, Sicilian Lemon and Curacao

R$ 31,90

Pina Colada do Rooster

Pineapple juice, coconut milk, rum and condensed milk

R$ 31,90

Blue Lagoon

Lemon juice, vodka, blue curacao and soda

R$ 31,90

Wine Menu

Red Wine

House wine suggestion (check the wine of the moment)

malbec, chile

R$ 123,00 (750ml)  

Carmen Insigne

Carmenere, Chile

R$ 161,00 (750ml)   99,00 (375ml)  

Carmen Insigne

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile

R$ 161,00 (750ml)   99,00 (375ml)  

Las perdices

malbec, argentina

R$ 145,00 (750ml)  

Las perdices

Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina

145,00 (750ml)  

Las perdices

Syrah, Argentina

R$ 145,00 (750ml)  


Tempranillo, Spain

R$ 135,00 (750ml)  

Red wine in a glass

On request

R$ 35,00 (150ml)  

Graham's Ruby Port Wine Glass

Graham's Ruby Cup


Graham's Tawny Port Wine Glass

Graham's Tawny Cup

R$ 35,50

Whites and Roses


Blanco, Spain

R$ 131,00

eminent carmem

Sauvignon Blanc, Chile

R$ 161,00 (750ml)   99,00 (375ml)  

eminent carmem

Chardonnay, Chile

R$ 157,00 (750ml)   99,00 (375ml)  


Rose, Spain

R$ 145,00 (750ml)  

White wine in a glass

On request

35,00 (150ml)  

Sparkling Wines


Sparkling Brut, Brazil

R$ 113,00 (750ml)  


Muscat Sparkling, Serra Gaúcha, Brazil

R$ 113,00 (750ml)  

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