Rooster Joy

Alegria do Galo

With a simple and airy atmosphere, there are good Brazilian entrees on the menu, such as tapioca sticks with rennet cheese and our bean stew served with bits of bacon and a cachacinha. To accompany there are drinks and caipirinhas - the one that bears the name of the house has lemon-tahiti, lemon-sicilian and vodka flavored with gossip and fennel.

Executive Menu

Starters + Main Course + Desserts of the day, from $ 28 to $ 36,00.

Except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Beetroot gnocchi in pesto sauce

Cock Roast

Fettucine Alfredo

Micucci Noodles

Gnocchi Potato

Chicken Stroganoff with Crispy Potato, Champignon and Rice

Chess chicken

Wonder Chicken

Classic Parmigiana Chicken

Mediterranean fish

Shitake and Shimeji Risotto


Sausage with herbs from Bragance in Rechaud

Sausage mild flavor, served with bread and vinaigrette. The largest portion of the house and for many the best.

Steak sticks with Gorgonzola sauce

Gratin in the oven, creamy, comes with roll for you leave nothing.

Sun-dried meat with Cassava

Our sales champion, has up fan club, will make you smile and want more!

Fried Chicken Sticks

Well served, with spices . Perfect to accompany a beer

Codfish (portion with 8)

Simply the best codfish in São Paulo!

Belgian Fries

Accompanying mayonnaise home.

Baked Provoleta

Papito's delight! It will make you want more.

Cheese or Meat Pastry (6 Units)

The best pastel pub of.

Rice balls

Rolled Mignon Fillet on Plate

Tapioca cubes

Bean soup


Caesar Salad

Iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken filet , Caesar dressing and croutons. Classic!

Saladinha Cock

Small salad. Comes with radichio, lettuce, rocket salad, tomatoes, carrots and croutons.

Mediterranean salad

Handcrafted Pizza

French Fashion.
Amazing! Cut out appetizer, thin, rectangular (appetizer 2 people).


Classic and vegetarian. Mozzarella, tomato and basil. For who is classic.

The Fashion House

Bold and vegetarian. red onion, "dedo de moça" pepper, parmesan and mozzarella. Slightly spicy. For those who are adventurous.

Calabrian Pizza

O from Borogodó

Balacobaco! Mozzarella, parmesan, garlic and short bacon.


Micucci Noodles

Tomato sauce, eggplant, pesto sauce, vermuth and fried garlic. Perfect combination !

Sorrentini of Burrata with Sicilian Lemon

stuffed pasta with burrata cheese marinated in lemon, served with our pomodoro sauce. Combination of different flavors and surprisingly perfect, a vegetarian dish

Gnocchi to Pomorodo

With our unique pomodoro sauce, simple, vegetarian, light and delicious

Fetuccine Alfredo

Cream of milk, butter, parmesan, salt and pepper. Simply unforgettable !


Shrimp In Curry

Shrimp, curry and cashew nuts, accompanied by banana chutney. Slightly spicy. A show!

Caribbean Risotto

Served in pineapples, peppers, tomatoes, parmesan, pineapple and comes accompanied by large-sized shrimp. Amazing. Beautiful. Delicious

Gorgonzola with Mignon

Gorgonzola with a touch of parmesan accompanied by flet mignon. Perfect combination!

Shitake and Shimeji Risotto


Spectacular dishes

Moqueca shrimp to 2 People

Made with Bahia Tradition, accompanied by rice and mush. Show! The best Moqueca shrimp Sao Paulo Guide by Alegria do Galo 2016.

Filet with potatoes with Cheff's sauce

Filet mignon and Begian fries with cream sauce, mayonnaise, onion and ginger, curry a slight touch plus pieces of cashew nuts. You'll want to lick the plate. Please control yourself

Fish's house

White fish on grill with a touch of arugula sauce, accompanied by passion fruit risotto made with the real fruit, including the seeds.A classy combination of flavors and textures. Bold and delicious!

Chicken filet alla Parmigiana.

Classic and well served. With rice and chips

Toca do Peixe

Delicious fish fillet, sweet potato puree, leek crispies, lemon and tomato.

Ribs with rice biro biro

Filet Osvaldo Rooster Spider

For kids

Steak in strips with Rice and Chips

Spaghetti Pomodoro with Steak

Spaghetti Pomodoro with the Chicken

Chicken in strips with Rice and Chips

Spaghetti to Pomodoro sauce

Spaghetti in butter

Gnocchi to Pomodoro sauce

Gnocchi in butter

Extra Steak

Extra Chicken


Super Bowl Chocolate

Brazilian chocolate balls gourmet, chocolate ice cream


Our best-selling dessert. Comes with caramel

Milk Pudding

Chocolate Mini Bowl with Brigadier


Pineapple, honey and lemon zest



See also our Special Beers Charter. We APA, IPA, Stout.

600 ml lager

Chopp 330 ml

Heineken 600ml

Special beers



Chivas Regal 18 anos

Jack Daniel’s

Whisky 12 anos

Whisky 8 anos

Brandy Fundador

Vodka Absolut

Tequila Blanca




Sakê Nacional


Vodkas preparadas na casa


Noeli Prati

Gim Importado

Gin Nacional

Vodka Nacional

Rum Bacardi


Cachaças Mineiras

other Drinks

Sparkling or Natural Water

Soft Drink

Dell Valley Grape




Energy Drink


Orange, Lemon or Watermelon

Orange with Strawberry

Lemon with Ginger

Pineapple with mint

Passion Fruit, Strawberry or Pineapple

Non-alcoholic cocktails

rooster Fofta

Strawberry, sugar and sprite.


Passion fruit, citrus and mint.

Limonado Cock

lemon juice and grenadine cock

Orangeade Cock

Gins and Special Drinks


Green apple gin, tonic and liqueur


Tangerine gin, tonic and liqueur


Gin, lemon tonic with juniper

Focke-Wulf FW 190

Pineapple juice, tonic and gin

Sexy on the beach

Rum, mint, lime juice and club soda


Rum, mint, lime juice and club soda.


Tequila, Curacao, Lemon Juice and Salt on the Edge

Cock Cosmopolitan

Vodka, Curacao, Lemon and Strawberry Juice

Reinterpretations of the Galo

Delicious cocktails and Daring

Aperol Spritz


Sparkling, curacao, tonic, pineapple, mint, orango and apple

Sai de Baixo

Mint, passion fruit, gin and citrus

Gin Tonica, 2 lemons, Honey and Rosemary

Gin, tonic, lemon, lime Tahiti, honey and rosemary. the house with apple, cloves and cinnamon



Caipirinha Premium

(Absolut liquor or special)

Caipirinha Classic

(Cachaça standart, vodka or national sake)
Special Rooster - Best caipirinhas of St. Paul and his very special flavors.

Rooster Joy

Tahiti lime, lemon and vodka prepared at home with tangerine and fennel.

rooster Sunrise

Orange, passion fruit, mandarin and grenadine cock (it is advisable to vodka).

Franguinha Safada

lemon, pineapple and vodka prepared in the house with lemon and rosemary.

Soothing Cock

Strawberry, passion fruit and ginger (it is advisable to rum).

W#*!! Chicken

Tahiti lemon, passion fruit and colored peppers.

Special drinks

Pina Colada

Rum, mint, lime juice and club soda

Moscow Mule

Yellow sub

Cognac, Sicilian Lemon and Curacao


Rum, Lemon Juice and Sugar


Gin, Campari and vermouth.

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R. Sócrates, 558

Vila Sofia

São Paulo - SP

Opening hours:

Tuesday through Thursday: 12: 00 as 15: 00 hs and 18: 00 as 23: 30 hs

Friday: 12: 00 to 00: 30

Saturday: 12: 00 to 00: 30

Sunday: 12: 00 to 18: 00

Payment methods:

Cash and credit card

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